do I get this girl to fuck me?
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  1. do I get this girl to fuck me?

    Ight... so I met this HB8 at a lil dance on a college campus on tuesday...I approached her and she damn near knocked me da f*** she like flinched on me.... I was like...s*** bad... I was gonna ask u to dance but nm....I guess she thought I was trying to hold her hand or something....anyways....she was can dance....So were dancin and talkin n s***.... I waited a couple mins before I started grabbin her hips and hands n s*** bout 20 mins into it....her friend calls her on the phone... and was like...we bout to head to that after party....let's she hangs up...turns to me and is like...hey...u going to the after party....i was like...umm...i dunno i gotta c what my homies r doing ....but yeah....let me get ur number so I can call u for directions if we go....I could tell she wanted me to it intuition....juss by the look on her face....
    But anyways....
    So I end up going to the after party...but I c her wit this other dude....I was like I acted like i didn't c her...i wanted her to come to me....and she did....she was like hey smoothe1.... and she came over and started talkin to me with the lil sqeem boy cack by her side....we small talked for a second and she introduced me to this guy....but then she started talkin to this guy more than I was like f*** that...and juss left the convo to go talk to my friend n shyt....
    So...we in the after party and I c her eyein me while this loser is by her side....she smiles...I smile and nod from across the room....then I get my drink and go out side....I go outside and come back in to look for some other beezies....and I found them.... ...but yeah...there was a moment when I was alone....and I happen to accidently run into her on the dance floor...she was dancin wit dat loser.....but she was like...hey Why aren't u dancin?...I was like....the real question is why aren't u dancin wit me? she smiles and puts her arms around me and we start dancin...the loser behind her got mad and yeah...we were dancin for bout 10 mins then she wanted to go we went outside to talk
    We musta talked for like 30 mins to an hr.....She was doing most of the talkin ...I aint much of a talker....but yeah...we were talkin bout a lot of s***....somehow the convo got on to her last three bad relationships and how she juss wants to have fun...i was like koo.... I feel the same way...then I was like so what is that guy in there to u? she was like a friend wit benefits.... I was like...really? u gotta lot of those? she was like no he's the only one...she's really straight I believe yeah...bout an hr passes and she gets a's her friend sayin that they bout to go home....she was like ..yeah I gotta go....what r u doing? r u stayin? U wanna come? I was like well...i gotta c what my homies r up to...but yeah we can she was like ...well....i was talkin bout juss walkin wit us.....I was like..o....well gotta take a piss first then i'll meet u in there....I didn't c her again that nigh
    So I call her on friday....i called her on thursday but she didn't answer...but yeah...I call her and tell her that she should come to this party that was going on that night.... however i wasn't sure if she was gonna be there because i thought she hung up on me...she was like call me when u get there....and i was like...ok...but i wasn't gonna call her after i thought she hung up on me....anyways
    I'm at this party...standin in the middle of the dance floor like a loser cause it was hella hot and i didn't feel like dancin at the i didn't know she was there...when all of a sudden i feel a tap on my shoulder....i was like...hey...waz up....and that's it ...she seemed like she was havin fun wit her friends so i was like ok...i'll get at her later.... plus she said she juss wants to have i wanted her thing before she got to me....i didn't want to come across too i knew it was on.... I had to do my thing.... so i started dancin and talkin to chicks n shyt on the dance floor...I was makin this one chick laugh hella hard wit my dancin....and i saw all of HB8 friends lookin at me out of the corner of my anyway...after runnin through a few chicks...I end up takin a strategic break a couple feet away from where HB8 was dancin wit this other dude....but I pretended like i didn't c her...
    Anyway... I c her end the dance with the dude she was dancin wit cause she saw me...I still acted like i didn't c her....i wanted her to come to me...and she did....she was like... hey....i could tell she wanted to dance...but I was like...yeah im juss coolin down right now....she was like...o ight...and had a dissappointed look on her face....juss when she was bout to walk away...i grabbed her hand...and was like chill here wit me for a sec...then we'll dance after about 30 secs we start dancin and talkin n s***....after bout 15-20 mins I go in for the kiss...and she gladly accepts (she's a great kisser by the way...prob the best i've ever kissed) so...after bout another 5 mins i go in for da kiss again...and we do it again.... at this point we really weren't dancin juss chillin by the window holdin each other.... but yeah
    we end up going outside for a few mins and I do the stupidest thing ever.... I'm like so tell bout these last 3 relationships....IT WAS STUPID...I know..... but i had no idea what to talk about... i told u i'm not much of a she tell me...and when she's done...i was really didn't want to know...cause she was talkin forever....but we end up going back inside to dance...and i get another make out session in....and she was like...i'm havin so much fun right now...and we were still holdn each other n s*** one point she juss rested her head on my chest....and she let me grab her ass...cause i kept going for it while we was dancin...she was like ok...u got 2 seconds...grab it as much as u want...but after that...leave it alone...with a smile on her face....but yeah....her friend comes...and says that they bout to she was like...i gotta go....juss like that...
    That's it
    so im bout to go outside after about another 10 mins chillin wit my homeis...and i walk outside and c her out there talkin to some other dude.....and i acted like i didn't c her....Which i don't really care....cause i know she aint down for a relationship...she juss wants to have long as I get f***** i don't care who she talks to...juss let me in on the action ya digg?
    so when i call her the next time what should i say we do that will eventually lead to gettin F*****...Does any one have a routine they do while on a date that leads to sex?
    P>S sorry bout how long this post was....

