HB9 Waitress at ClubI screwed up.
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    HB9 Waitress at Club…I screwed up.

    HB9 Waitress at Club…I screwed up.
    My man Legend and I go to this club called Farenheit all the time. Its great because we have tons of social proof there. We know all the wait staff (and they are all 9’s) and we always get hooked up with drinks and whatever. So they hired a new waitress and she is FINE!!!!
    I watched a few AFC’s hit on her and she played it nice, but they got nowhere. One of the guys was even my friend, who is always hating on the game. So I step up to the plate.
    I know I have tons of social proof, so I just introduce myself. “Hi, I’m Joshua. You must be new.? She gives her name and I tell her that I come there a lot and that she will need to get to know me. Also that I am from DC but come down to Norfolk (the bar is in Norfolk) about once per month. Then I said, “well get back to work darlin’, go make that money.? She looks at me surprised and says, “but its slow in here, maybe you just don’t want to talk to me anymore?? I gave her a little shrug and smile as she walked off.
    So not 5 mins goes by and she comes back and re-opens me. She asks, why I come to Norfolk, where I grew up, what I do, all this shit. It was great. I was the only guy in the bar not chasing her, so she started chasing me. I said some C&F stuff and negged her a bit. Tell you the truth, I don’t even remember what I said, it was just flowing. I was finally using inner game, instead of planned routines, but I kept with the basic pick up philosophy and I stayed alpha and cool.
    I again told her to leave and get to work and she smiled. Five or ten minutes later I pulled her aside, and told her to sit next to me. I proceeded with the cube and began kino. She immediately started qualifing herself to me, as soon as I said I would get to know her better with just three questions. So much so, that I didn’t even finish the cube before switching to the number close. After I got her number, she said, “oh yeah, so what did the cube mean??
    When I number closed I said, “hey, I’m only in town for the weekend, give me your number and lets get coffee tomorrow afternoon.? She agreed immediately.
    So I’m really psyched about this one, b/c she is a solid HB9 (perfect body!) and I used almost no routines. I was just alpha, dressed well, and was interesting. Also that night another waitress that I had previously been shot down by (also a HB9) told me that I was very smooth and that she watches me and really likes the way that I carry myself. Awesome! Whats great is this is exactly what I have been working on. Body language and alpha presence.
    Okay, so now to how I screwed it up. We have drinks and appetizers before her shift the next day…..she pays. Then she texts me and says that she had a great time. So I text back, are you free when you get off work (3am). She says she will call me when she gets off. I reply, “ I’d like to see you some more but you will have to promise no funny business!? she replies, “lol, okay, we’ll see?.
    Now at this time, I’m trying to decide if I want to drive back to DC (4 hours) or if I have a real chance with this girl, I can stay and then I’ll hit traffic the next day (6 hours). So I text her again. “I’m going to leave for DC. Unless you are just too scared for me to drive this late and demand that I stay with you tonight. Of course, you will have to promise to keep your hands to yourself, I’m not that easy!?
    So an hour goes by and no reply. I leave. Then when I’m halfway home I get this text, “lol, its your call sweetheart, you can stay with me, and I promise I’ll be good!?
    ARGHH!!! But I was already halfway home and not turning around. So I tell her I can’t and follow up with some more c&f texts. So I blew the close. I figure I will get it next time I’m down………wrong.
    The next day, she friends me on myspace and tells me that she has a boyfriend that is overseas and she doesn’t want to end things with him b/c she wants to support him. I reply with this long ass email about how long distance relationships are hard, life is short, and oh yeah, I’m dating three other girls right now.
    ………haven’t heard from her since.
    I tried to send another email, changing the subject. No reply.
    I’m gonna try one more time with “you don’t call, you don’t write….how’s this friendship supposed to blossom…..that’s it we’re broken up, I want my cd’s back and you can keep the dog. ;-)?
    Wish me luck guys, this would be one of the hottest girls I ever got. And give advice if you have any.
    Oh, and the lesson I learned……In comfort, NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS. Just like trying to coax a kitten, don’t do anything drastic. I gave way too much information in my email, way to much opinion, and I did it in a cocky way….all I had to do was keep it short and comfortable, and I was a lock. I had the attraction completed, I was in comfort and I ruined it by being over-confident. I even had her ready to leave her man. I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

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    pics of the girl

    here are some pics.....i hope i did this right.
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    so which modeling website did u get those pics from? cuz I know they arnt the girls in the bar. this makes me question the validity of your whole field report. if ur gonna lie bro, take a bullshiting class, u need it...... n stop waisting peoples time, there are people here who don't put bullshit pics up and have real questions for people with more experience. I hope u think before u act next time

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    they are real pics jackass!!!! taken straight from her myspace i don't make things up. you have the wrong guy.
    here's more "common" looking ones, but they are all from her myspace.
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  5. I wouldn't call her a 9

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    fair enough

    call it how you see it daisy. a 9 to me, is someone lacking one thing. i only see one thing lacking, and for her age....i was impressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy_Daisy View Post
    I wouldn't call her a 9
    lol I wouldn't call her a 7 either, but hey, everyone has their own scale. A 9.9to one person, might be a 6 to another.

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    hey thanks guys

    hey thanks for all the positive comments guys!!!! this is great. I can feel my confidence growing by leaps and bounds. you guys rock!!! i'm so impressed right now. I mean, when i first joined this forum, i thought a lot of guys would be judgemental and just turn it into a competition....boy was i wrong. I'm so glad that everyone is so mature and willing to provide helpful advice. you are my best friends in the whole world!!!!!!

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    If that is her, the photos have obviously undergone photoretouching/editing, anyone with an eye for this/experience can see that.
    All your women are belong to me.

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    this is ridiculous.


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