How bad IS life for ugly girls(women please post!)
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    How bad IS life for ugly girls(women please post!)

    I couldn't find anything in the forum rules that said this is a worst of the forum post, and couldn't find any thread about this by searching.
    I am interested, if you put yourself in an ugly girls shoes, how much worse is it for an ugly girl compared to an WBAFC who has no idea of this community or how to attract girls.
    When i think of it, I think the ugly girl has it a lot worse.
    On one hand the UGLY GIRL - very bitter because she knows deep down inside she is biologically unattractive(as opposed to conventionally). Probably very bitter at her parents for breeding. Probably bitter because she sees girls who may have abused her in the past attract guys. Probably thinks, and rightly so, that there is nothing wrong with HER, only the way she looks. Bitter at men for thinking their emotional reactions are due to the person, when it is only very partially so and really about the outside appearance.
    But then the WBAFC - very bitter because he sees guys who may have bullied/humiliated him heavily in the past, traumatised his young life and scarred him, attract girls partially because of their attitude, now minus the bullying conveniently(and keep in mind it is a myth that most bullies are very bad academically and end up with worse later life). Feels pushed to the side like a rightfully abused weak piece of shit. Probably thinks, and rightly so, that there is something wrong with HIM, as opposed to the way he looks, as uglier males have more success than him.
    The real question possibly is, who needs the opposite sex more, men or women? If women need men more, then UGs probably have worse time than AFCs.
    And i think this is the case. If you look back at history, even taking into account the fact that women were discriminated, all of the most outstandingly talented, genuinely unique revolutionaries have been male and i DON'T mean political. Men are generally more interested in other things than women. This has nothing to do with expectations, there are more male high-school dropouts, higher average IQs for women, far more men at the lower end of IQs. But over score of 170, men outnumber women by 13-to-1. If both sexes were forced to forfeit using inventions responsible predominantly by members of the opposite sex, women would probably be far more affected.
    In other words, women seem to be far more into the game of dating and relationships than men, and I personally think it's better to be a AFC/beta forever than to be an UG forever.
    There is some argument that would argue against this, for example, men are far more likely to commit suicide after a divorce than women are. And, a study found that divorced men are over 12 times as likely to commit suicide as divorced women. But IMO this is more to do with children than partners.
    So how bad is it really for UGs? And keep in mind we are talking about an AFC, don't say "the AFC can...." because we are assuming he is not in that position, and therefore is an AFC.
    Forgive the lack of knowledge i only just started thinking about this.

  2. Life probably sucks for ugly girls.
    A magical thing called plastic surgery exists though, and fat girls can now hit the treadmill and go on fad diets to lose weight

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    Interesting read. The fact that you are trying to justify your thread to be "non worst of" is pointless. Here are my comments.
    Why would you want to put yourself in UGs shoes? Are you willing to offer them sympathy sex?
    The UG has it better than an AFC, imho. In particular cases, UGs are endowed with great personalities that make up/compensate, to some extent, for their physical unattractiveness. [it's analogous to the average looking PUA with above average game] Of course, for most men, looks matter most, and this means that UGs are initially filtered out.
    The Military,
    You are only focussing on the morose UGs, i,e. those who are "Below Average frustrated chicks", hence the reference to their bitterness. For them, the problem is not of looks, but of personality and outlook on life as well.
    The more popular type of UGs are the average looking chicks [alc]. She dooesnt fit the standard of society's definition of beauty and attractiveness. She is the check-out girl whom nobody notices when she enters a room. She's in the social circle of the HBs but never get asked for her phone number.
    A UG can and would improve her looks to increase her chances with men. Women know in general what men want and an UG is aware of the options available to her to increase her odds [plastic surgery, cosmetics, the bitch slut attitude etc...]. An AFC, by default, will not do anything to improve on his plight and sometimes will not even approach UGs due to approach anxiety.
    Who gets what? [Assume everyone is heterosexual, for sake of simplicity]
    An UG will in general be avoided by guys with game[learned or natural].
    An UG's pool consists of "ugly guys", AFCs and good looking guys who care more about personality than looks[yeah, that exists!!].
    An AFC can't get the HBs.
    An AFC's pool consists of UGs and Average looking girls.
    An UG will get laid just by showing herself to be more sexually available. An AFC may never get laid if he has One-itis, AA and no game.
    Let's not forget that ugly parents often yield beauitiful babies.
    I have to disagree with the military stance on history. Your examples dont support your hypotheses well. I suggest you read a bit on Robert Greene's Art of seduction.
    My post sounds sketchy. I will add more later.

