Chick met at work!!!

So i see this gal at work and she happens to sit next to me.
I run my game, after like and hour of sitting next to each other
Me: Are you from xxx high school??
hb8: noo im from @@@ high
me: you guys kicked our ass in football last year huh?
hb8: yeahh haha
me: damn i cant even talk to you now (colgate smile)
hb8: hahahahaha, we are playing yyy high tomorrow actually
me: are you guys confident you are gonna win?
hb8: not really the new quarterback sucks
me: damn that's gay
after that i ran who lies more, i guessed her number, and fluffed a little,
i fucked up cause i asked her name though but she gave it to me, and so on
convo keeps going and i do get her number at the end but the next day she sat in front of me and a cubicle to the left (i do surveys over the phone ) and the strangest shit happens. she knows i'm there because i noticed, she even looks at me BUT when i notice she's looking at me and i look back to say hi and aknowledge her she quickly turns away and i actually end up saying hi to nobody!! haha i know, this happens several times until i get tired and go to the bathroom, and i pass next to her cubicle, she looks at me and turns quickly again! then i say: hey hb8 whats up? then she looks at me as if she hasn't seen me and acts surprised and greets me BUT SHE DOESN'S SAY ANYTHING!! after that we didnt talk the whole day but there was a lot of looking involvedWTF DOES THAT MEAN?!, two days later i text her
AND SHE FORGOT MY NAME!! haha it sucks!
i tell her: its the cool guy you met at work
herh haha! sorry whats up
i neg her ass about being blonde, and we fluff after that, since i saw this convo wasn't going nowhere i told her i had to leave and i stopped texting.
i sorry i didnt explain the sarge better but that is the most important part of it, i studdered a little when i asked her the digits and some of the time when i was running my game at the beggining
Please critique mercilessly, also give me advice!! i am new by the way, and i dont have problems number closing but i just mess up after that and i dont get the girls as often as id want to.
not to brag but i am not bad looking, im no brad pitt either, i think i'm an 8 or a 7.5
i can use as much advice i can get
thank you