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  1. Mr. Manuel's Report

    These are my stories and adventures of meeting new girls.
    I started a couple years ago (2013). In my beginning I learned the art of indirect (i.e. Mystery Method, THE GAME).
    I started to learn Direct Approach from watching Sasha Daygame, a cat named Asianova (he took down his page), Alan Roger Currie and David X & others...I started to stack some drills using the "MM Newbie Drill" it helped me build confidence and a way to calculate how many approaches I would make. I stepped to over 600 women in 4 months! Great adventures. I was intoxicated with Macy's Perfume. After 4 months in the game I stopped because I got into 2 monogamous relationships and before them I had couple of quick lays within the 4 months.
    After the two breakups and as time went on, and trying get back into the game, my family and friends would ask me, "what's good with all this and you look silly walking up to ALL these girls and not even getting their number" - "You had a good girl";...I believed in them instead of ALL my wonderful adventures and social life, meeting different women and having fun. I became a couch potato once again, made excuses...2 years later I'm trying to get back out in the field.
    These are my reports.

    Thanks guys.

  2. Jan 24, 2019

    Today was a great day! I made a conscious choice to go out gaming. The game I chose to play today, to warm me up, to getting back into the field, was - walk throughout the mall, amongst the women and breath - confidently. Don't say anything... just walk.
    I started nodding my head at women as they passed (young and the old). Smiling and Laughing at the those that ignored my pleasantry. "I'm too good for you" was what was running through my mind.
    Spotted a target, a HB6, young, maybe 20 - 25yo, slim, caramel completion with headphones on. I stopped her, and let her know I think she's beautiful...She smiled and gave me her name. We chatted for awhile. And where I struggle at is the closing. I said it was nice meeting you and I'll see you around.
    I felt like I could've gotten her number. But I chickened out. Next time I am going to go for the "hey I like you. Take my number down lets go out sometime"

  3. Jan 25, 2019

    Today WAS a great day! Although, I started my game off rough.
    I went to the mall, and saw about eight different girls I wanted to say "hello" to. Approach Anxiety had me by the balls.
    I kept walking around feeling frustrated. I stopped, sat down on a bench, and read the newbie drill..."just talk to 3 women in 1 hour...", looked at the time, got up and stopped the first girl I saw, a blonde, walking towards me. I complemented her on her beauty. She turned around and smiled. Next, spotted a girl with a sexy ass walk. Told her, "excuse me, I just gotta say (paused) you have such a sexy walk" she smiled and said thank you. Locked in place said "my names Manuel by the way" with a smile on my face. She told me her name but kept walking away. Next time I will use a seductive smile :twisted: .
    Talked to a couple more girls (+4), same as the top girls.
    But my most peculiar one, and this is why I loved going out and doing what I do, and it wasn't about getting their phone number, was when I stopped to talk to this fine ass Venezuelan chick, working at a kiosk. I walked up to her and told her i think she's beautiful. She smiled. Told her my name and she replied with hers. Although she was engaged, she kept the convo going. Until she got some clients.
    What I did wrong, was, I am to anxious. I am not present and in the moment. I'm looking for an outcome. I must not look for any expectations. Enjoy the moment. In the company of a beautiful woman. Ask her questions. Test her. See if she meets my standards. Qualify her before even offering to take her out on a date.
    Take this opportunity to ask women questions that you care about (unless you just want to fuck them).
    My last encounter was with an "erotic hypocrite", trying to sell me something and got upset when I told her I'm not looking to buy anything, I'm looking for a woman to buy ME things. (I told her from the get go, I don't want to waste her time, I am not buying anything, and that I stepped to her just to let her know I think she's cute) she blew that off and continued to sell sell sell .... She gave me this bitch face when I told her I'm a gigolo. I'm not spending no money.

    Enjoy the process!

  4. Jan 26, 2019

    Good game today.
    I went to the mall with approach anxiety. It's hard getting back into the game field, but I'm starting to feel a bit more confident in myself. I pushed myself and I got to accomplish my goal...approach +3 women each hour (Approached about 12 women). In today's game, there was not much conversation. It was basically me getting comfortable being provocative. I walked around like I was looking for something to fuck. I'm seeing that I get a good vibe. My shortfall is that I cut the interaction short. It's as if, I say what I need to say and leave before they get a chance to reject or reciprocate. Next time, I will say what I need to say and then look them in the eyes with a seductive, serious look on my face. Another thing I will practice is, when A girl is walking away but looking back at me and talk, I will instruct her to come to me... or snap her out of her programming, by making her aware of how she is automatically walking away from something good.
    Although, there were not much conversations, it did give me a bit more confidence. Its a process that I get to acknowledge. Understanding that I've been out of the game for a few years and that I'm doing way better than I was doing a couple days ago.... sitting at home watching porn or eating shit.

