Sheriff Bootcamp - London, September 2006

I was invited a guest on the bootcamp (i.e i didnt pay). And i would like to make it clear that ive written this review enitrly becasue i want to.
Day 1
the seminar started at midday and Londonplayboy took the stage with hardcore MM theory that alot of us already know. Althogh i must admit that having someone explain it live is ALOT diffrent than reading it from a book and EVEN watching a DVD. We were given many opportunities to ask as many questions as we liked and the intructors were more than happy to re-explain somethin if someone didnt understand. So the purpose of the first day was to go over the basic theory of how the Mystery Method works, and aslo to go over opening a set. This was in order to prepare us for the eveining.
The highlight of the seminar was when we got into groups and one of us would have to act out an apporach, and the rest of the group + instuctor would give feedback. Having done an exercise like this before i want expecting much. But much to my suprise the feedback i got was excellent. And i kept reapproaching untill i got it right
The theory was a bit boring at times becasue it felt like i heard it all before. But all the other guys there had only read the game or seen mystery on some DYD product so they knew nothing. So i was more than happy to have the whole method drilled into my head once again.
Another problem i had was the canned openers. i really dont like canned routines at all. But, as i was on a MM bootacamp, i picked one, and learnt it.
The evening
this is where all the fun started.
we met up with the instuctors (really good ratio!...cant remember exactly how many studnts but there were 4 instructors)
The point of tonight was to be able to open a set properly by using a canned opener. And for the instructors to demo....nothing else.
first off we were all in a big group, and three of the instuctors wondered off to do demo's and Sheriff stayed with us to give we followed them round. to be honest it felt like a safari. but great fun. And we learnt a thing or two (i.e Max demonstrated locking in very well for me)
So after we were all happy with demo' was time to get our hands dirty
Sheriff asked who had really bad AA. My hand shot me and antother guy got paried up with sheriff. I was pretty nervous at this point...especialy becasue i didnt reallly like canned opners at all. but was happend next was great.
sheriff asked me: what opener are you using....i said two part kiss opener.....he then spent the best of five minuites getting me to repeat it to him unitll it sounded cool.....i dunno why, but this really really helped!
1st set
2set sitting down, closed bl
spoons: hi, errr, do you think kissing is cheating?
set: *dont hear*
spoons: exuse me?
sheriff gave some great feedback on that set....saying that i hesitated after i walked up, which came of as unconfident. totaly saw where he was coming from, and i realised that i wouldnt have been able to spot that if i was on my own.
2nd set
walkin towards us
sheriff: open them
spoons: no no i cant
sheriff: hey guys! i have something really imprortant to ask you!
set: hmm? *smile*
sheriff: run your opener
spoons: lol you think...err....cheating is kiss....sorry is kissing cheating
set: lol yeh/no/blah blah blah
spoons: *smile* uhuh (mind goes blank)
set: err....blah blah blah (looking for an exuse to stay)
spoons: err
set: blah blah....well ok....we think it is
spoons: thanks (chode wave)
grr....but i get reasurred that the 1st 3 sets dont count
after that my aa dropped drastically....and i opened every set after that and got a decent bit of convo (most of the time )
always an instuctor to help out......always good feedback
the memorable sets:
1st hook of the night:
2set standing near bar
spoons: canned opener
set: blah blah
spoons: omg you guys are american
hb: yeh how'd ya guess
spoons: i bet youre from the deep south!
hb: noooo...blah blah
spoons: something about speedating
sheriff pops in
sheriff: michelle says close and eject
spoons: *looks at hb* (less than 4 in my books)
spoons: well it was nice meeting you
i couldnt bring my self to close her....even for "practice"
The first ive ever encountered a bitch-shield....ever:
3 set
seated (high seats so at eye level)
spoons: canned opener
hb1: *blows open, answers question*
hb2: errr is that one of those cheesy pick up lines...someone else jus tried that one
spoons: *stares her down with a wtf look*
hb2: *stares back*
spoons: dont look at me like that my mum looks at me like that *smile*
hb2: err yeh he said that too
spoons: (ffs)....hmm ok....guys....*kino 2 of them*....have a nice evening
walk away
hb2: yeh he said that too
spoons: lol
Immediate after:
I asked sheriff to demo a set (not at the start when the demo's were on...but later in the night).....he agreed
Sheriff demo's a 2set by the bar....opens with the measel opener.
comes back....then londonplay boy sends me in (some kind of demo tax )
spoons: but sheriff just opened them
londonplayboy: just go
2 set
spoons: *walks up*
spoons: *stops and stares*
set: LOL!!!
spoons: go on laugh it up............whats so funny
set: you are gonna ask us some weird question innit
spoons: no just wanted to say hi
spoons: *puts hand out* hi
set shake hands and introduce themself
spoons: *fluff and eject*
The frenchie
spoons: canned opener
set: blah blah
wing guy: hey have you seen michlelle?
