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    Hi there,
    My girlfriend split our relationship like 3 months ago and i feel that i still love her. I know the things i need to change. I dont do it for her but for me. But i need time to change all the things i want. Sarging helps me a lot and makes me feel better but mi afraid that she finds out im hanging out with other girls and probably have sex with them. I dont want that she thinks that i cmopletely forget her and im not interested in her anymore. On the other hand i also thought about the option that it is good if she is seeing me with other ones to get her interest again in me.
    My questions are:
    1) How can i tell her that im still and option for her even if i dont want to meet her atm?
    2) Should i go out with other girls risking my ex could see me with others and think i dont feel nothing anymore for her?
    I know she loves me but she wants me to change. Im changing all of that but i need time alone.
    I want her back but doesnt really know what she thinks about all that. I would like know if i really have no chance with her.
    Is there a way to know what she feels for u without asking in directly: What do u feel for me?

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    I'm sure others will tell you this, but I'll try to do it in a bit nicer way...........this forum is about pickup, not how to win back my ex. Specific advice is not normally given, unless it is about advice...get over the oneitis brother GFTOB and move on....there's a LOT of fish in the sea!!!

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    OK i will be nicer to u.( I am in a good mood )
    read the one-itis thread in the best of forum by legonz.

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