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    Kent PUA`s

    Hey guys,
    Are there any Fellow PUA`s In kent that wonna sarge sometime?
    Give me a shout if there is.

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    Yea, I'm in Thanet but at the moment I'm more AFC then PUA until I've worked on my game somemore. I've only just started.

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    Awesome man,Where abouts is Thanet?Im up 4 travelin so we can meet.Its cool if ur an AFC,as long if i have someone to sarge with,I dont care lol.
    Look forward to hearing from u man.

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    It's not far from Canterbury, I'm in Broadstairs if that rings any bells.
    Thanet is Broadstairs, Margate and Ramsgate area.
    Where abouts are you?

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    Oh yeah awesome,Ur pretty close,I live in a crappy little town called cranbrook,its right next to Maidstone and tunbridge wells and not that far from ashford,So how long have u been in the game then?
    Im up 4 meetin sometime if u are?
    Take care

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    I'm definitiely up for meeting.
    I've only been in the game for 2 weeks but I try and get practice every day when it comes to approaching women.

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    Cool,ok so when do u wonna meet,I`v been lookin for someone else to sarge with such a long time lol.I`m free whenever,Its ur choice But im kinda busy intil just after oct 1st and if thats cool where abouts do u wonna meet,Thats ur choice also lol.

  8. yeah im definetely up for it
    contact me on on msn
    im at uni at UKC

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    Hello everyone

    Yo, Im not even near Kent but I'm down south between holiday periods because I studying at university of bradford.(still in chelmsford at the mo) I'm from Chelmsford of Essex. Don't mind travell. Let me know if anything is up.
    AIC, you seems dedicated and I already added you to my MSN but you never been on it, not even once.

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    Yea, I can definitely do something anytime during October.
    My e-mail is


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