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    Yasu, I worked in Minami. I wasnt hurt directly by the club, but just drinking too much was bad on my stomach. I sold, I even had some great customers that I still keep in contact with. But I got offered a better job, thats more stable, making more $$$$$$.
    Oh, I went to the hip hop party, it was good, I picked up 2 pivots for saturday at S&D, had a great fucking time. But im more into girls that cant speak a speck of english, its always more of a challenge, thats why I dont usually go to gaijin populated places. My pivots fortunately didnt speak any english.
    Its like this one time in tokyo where I fucked this chinese girl that didnt speak any english or japanese, just by body language. She had to be such a ho tho. I mean, who has sex with a person w/o communicating a single word. except me.

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    bali, indonesia

    not in japan but have some questions about japanese girls

    i'm living in bali, currently dating a japanese girl (not yet f-closed but making good progress) and actively trying to meet some more (there are a lot if japanese girls on vacation here)
    anyway i've got a couple of threads up about j-girls and i'm hoping some of you guys could offer some input?
    i've been living in asia for 6 years and have been in bali for 4, and i've been out with 4-5 different japanese girls, most of whom couldn't speak english. long exerience in asia tells me you need to do some serious calibration to your technique in depending on the country of origin of the girl... so any advice fellas?
    i'm also hoping to come to tokyo early next year for a month long japanese course.
    thanks in advance!

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    Jus wanted to let ya fellas know Im back with a comp now. Hit me up anytime on PM if u wanna kick it. Any Qs on Jgirls can be posted on the "japanese girls" thread, thx to AAFC.

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    For anybody that didnt see the Japanese girls thread, I put down a link to my blog thats more of a guide, but anyways, check it out.

    Juice on Jgirls

  5. Sarging In Japan

    Hi All,
    I am coming to Japan with another PUA (both from London) and am looking from some local brothers to go sarging with.

    We will be in Tokyo from 13th-14th, will then be in Kyoto and Nara from 15th - 17th/18th then back in Tokyo till the 20th.

    Let me know if you keen

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    Lets Sarge!

    Im located in Fukuoka/Nagasaki lets sarge people!

  8. Any help to find good girl in Sapporo ?


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