Looking for a Wing in Worcester
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    Looking for a Wing in Worcester

    Looking for a wingman, preferably under 21 (as I am too) for sarging in the worcester area. I go to school there, but am yet to explore the 6 or so other schools in the area or the clus there. I'm completely new to this so a more experienced sarger would be great to keep me in line and show me some tricks of the trade.

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    I live in northboro and I am under 21, infact, I am 17, i dont know if that is to young for you but if not we can definatly set somthing up. PM me sometime

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    Good to hear from you heartwork. Keep 'em coming. I myself am turning 20 soon so around the same age is preferred, but as long as you can hit the same clubs I can it should work out.
    Any one else out there? There's 7 colleges in Worcester, surely I'm not the only one on the boards from there?

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    Worcester based PUAs

    Anyone around worcester looking for a wingman? It's a heavy college town and a short and cheap train ride into boston. I'm looking for anyone of any experience level to go sarging with.

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    Looking for a Wing in Worcester

    I find it hard to believe that out of all colleges in Worcester with all of its clubs and bars there is not one PUA out here. I am a Worcester college based beginning PUA looking for a wing.


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