Boulder, anyone?
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    Boulder, anyone?

    I go to the University of Colorado at Boulder. I'd like to meen a wingman or to so we can go sarging on campus, bars, parties or whatever. Hoping someone who is at least presentable and has some confidence, even if they still may be at AFC level when it comes to women.
    PM me, please don't let me think I'm the only person in the state that knows about MM!

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    Common you homos. Did I pick the wrong state to move to or what?

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    My Boulder brother,
    I just moved back here from San Diego and need a wing myself. All my old bros around here have their faces glued to coffee tables and never go out. I am 30, but look like I'm 22, so I can still fit in the College scene. I just got out of a one-itis type relationship with a chick that just graduated from CU, but thats old news. Hit me up here or you can tyr to e-mail me or instant message me at: jjspears69 or e-mail I have yahoo IM. But regardless, I NEED A WINGMAN TOO. Don't know if you hit the Denver scene much, but if we wing together, we will hit there too. Get in touch with me man.

  4. Dont feel bad! I thought i was the only person in the state of colorado. Whats great is I go to CU too. So hit me up. We'll hit up Boulder and take over this city. Ill try to send you a message
    im: silvas007

  5. Luminosity,
    I'm in Boulder as well. New to the game. Let's tear this town apart!

  6. Hola at me too fellas! I'm totally new to it, but I'm game.

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    In lakewood. Denver, boulder, whereever.

    If someone is looking to go out, I am game. I am on AIM or you can just email me through the boards.

  8. Hey I'm going to be in Boulder thanks giving weekend with family and would love to meet up with some guys and hit the bars or whatever.
    If you are going to be in the area that weekend after turkey day send me a PM!

  9. Hey guys,
    I'm out of Fort Collins, so I'm usually out in Northern Colorado but I'd be up to be a wing for you in Boulder/Denver area occasionally.
    Drop me a line anytime.

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    there is lots of rafc/pua's here. Lairs are one way to get into it.


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