Hi everyone. Starting my journey.

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    Hi everyone. Starting my journey.

    Hello everyone. Just introducing myself. I'm 27 and had only one gf in my life because she approached me. I've blown countless opportunities of beautiful women who wanted me to approach them and I'm tired of it. I want to take control of this part of my life and am ready to learn. I want to learn how to attract the women I want as well as learn the game itself as a skill I want to become advanced in. I've read most of "The Game" and most of Magic Bullets although I might need to reread this one again as it's been awhile but I want to apply what I've learned in the real world.

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    Forget about "The Game", it doesn't really help you get started.

    Magic Bullets will though. Read the book again, but only the first few chapters, until you've read about opening. Because that's all you need right now, to start opening women.

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