Building Confidence.
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    Building Confidence.

    Okay, so a lot of AFCs, who are just getting started, struggle on having confidence when approaching girls. Maybe this will help you out.
    I've always been a pretty confident person but for one reason.
    I would see somebody doing something and I would imagine myself doing it. When the time came for me to do it, I would. This may sound confusing so let me give you some examples.
    The first time I ever went skiing, I told everyone I had went before, when I never had. I had always watched people ski and it looked pretty easy. I visualized myself doing this and started to ski. I only fell once that day.
    I never rode a horse before but had seen plenty people get on the and ride them. I told the rancher I had riden before. He put a saddle on my horse and I jumped on and rode.
    My point being is picture yourself opening sets. I figured if this could work ith other things, why couldn't it work for picking up girls?
    In your mind pretend your viewing yourself talking to some HB9 and your both laughing and having a good time. Then just go and do it. If you picture yourself crashing and burning it will probably happen. Build your confidence up by imagining yourself getting the number, kiss, etc.
    It worked for me. The first week I was so nervous but then I started to visualize opening. My confidence boosted and I was a lot more comfortable.
    I hope it works as well for you as it did for me.
    Your Partner,

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    Great advice bro.... I actually gave it a shot this morning with a HB8.5 and i was much more calm, collected, and comfortable in the convo.

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    This does work, it's something I've always done myself, I'll think about doing it, what could go right and what could go wrong and try to think of a fix before hand so when it comes time to do it I know what I'm doing a bit better and I'm more confindent, good advice.
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    And remember, if all else fails in set just try this, works everytime.

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    this advice is gold nomather how simple it sounds, thanks

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    posture is key

    to at least look more confident. stand up straight, to do this literally lean back, throqw shoulders back, for me that made the diffirence. The best example of the best posture is Pierce Bronsman in all his movies, especially 007 and the most recent one I forget the name. Besides stand tall and you are tall


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