    Enjoy the process fellas!

  5. January 27th, 2019

    Today was a great game!
    It was more about confidence building. I got to display my playful/sexual side. Looked the women I interacted with in the eyes, with a seductive smile.
    I'm noticing, when I relax and enjoy the process, I feel much at ease when I'm being myself and not caring to meet my next girlfriend or getting laid.
    I know my game is lacking something. I figure if I keep bumping my head, that I am going to realize something.
    Im happy. I'm socializing. I'm learning how to feel comfortable and that rejection is just a thing. Its not personal.

    Enjoy the process.

  6. February 5th, 2019, 1:20 pm

    :roll: I went out to the mall on my lunch break. Wasn't feeling like gaming. Pushed myself anyway. Got it into the field and walked around. Taking it all in. Started to feel comfortable again. Something about just being out there that gets me back into the mood. Approached one girl. Forgot all about her. She basically rejected me in a nice way. Kept walking. The feeling of being rejected compounded with my feeling of not wanting to game kind of got to me. Kept pushing on. Didn't say much for awhile. Just thought about what 'I would say'... then I saw a group coming out of a store. Target was on her phone. Expressed what I felt. She said thank you. Her friend was starting at me. Complemented her on her eyes. She moved away. Target followed up by saying... well thank you... while on her phone and walking away.
    Reflection kind of sucks... but in hindsight, she really want might type after getting into her space. Rejection is kind of like a protection. We both aren't meant for each other. Accept rejection and keep pushing on. It's gonna happen. Not every woman is gonna want to date you or share organisms with you. Accept that. Just like you most definitely don't want to spend money on or even fuck every woman. Be ok and thankful. Thank them after they reject you. "Thank you for rejecting me...I needed that from you." I respect that. At least their being honest and upfront and not playing any games.

  7. February 7th, 2019, 8:14 pm

    When out to the mall today. It wasn't as busy and I was just gaming to game. I didn't feel anything. No fear. No over joy. I was neutral. But anyway, I went out there and started my game by walking around.
    Walking around this have empty mall, the women were scarce. So I started off with 'the verbal batting practice'..."hi's" and "hello's"... not to many friendly women this day. Today was different. I actually truly felt alright with their 'non-friendliness', you understand?
    I was smelling good, looking pretty fresh, and I felt really good about myself. Anyway, got into about three interactions and a bunch of basics (+/-10).
    Almost at the end of my game session. I was sitting on couch. Saw a slim thing coming my way. Sexy little thing, on her phone. Got up and walked towards her. Stopped her. She definitely wanted to fuck me, by the way she was standing in front of me; fidgeting, Crossing and uncrossing her legs and exasperating. I looked into her eyes. I was licked my lips as I talked to her. Telling her how i felt about her. I was as excited as she was and nervous, all at the same time.
    She had a man. She knows I wanted to fuck her. She was shy. Tried giving her my number to call me to if she wanted to run away from her man for a few. She was shy and smiling at my advances. After sometime, We hugged, I hugged her tightly. And we parted ways.
    I see what I did wrong. I'm too anxious for sex or for an outcome. I need to chill and get sex out of my mind and just go with the flow, but Be hard on'em tho; Dead serious when it starts to get warm. Don't be afraid to lean into her ear and tell'er something X-Rated; when I spot the opportunity arises, during the interaction.
    Be mindful of the interaction: How's it going? Where can i take this? What is this woman willing to do with me next? What would she allow me to do, right here, right now? What is she fantasizing about? What can I do right now to make her fantasies come true?
    I love talking to women. It's an amazing, learning experience. Their smile, the way they look, the way they fidget when they're 'excited'.
    Pay attention and enjoy the process

  8. A man should make it his business to gather new ideas from women other than the environment in which he daily lives and works.

    A MAN should go to the city “quite often”, and walk among the many faces of women and their physique. He will go back to his place of abode, with his mind refreshed, with more “courage and greater enthusiasm.”

    A man should take a trip out of his country/or City, every so often and freshen his mind with new sights, different women from different associations.

