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  1. overplayed though.
    Maybe for good reason...but could remind them of their ex/bad experience. Widen horizons... I use truefitt and Hill, 1805. Have trafalgar, too.
    lots of press on this company. Superb haircuts and great products. Some of their shaving horsehair brush is really expensive....

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    Yeah, I used to wear armani until it got played out. Old colognes are scents that girls usually have an association with...bad or good. Don't risk it, just wear something new and designer, girls will eat it up no matter what it is usually, they just want something that smells good.
    ~ G.Q.

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    Romance by Ralph Lauren.

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    I truly recommend Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein... It's just great...

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    No such thing as a "best cologne". It's a taste thing, just like anything else. You'll always run across somebody who doesn't like a particular fragrance.
    And yes, fragrances are one of my hobbies and passions. I actually ground my reality with it, because it's one of the few things in my life that I really pursue with force (besides music and the venusian arts). I've lost count of how many hundreds of dollars I've spent on it and lost count of how many different ones I actually own... it's somewhere over 40. Acqua Di Gio is NOT one of them... I'm not particularly fond of "popular" fragrances. And Acqua Di Gio is THE BEST SELLING FRAGRANCE since its release 10 years ago. I'll admit, I'm a snob. [snob] And if you like ADG so much, at least do it justice by spelling it correctly. [/snob]
    I personally wear a particular fragrance depending on my mood for the day. I don't care if a girl likes it or not. What matters is that I myself like it and enjoy the feeling it gives me when I wear it. I know a lot of venusian artists who don't feel the same way though.
    But damn, so many guys overspray and it's sickening. A little goes a long way if you know how to apply properly.
    It's funny, because I first got into fragrances because I was just getting into the venusian arts, and like every guy, I wanted to know what scents girls found the most attractive. I learned that if you're the nicest-smelling guy and you don't have game, you're gonna suck anyways. Then I became passionate about fragrances and the game separately. And now there's a thread here, on a gaming forum, about fragrances. The circle is now complete, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
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    White diesel is an excellent cologne.

  7. as well as

    Ralph Lauren silver...I use this and tell hbs how much my ex-girlfriend paid for it...and yes i bought it.

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    Marc Jacobs

    Marc jacobs is the one of the best I have, the other one is a bottle that is a bottle that is a men's body with stripes across it, cant remenber the name.
    I think is jean paul

  9. Izzy is good too

  10. Dunhill Desire (the red bottle) and Dunhill blue are pretty solid. I don't like the polo green bottle though, way too musty.

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