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    For the love of whatever holy diety you praise, PLEASE fix your spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation so that it is readable by the general populace. Thank you in advance. Your holy diety thanks you too.

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    I doubt anyone will even read this gibberish filled post lol. shit hurt my head to read the first paragraph. I don't have perfect grammar and I'm not saying you need it, but jesus christ

  4. Well ....Sorry for the grammer....but if you can help me out....I'd appreciate it....Thanks

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    so you spent 3 hours with a girl you get semi close to, and you want to go on a date and fuck her.
    You don't intend to actualy have a personality, you just want a set of lines to throw at her.
    I will tell you right now nothing will happen between you two. This isn't a negetive thing this is just the truth.
    The other part is just don't bother, because any routine will NEVER EVER get you the girl, women are 10 times as social sensetive as guys, it will just be creepy, your only chance is just being yourself, and even then you will probably be tooled but that's ok because you will still fuck her.
    Anyway, hope that helped, work on your "game" as in pure MM and do 200 sets before expecting any sucess with a routine.

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    so you spent 3 hours with a girl you get semi close to, and you want to go on a date and fuck her.
    That pretty much sums it up. Fuck.. And I read this after I read all that crap. You could have just put that and saved me 15 mins. lol
    Oh, and don't date a chick. Just chill and have fun, then take her to your place, and make out. See how it goes

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    These....guys are...right, of...writing is....very...hard to...understand....
    Seriously, reading your post was harder than wading through quicksand.
    You have some serious inner game issues that you need to look at.
    - You are putting women as the prize
    - You want some clever routine to fool a woman into thinking you have a personality
    This is NOT a good way of thinking. It doesn't work like this. You can't just spout off some clever routine word for word and expect her to just go 'OMG this guy is SO amazing' and become so overpowered with lust that she just throws herself onto your dick.
    Look at some of the language you use.
    - How can I get this girl to fuck me? (this says 'I don't think I'm cool enough or deserve to fuck a girl as I am, I need something clever to mask these deficiencies)
    - A girl let you grab her ass and said that you could touch it as much as you want for 2 seconds but then leave it alone. She should be begging you to touch her! You're acting like every other horny AFC out there 'YEAH a girl LET me touch her ass - how cool is that!!!'
    - 'Does anyone have a routine they do on a date that leads to sex?' - Yes, my routine involves being fucking cool, not taking any shit (in terms of bitchiness, pussy power etc) and being generally interested in getting to know her on a level beyond 'So do you prefer Fridays or Saturday nights out?' You can check out my thread 'How to get Rapport' in my signature if you're struggling for things to talk about.
    People on this forum need to STOP looking for clever routines all the time to help them get attraction, or make a girl feel connected to them, or turned on or whatever, and concentrate on actually talking to these girls as human beings.
    A lot of the time just taking an interest in her as a person, and not being a needy supplicating AFC about it is enough to make her want to have sex with you. How many guys out there go 'She's hot, I want to fuck her' and don't give a shit about her personality?
    You need to stop putting girls on a pedestal purely because of their looks and start qualifying them to your own values of what you find important in a woman. Doing this implies to a woman that you are the prize and she has to work to impress you, not the other way round.
    Last night I was out in town with some buddies. I saw a really stunning girl (HB9, maybe 9.5) with a friend. My approach was:
    'Hey there, I want to ask you something, but before I do, if this makes you feel uncomfortable in any way...just tell me to piss off! Ok?
    You are REALLY gorgeous... (wait for reaction)...are you as cool as you look?'
    Reply: 'It depends on what you call cool'
    So I told her some of the personality traits I like in a girl - open minded, a sense of fun and adventure, a giver not a taker, someone who loves to laugh etc... and she responded by qualifying the shit out of herself.
    I then said 'Wow - I've not known you for long, but you seem to have a different energy about you than most of the other really attractive women I speak to. We should exchange numbers and talk again.'
    So we swapped numbers. Then I looked her in the eye, and said 'come here', pulled her close and kissed her.
    Then I said 'You should return to your friend, it's not right that you leave her on her own while you talk to me. I'll call you tomorrow and we can continue this then.'
    The point of this random blab is to show you that you don't need all these stupid routines and lines. What I said may appear AFC on paper, but I could get away with it because I was coming from a genuine place of non-neediness and qualification. I genuinely wanted to find out if she had more going for her than her looks.
    If and when I see her again (I'm not sure if this is going to flake - we'll see), I'll adopt exactly the same approach. Sex will take care of itself - if we like each other, we'll have sex, simple. It's not about spouting some clever lines in order to trick her into taking her knickers off.
    Your current thought processes are seriously bad for you and need to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Concentrate on feeling better about yourself as a person, then people will naturally want to be around you.
    Rant over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabre_Tooth View Post
    People on this forum need to STOP looking for clever routines all the time to help them get attraction, or make a girl feel connected to them, or turned on or whatever, and concentrate on actually talking to these girls as human beings.
    A lot of the time just taking an interest in her as a person, and not being a needy supplicating AFC about it is enough to make her want to have sex with you. How many guys out there go 'She's hot, I want to fuck her' and don't give a shit about her personality?
    Word to that man, so many guys are forgetting that women are human beings, not just sex objects.

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    Women are people too.

  10. Damn Saber Tooth, I didn't think about those things when I was posted this, but you are exactly right. I do need to work on myself, and I know it. Sometimes, I don't think of myself as the most interesting person in the world, and I feel like I have nothing worth talking about. That's amazing that you can tell that about me by what I posted. Well, I guess it's obvious, but thanks man. You were a big help.


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