Dealing with compliments without negative compliance
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    Dealing with compliments without negative compliance

    In comfort, I'm getting some of same compliments...
    You are handsome/ well dressed...
    Nice body/ arms/ look fit etc. (for working out)
    Nice car...
    You are a good dancer...
    You are a really great guy...
    I've found it is ok to be cheeky alittle bit at first and go with some C&F "thanks for noticing / glad you like it/ saying that to get me in bed"
    There are lots of girls that once they like you love giving compliments as who they are...and is negative compliance, if I C&F to much.
    I was reading juggler and he says to disqualify, but i'm having a hard time with compliments like this (permanent trates) without coming off reactive or over self depreciating.


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    She: You're a great dancer! (whatever)
    You: You're only saying that because it's true.
    She: Probably punches you on your arm (IOI)
    That I would go for.

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    I can't remember who said it, but I think it was Juggler...the best way to accept a compliment like that just accept, "Thanks". That's it. You can use/run all the game separately that you want, but just say thanks...don't make it c/f and somehow DLV your target too much, and dont at all be self-deprecating. No reason for that.
    I get similar comments sometimes...well, I suck at dancing for sure, but unless I can DHV w/ it, ie, nice arms...well I workout a lot, and do personal training on the side (true), I'll just let it go. Instead of being c/f you can make a cold read, or use a little story about your clothing, how you bought the shirt...or role play and say..."next time I go shopping I'm gonna take you w/ me, and you'll help me pick out the funkiest shirt ever...uh, I mean, you do have good taste more than just this one time, right??" Something like that, then cut that thread and run off into something like, "You'd probably steal my wallet though, wouldn't you? Are you a thief? Oh! I know, you're just using me because you want me to buy you a new pair of shoes! That's it, forget...we're so broken up..."

  4. I get "He's cute" (from one girl to another beside her) quite a bit. I just say thanks and roll onwards.
    Don't make a big deal out of it. There's plenty of much better things to bust on her for or bounce off of.

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    I get great results doing this. They compliment (in a way like their surprised I'm great looking) and I'll respond by saying 'I know' in a kinda cocky way and a blank expression loooking into thier eyes and just as they get that look like 'prick' or 'omg' on thier faces I crack a little devious smile and they either melt-or punch my arm. Both of which I'll gladly accept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Champagne
    I can't remember who said it, but I think it was Juggler...the best way to accept a compliment like that just accept, "Thanks". That's it.
    This is the best way Ive found out to handle compliments... a simple Thanks will do... but I also like to add, "You know, its crazy, alot of people say that about me." Then I bait her with a screening question and if I like her answer I compliment her back on that... at times she'll repeat my same words, "Alot of people say that about me."

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  8. you are getting these compliments for a reason...especially if you get them unaffected, its no big deal....its like breathing for you..its no big deal


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