spoons: no i last saw her over at the bar...but come and meet these guys.....this is tracy she works with computers....
hbtracey: lol
spoons: and this is sharon she works in accounting
hbsharon: lol no i dont!
spoons: *picks up hands* yeh you do....look you got accountants thumbs from using a calulator too much.
hbsharon: lol
wing ejects
her friend goes to that bar, and she comtemplates leaving
spoons: so if you are not an accountant what do you do?
hbsharon: i design meat products
spoons: lol
then proceded to do my usual "spoons error" of over teasing.....tbf...she was french. i eject politly
We all pretty much sarged every set in the club. Id say i approached between 15-20 sets. I got a chance to sarge with each of the intructors. a very good night indeed. After the night....switch and i went to grab a bite and catch up.....on the way i saw a lone wolf (HB-1) (yes that bad)
Spoons: canned opener
hb-1: *stops in the steet* huh?
spoons: (ffs) canned opener
hb-1: (in a borat accant, not intentional) aaaare youuu tryyying to seell mee shiiiitt?
spoons: LOOOL
hb-1: *runs off*
so far so great i think
- Instuctors know what they are talkin about
- Instructors will answer any question you have...and most probably well
- Instructors are fun (will throw in funny stuff during the seminar)
- No pressure to approach (i.e nodrill sargent)
- Instructors demo when asked
- The safari demo bit at the start
- VERY professional (there is hardly any bs in the workshop....they know what they are doing....they know how to teach it...they do the job they are paid to)
- Onanon was a rubbish venue....i agree it was big....but there were hardly any sets....and defintly none of quality
- canned openers (i defininitly see the benifits...but i just hate them)
- londonplayboy smells
all in all an AMAZING experiance......very well organised.....very fun...relaxed...and just generaly wicked!
Day 2
saturdays seminar was quite diffrent to the previous one. It concentrated mostly on A2 (female to male attraction). There were ALOT of routines/gamits taught. Whist i heard alot of these before it was deinitly intresting to hear them again and even some new ones. We got demo's of kino routines (double spinning/thumbwars etc). Althogh it was stressed at several points of the seminar that MM is NOT just about learning routines.....and its just that fact that you fit the survival and replication traits that women look for.
I didnt think many of the routines taught fit very well with my personal stule of game....but tehy were alot of fun to hear/watch.
After that we worked on story telling and did a really cool exercise where we told a story from our life, and the instructors then changed them to sound more appealing to women.
the evening
saturday evening went VERY diffrently to friday's. On friday we were meant to have gotton over the art of opening and tonight we should start playing later game. But approaching was my biggest problem for this night.....for some reason...i just couldnt do it. It was really weird and reminded me alot of my badboy workshop. I got pointed out sets.....i just couldnt open...then i would walk off....and feel better and WANT to open i would go again...try and push through the AA...and the same thing happend
It was really frustrating becasue i wanted to open so badly so i can learn/get feedback. I couldnt understand...i did sets the previous evening with little or no AA.
At one point sheriff opened sets for me....brought me in....and i just shut up....i wanted to talk and words just couldnt come out of my mouth. It was really annoying. I remember at one point i couldnt even ask for the time.
I kept thinking that the instructors would give up on me....but we ended up just hanging out for like 4 hours. Had some very intresting revelations.
for some unknown reason to me i get these kind of nights once in a while....when i just cant speak to anyone...even though i really want to....i guess its something i have to/will work on.
Day 3
this was awsome......covered A3 (male to female attraction) which was sp of mine. And it covered LMR which was also a sp of personally...for my was the best day yet.
Also lots on identity and this hit home alot for me.
Im not going to go into detail what we did....but i learnt the most this day. Alot of what we learnt in the last 2 seminars was stuff everyone already knows....lots of lines and routines + some great theory. But day 3 really drives home how this is gonna work in real life....forgetting the lines and routines for a minuite.
The intructors definitly knew what they were talking about....i cant praise it enough.
Over all I had a wicked time at the bootcamp. I think MM is a fantastic model of pick up. And PUA's should give it more respect. The bootcamp really cleared up misconceptions about MM. I defintly now know what it ISNT.
The instructors are reallly what made the bootcamp for the following reasons:
They never (NOT ONCE! i was watching ) looked bored...or like they were just doing it for the cash
They were GENUINLY intrested and supprotive in students progress
They were always able to answer questions
They were happy to demo at anytime
They are fun and cool guys to hang around
Id reccomend this to anyone who has the money.....i really feel my game has improved.
p.s. thanks for all your comments
p.p.s i know i said the intructors are great....but they cant do borat impressions for shit