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  1. Old Sex Toys - New Girls

    From a past girlfriend I ended up with a nice sex toy collection, and a little fetish for toys. I've got some really nice pyrex dildos and some wilder stuff.
    Previously I had a girl that was into them, but only if they were brand-spankin new (like that we would have bought together). She had a major hang-up over toys that had been in prior use. I understand the hang-up, but need some advice on getting around it with new girls. I don't want to have to re-buy some of this stuff every time I have a new girl coming through
    Any thoughts on getting new girls over the hump when it comes to my personal toy collection?

  2. put a condom on them, seems like the best thing

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    some of the stuff can get pricey...but a small price to pay for a great hobby.
    Consider buying new toys just the price of doing business.
    And,...you won`t have to go thru any explanations or turn-offs and health issues.

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    Let her see you take them out of the dishwasher so she knows they're clean? Of course then she may never eat at your house again.

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    Better idea is wash them in the sink infront of her.
    Even though it does practically nothing, it frames it up as being 100% clean.
    If she complains, say your hands and lips have gone through the same process in the first place.
    If she presists, put a connie on them.
    Process with two levels of accuracy, you can't do wrong there.


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