Porn Urges come back. How to rid forever?
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    Porn Urges come back. How to rid forever?

    Ive tried deleting all of my porn many times, but the urges to look at it always comes back after 2-4 weeks. And then you want to watch it for like 2-3 days since you didnt watch it for a month. I dont care about masturbation so much but I think porn is bad for my inner game, so I want to stop watching it.
    Does anyone have any specific tips on this?

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    lots of exercise really helps get rid of sexual urges, lots I mean LOTS, like I'm jogging 3 times a week- 3 miles each time minium and doing two kinds of martial arts, 3 days a week, plus everyday the army daily six (takes about 30 minutes). I've noticed that my sex drive has gone down and I'm in good control of myself, it helps with AA too!

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    sorry, daily seven. I only do six of them tho.

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    everytime, i get the urge (it's funny how common this problem is ) i usually try and go somewhere; do something that will distract me from wanting to look at porn.
    like czee pointed out excercising does wonders, so just try anything that will take your mind off of it.
    at least your deleting your porn from you compu. that's the first step.

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    Iceman Guest

    As soon as you get the urge for porn, get off your computer, go outside and go and meet someone new. Guy, girl, old young, hot, UG, whatever, just meet someone.
    Quote Originally Posted by czee
    I've noticed that my sex drive has gone down
    That's a bad thing. You want a high sex drive, but you don't want to be using masturbation to relieve want the high sex drive, and use it to get sex.

  6. If you find enough interests that occupy your life you won't have time for porn.

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    Pick up some new hobbies, exercise, work, go out and meet people etc have a busy life. It's attractive and pushes porn out of your life.

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    Go to the mall. Go look at new cars and fuck with the sales reps (that's always fun). Find a hobby (like everyone else suggested). Play EverQuest... On second thought, scratch that last thought. EQ is more addictive than meth. I know guys that literally lost everything to that game.
    Listen to music. Write a book or a manuscript/screenplay. Write lyrics. Learn to play an instrument. Start studying a martial art or two. Learn how to do magic. Maybe you could rival Criss Angel or even our coveted Mystery .
    There's an infinite number of things to do in this life besides watch porn. Just be creative.
    (insert light bulb here) HEY!!! If you got porn on the mind all the time... why not, dare I say it???? BECOME A PORN STAR!!!! That way you'll be fuckin' all the time AND you'll get paid to do it!! Problem solved!


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