Giving girls social things to mess with, so they DON'T mess with you instead?
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    Giving girls social things to mess with, so they DON'T mess with you instead?

    We all know how women are bored and crazy, I think the rule was called "svengali's rule", point being women like 1 thing to push against.
    They never want to ACTUALLY win at it, but it's fun as shit to do when they are bored.
    Usually I get them to hate my wardrobe, and I REFUSE to change it, problem is, this doesn't exactally have the best pick up, as it's not like I can pull lime green fur coat out of my ass. It gets lame.
    What happens when you DON'T roll with this, is often times they will push against something of ACTUAL meaning, like I don't know the foundations of the relationship? To them it's all in fun and games, but holy crap, it REALLY REALLY jeprodizes the relationship, silly doo.
    Anyway, I was wondering if you guys had any "things" for a girl to routinely push against while you're seeing her.
    I prefer it to be about me rather than her.
    Like Instead of how she doesn't like me driving her car, make it, how she always wants to drive mine. (which would be detremental to my car insurance, so let's think of a different idea!)
    Anyway, this is pretty high caliber stuff even though I'm sure most of you don't realize it, takes away a lot of girls reistances to your evil needyness, so um, what sort of "things" would be good to allow a girl to push against/focus her energy on?
    and make them AMAZING, because I have high standards.
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    i assume your talking about a relationship?
    look... if your that deep in... just tell her thats not allowed. if she knows your not kidding, she'll back off of it. punish her when she doesn't... and she'll get the message loud and clear.
    this might not be what you were looking for but give it a shot and see how it goes. you deserve better than this,


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