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  1. whats going on guys?? just moved to halifax from out west, sarged out there a bit, but nothing serious to say the least.. anyone who wants to meet up and hit the hali scene, gimme a shout..

  2. I just got a room in Halifax for the summer and I'm looking to go downtown. I've read a few books, but I haven't had time until now to go out. Leave a reply or send me a PM and we'll get some people together.

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    hey there Bluenosers,
    i live in Boston but i head back up to Nova Scotia every summer for 2 weeks to visit family and stuff up in Parsboro. would any one be down to show me around the night life if i came to the city for a night?

  4. I know this thread is old but let's getter goin

  5. Anything on the go here? Im in NL but Im generally back and forth between there and Hali.


  6. Hey anyone still alive in this thread? I'm mostly in the Valley, final year studying there, but I go to the city fairly frequently. Looking for wingmen. PM so we can get good party started.

  7. Halifax wingman

    Hey just home for the summer in Halifax just looking for a fellow sarger to stay motivate and we can push eachother do go above and beyond try new and ridiculous things and ultimately get more women. Post me a reply or pm.

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    Bumping this thread!

    Looking for a dedicated wing who wants to go out on a regular basis (at least 3 times a week).
    Send me a PM, boys!

    - XS

  9. Also looking for solid wings to go out regularly. Fired you a PM and posting to bump.

    - S

  10. Anyone looking to game in Halifax hit me up at angel.rooster588 @ gmail.com


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