Critique my myspace brutal
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    Critique my myspace brutal

    OK I think my profile is good but I know it can be better. So feel free to give me as much criticism as you want. Thanks

  2. BORING.. Cut down the text, write something entertaining and special

  3. I wouldn't put VAH or Neil Strauss in your books bit.
    Some bits made me laugh. Pretty clever
    Get more pics of you with some girls.
    Nice touch asking people to message you first.
    Yeah, if you could break up the writing into paragraphs makes the hole less boring.
    Try making it more colourful with bolder colours

  4. change the main pic to either the one w/ the cat or the beer cans...Something up close of you

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    better quality / close up shots of you doing stuff.
    More pics of you with girls, esspecially ones where its obvious the girl(s) took them.


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