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    I've been doing a lot of contemplating lately about body language and how you can often pick up on who the high status people are in any situation just based on body language. Reading the book The Definitive Guide to Body Language was very helpful for this. One of the lessons that I've taken away is that body language that shows a willingness to be vulnerable is almost always a sign of high status. Here's an example:
    Stick your chest out so that your heart is totally exposed. This is a very vulnerable position. Someone who is frightened and timid would do just the opposite. And you see that all the time. Guys (and girls!) who are hunched over and protecting their solar plexus. They look weak.
    So the funny thing is that when I walk around and consciously focus on exposing my solar plexus I feel different. I feel more open, less scared, more outgoing, etc. This is truly a situation whereby your physiology affects your psychology.
    So I've been trying to think of what other elements of body language indicate high status and a willingness to vulnerability. I'd love to hear any thoughts. My gut tells me that if we move our bodies like rock stars, pro athletes, CEOs, etc., that we'll gradually start to take on other parts of their personas. Not immediately perhaps but eventually. I think this could be very powerful and would love to hear others' thoughts.

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    I know just what you mean. When I move about having the more "high-status" body language, I start to feel better, more confident, more alpha, etc, and I'm in just better general mood. It's not just for the more vulnerable poses, either. For example, if I start smiling a lot, I find that I'm in a better mood, ad I tend to get more positive responses from people (not just girls, everyone) when I interact with or even near them. Another thing I've noticed is that I tend to get more looks from girls when I have higher-status body language, especially if I'm smiling.

  3. Ditto. Try throwing your solar plexus out. I get WAY more looks when I'm doing that. Seeing as how it took my 30 years to figure that out I wonder what else I'm missing.


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