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    Janis Joplin was undeniably UG, however she had an incredible voice and had no problem getting any man. Mama Cass was huge, but she had sex with just about every 60s rock legend. Patti Smith just closed down CBGBs and has mad respect in musician circles, and looks more male than female. Most successful female business owners are not good looking. Oprah took 25 years . I can keep going just in comediennes and daytime talk... How bad is/was life most of them??
    Low self esteem, low self worth, abuse can make a potentially attractive girl ugly. An ugly girl in high school can swan out afterwards. A lot of actresses/porn stars were not good looking in school. Some take time to figure it out, some never do. Some "ugly down" and are actually attractive, and some women who are supposedly attractive are far from it if you see them in person in the daylight. They can even go online and weed out AFCs they may have done without question before.
    Any female can go out and find someone drunk enough to bang them. Even the trolls. It doesn't work the other way. Who's paying more to have sex, men or women?
    Men are generally interested in things other than women? Napoleon Hill in "Think and Grow Rich" said that's what motivates men to begin with and is a reason why success doesn't come until they're in their 40s.
    This shouldn't be about life for "ugly" women, this should be improving your own life and not doing it at the expense of "ugly" women.
    The comment about guys looking for personality over looks, ultimately if it's someone you plan on being with for a long time,you want them to be healthy and not getting congestive heart failure and diabetes due to weight issues, and you want to have some sort of attraction to when they do lose their looks and marriage is in the works, but a positive personality, responsible, caring, and someone you'll be able to trust completely are bigger factors in the long run, and you can find that from girls who are across the board.
    Women have more choices, however, men aren't on the baby making time schedule. But in the past 20 years with more education and protection, we're at the point where casual sex isn't seen as strange or bad.
    A divorced guy who is thinking about suicide feels they have no future and married someone for wrong reasons, someone they probably couldn't please or satisfy, and someone who kept taking from them.
    Revolutionaries were and also out to get laid. Takes testosterone to make revolution happen. It's being a leader of something, someone that Alphas the center of conversations. Women FLOCK like crazy and a lot of women were the backbone to almost every single revolution. US for example: Thomas Jefferson. You're going to have to name names where that's not the case.

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    There's no such thing as an ugly woman - LAZY woman are common, though.

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    The Military, I for one understand the point your trying to make but your forgeting that everyone is different, I once worked with a very large girl who wasn't attractive at all but she was one of the most happy people I've ever met, I never saw her without a smile on her face and she was always laughing.
    She wasn't bitter at anyone or anything and she was happy with who she was, even being as large as she was she was still confident with herself.
    There are guys out there who like large women and I met a guy who used to like having sex with large women, he used to say he liked it because it was more to hold on to (I didn't disagree ) there are also guys who look for women to have a connection with and get on with no matter their looks.
    I think its more the case that ugly women don't get as much attention from men as hot women but they still have relationships and have sex like everyone else.
    It all comes down to what your looking for in a girl, if you go for just looks then I fully understand where your comming from with your post, if you go for personality then what others find ugly you'll find attractive.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Military View Post
    I couldn't find anything in the forum rules that said this is a worst of the forum post
    Don't worry its not a worst of post but it could be a very interesting topic so I'm going to move it to the main board so it can continue there.
    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums mod or admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

    And remember, if all else fails in set just try this, works everytime.

  7. This is only anecdotal, but I've seen plenty of UGs with shit attitudes consistently land guys.

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    I would much rather be a BAD-AFC than an ugly woman.
    I will be honest at the risk of sounding superficial. If I don't find a woman physically attractive in the slightest, she is moved to the LJBF zone. Period.
    I am not superficial, just honest !
    s i g m a

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    The writer James Joyce was once obsessed with a woman for most of his life. He wrote volumes of poetry devoted to her, and spent most of his life supplicating and generally being the worst kind of AFC. Despite being somewhat of a high status male of the time he still had major one-itis
    Here's what she looked like.
    Personally, she's no oil painting, even for a 19th century revolutionary. However, Joyce wasn't the only poor bastard who had one-itis for her. Hundreds of men joined the revolution and went to war at her request, many of whom did it out of obsession for her. She may not be a complete UG, but despite being unattractive she did extremely well, and had more than enough options to turn down high status guys.
    The point here is that women are different, each one, and can attract men not just on looks.
    Some UG's have a remarkable ability at seeking out men, often low status guys who have potential. I've seen it happen, I've had a few UGs seek me out when I was a total AFC and see something in me, and pursued me relentlessly. UGs do okay.
    Recently a chubby and jolly guy I work with got a girlfriend. I don't rate girls below 5, (what's the point) but this girl was definitely a 1, if even that. He fell hopelessly in love with her, they had a baby, and then she dumped him.
    Sometimes I wonder if some women put more importance in having a baby than finding a man, and when they do get that baby they're happier than anybody in the world. Of course, it would be better with a man, but like you said, deep down they know they're not attractive, and they do what they can.
    I don't believe they're unhappy, or worse off than AFC guys, because an UG, no matter how ugly can find a man much easier than a total AFC can find a woman. Also, being in a relationship is not essential for happiness. Even if they do decide at some point they're too ugly to find anyone they still have hopes and dreams and goals in their lives and will do what they can to get those, and will find their happiness through that.
    Many UGs I've known are pretty awesome girls, despite not being attractive, and I've had some UG friends (platonic, yeah I'm a shallow prick) that I absolutely loved, and I know they were pretty happy much of the time.
    - Kentrel

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    i don’t thinks we should assume that women will only be happy with tons of sex with handsome men.
    there are plenty of unattractive women that are in amazing, loving, and extremely sexual relationship. the men in their lives exhibit alpha male behavior with them and they fulfill all of their desires, both emotional and sexual.
    ugly girls don’t have it bad, girls who don’t have great men that satisfy them have it bad. this is why we see a lot more complaining from women about not finding the perfect guy and that all guys are assholes. these women are genuinely miserable.
    Also realize that in general women have more sexual power then men. The ugliest girl in a hip club (where the looks LCD is not that low) has more sexual power then the best looking guy.


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