Gaming a waitress and Qualifiers....
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  1. Gaming a waitress and Qualifiers....

    So tonight I was out for wings with my brothers and we had a pretty cute waitress.... great opportunity to have them tell me how I come across, my body language and what looks awkward.
    Now I didn't open things up right away with an opinion opener but rather a comment about a waitress we had last week who made some pretty off the wall comments about their menu, specifically about the fact that she didn't like any of it. Anyways, I try to get her to tell my why I should order one beer over another and what not, and she happens to mention that she's new to the joint. So we exchange some convo as I tell her that I'm a serving in another joint in the city. Then on her next approach I ask her if she ever makes an effort to introduce herself to develop a rapport with her table, or if she thinks that wearing a pin with her name on it on her chest makes this unimportant.
    Our food comes next and my order happens to come out wrong - so she comes by to ask us how our food is and I respond like this "I was just starting to like you until our food came out." To harsh or stong....?
    Then I hit her with an opinion opener, the jealous girlfriend. She gives some pretty weak answers and I respond by saying, "I heard that one already tonight, try again." Then after her response she asks me what I would do, and I said "I don't answer crazy questions like that."
    Next I give her the U vs. C Smile bit but she pretty much tells me with every response that she doesn't believe any of it.
    What do you do in this situation when she doesn;t believe a word of it?
    Any suggestions guys about the good or bad?
    And I need some help building my arsenal of qualifiers and push/pull lines... you know stuff like "I dont think we'd get along.....we have too much in common." Can anybody provide half a dozen good ones or suggestions where to go?
    Thanks Guys.

  2. well...

    If the fish aren't biting, reel it in and move to another pond.


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