Stricken With The Only-Child Again!
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    Stricken With The Only-Child Again!

    I've had a decent amount of success in the game of seduction
    within my lifetime. I’ve been here, I’ve done there, whatever…
    I have noticed however, that for some reason I often end up
    with women who it turns out are an only-child (Have no siblings),
    and that the relationship, even after bedding them, will go sour.
    (My sexual technique is honed, absolute, and is not in question)
    Has anyone else experienced the above? Comments please.
    First post by the way.

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    Hey. Let's sit and figure this one out. I think that being an only child, especially a female, has them so conditioned to being the absolute center of attention that they will never escape it. They have no reason to want to leave this fantasy world, or desire. I know of one girl like this, and it stands the test of time.

    "It's my way, or the highway."


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