what are some good openers while driving/cruising?

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    what are some good openers while driving/cruising?

    Wassup forum...So I came accross a sitiation the other night while driving into NYC....Me and my friend were heading out to a club the other night and looking for parking.......now in the process we came accross alot of hbs in thier cars driving around also ( red lights, stop signs, stopping for cabs Ect. ....I had so many oppritunities to talk to women but for some reason I didnt know how to open them while they're in thier cars.....For some reason I froze up and was like uhhhhhhh blank- nothing- nada -zilch silence....this has'nt happened to me in awhile..I was at a loss of words for some reason. In bars and clubs i open fairly well but all of a sudden im in a car and im like duuhh!! ...lol i dont get it!
    So anyone got some good openers/routines for sarging while driving? Should you go with direct or in-direct game?

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    Get your mate in the passenger seat to get their attention. When they are looking hold up a piece of paper and write your mobile phone number on it in large writing. if there is a group of girls in the car and they are on a night out then they will definitely call for a laugh! Then you are free to run some solid game.

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    Ha good question!!
    I was always wondering that also.

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    Uh, keep your eyes on the fucking road? Since this was a parking lot, careful not run somebody over etc...
    When shit like that hits, have them follow you to an eatery, Game them in the comfort of the non-moving sidewalk before you get distracted and kill somebody.
    Sorry to come off harsh, but
    common sense?
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    This seems to work (sorta)
    To a girl driving a car call out: "I LOVE YOU" but said charmingly nice, like you would to your loving wife. Give her a few seconds, then laugh it up. Girls seem to like it.

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    I usually try to make very intense eye contact with them. Once they've looked a way a few times (maybe 3-4 minutes later) I slowly mouth the words "I.m. g.o.i.n.g. t.o. r.a.p.e. y.o.u." I mean it works usually... ok it never works, I think because they were all lesbians anyway.
    Yeah as far as gaming chicks in a car, it depends on the mood, etc. If it is a bunch of chicks in a car, just do something goofy (granted that you're not the one driving). But if it's just one chick give it up... you're driving, she's not gonna likely interact with you. Hot chicks in cars get a lot of weird attention so don't be that guy.

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    Throw a ninja star at their tyres, act like it wasn't you. Then, magically have a spare tire to help them with.
    Genius, I know.

  8. If she doesn't has the seatbelt on you... call her out and tell her to put it on make it a big deal... of course I never have it on tho


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