    A MAN needs a change of mental environment at regular periods; the same as a man who needs a change in conversation with a variety women. The mind becomes more alert, more elastic and more ready to work with speed and accuracy after it has been bathed in new conversations and ideas, with an assortment of women who are outside of his comfort zone.

    You will come out; at the other end of this reading, with a new stock of ideas which will make you more enthusiastic and more courageous, to approach women no matter if you ‘think’ they will reject you.

    Do not be afraid of rejection! It may be the difference between success and failure.

    Through Verbal Mastery and application you can attract women, however, but with two qualifying words – “within reason.” That means to take into consideration your confidence, your communication skills or your lack of it, your physical appearance, your temperament, and all of the other qualities which are essential in attracting women toward your success.

    Without a doubt, those who have attained unusual success with women have done so, either consciously or unconsciously, through the aid of all or a portion of these qualities. If you doubt this statement, then master the art (or attain) these qualities, practice the art on different women, and if you fail with women, go about life with reasonable accuracy to dispute the evidence.

    What does “Success” with women look like to you?

    A man should understand that no two women think exactly alike, but each woman does like what she likes, and if she knows what she wants or is looking for in a man, she is going to get what she wants if she sees it in you.

  9. Came out to the mall. On my way here, I didn't feel comfortable. But once I got out of my car, there was no turning back now.|
    As soon As I walked in. Made contact with the first female I saw. A simple hello. Broke the ice. Felt good. Walked around. Hellos and Hi's. Did one lap around the mall. Got into a couple good convos.|
    One pretty, early to mid forties, lady warned me about the women who are it here, in the field, looking for sugar daddies (bottom feeders, time wasters, gold diggers, etc.)
    Another sexy woman, surprised, complemented me on my confidence of approaching her. Stating, "Not too many guys would approach" women the way I did.... fellas, you see, I'm working on my social skills on women, these compliments are nice and build confidence.
    Posted, on a candy stance, just Saying hello to the pretty ladies passing me by. Noticed from a distance, When they give me 'the nod'.|I can practice being provocative by replying with a 'Wink' Or look them in the eyes, seductively, like "I'll make your fantasies come true and fuck the soul out you".|
    Approached a girl sitting down, from the back; she was very approachable and cute. However, I found out she had a man. But my convo was Luke warm anyway. After i found out she had a man, told her that i know it's awkward that I'm chatting with her, But that I'm just talking to multitude of 'beautiful women to get comfortable'. She said it was awkward, but that it was cool.|
    Damn, I hope all this will work out in the end. It's hard listening to my friend talk about how he met a girl and is with her, while I'm out here talking to a plethora of women and haven't gotten one. Makes me think, am i doing the right thing? What do i need to change about my approach? I keep approach and in seeing weekday works and what doesn't. Every time I come out to game, there's always something different going on. If I think it's gonna be a good day. It ends up being a slow day. When i think its a shotty day, I end up getting into a seductive convo. This game is unpredictable. I love it.|
    Writing about it, in My opinion, my friend does not get into anything with substance or quality. I guess I'm weeding out the bad from what's good. Writing about it lets me see that I'm on a process and its good.|
    Brings me back to being too anxious for an outcome. When I stop looking is when it will come. To me, means, when I'm enjoying being in the presence of women and not giving a fuck, when I see myself as the prize, is when ill find what I want. Now, it's been my experience that along this process, somewhere along the way, I end up getting laid, in between relationships.|But that's neither here nor there. Don't take it as the prize. Pussy is good. But some of these felines have rabies. Please be careful.

  10. Sunday, February 17|

    Went out to Pembroke Mall. Started warming up (Hi's and Hello's). +12 women. Direct Approach.

    Lessons Learned:
    Keep stepping to women. If I'm not in the mood, get dressed and get to the scene. Analyze women, and notice the detail she fixed to feel sexy about herself. Be direct. Have fun. Being calm and direct eye contact stops them, even if they have a man. Listen to them. Breath. Smile. Warm up with Hi's and Hellos. I need a bigger venue.|

    To improve:
    - Get the outcome out of my head (I'm still looking for an outcome)
    - Relax
    - Stop asking if they have "a lucky guy".
    - Conversational skills

    Did well.|Opened directly.|I'm enjoying these women. Their beauty. I still have a lot to learn to be comfortable and have a conversation flow. When I enjoy the process and get the outcome out of my head I get bold and get to ask direct questions I care about. While at the sane time enjoying the company we share.

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