i have some work for you guys... facebook message... chick messaged me
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  1. i have some work for you guys... facebook message... chick messaged me

    Hey...I don't know if you remember me. I had on the blue shirt at F's party. I know you took a ton of pics and I was wondering if you could email them to me. . Let me know....thanks.
    i was thinkin of just giving her a cocky and funny response before i show her the pics... "nah i don't remember you stop stalkin me ;-)" or something else... i don't know i'd like some suggestions, thanks
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  2. I don't mean to be negative but it really sounds like she's just interested in getting the pictures. The "you took a ton of pics" line even makes it sound like she thinks you're a paparazzi.
    Did you talk to her at that party? Were you getting IOIs?
    Answering in a cocky & funny manner is good and I would also suggest NEGing her at the same time.

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    "trust me you don't want to see those pics you look like u were in a 70's hair band, hahahah check this out, here's is the link [insert link here].
    You are so glam, I can't even talk to you now, we have to break up.. I want all my CD's back [especially the ricky Martin]
    I have to go, I have a pizza with my name on it"

  4. If i were you, i would neg her in a really cockie funny way. Because giving her whatt she is asking, or respondig "off course i will sendit to you" is to make the roll of her servent, lol and we are women servents but only when we are talking about pleasure and magic lol. Like the Direct Style master, Shark says "If a girl ask you in the middle off the street to take her a picture with her frinde with his camera, just say no and laught".
    I Love this Game


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