First Attempt. First Setback. Analysis?

First Attempt. First Setback. Trying Not to Think Too Much.


First ever manly thing ive done & approached a (19yr old) girl at GAP where she works.

She gave the IOI and seemed friendly and open in previous visit, which sparked this action.

Asked for her number, she said its inappropriate. She was still chatty though.

But she felt the need to give me her working schedule instead.

Male co workers all hovering making shit even more awkward.

My entire body was sweating. I didnt hear her schedule properly cos inside my heart was beating like mad after rejection.

WTF is going on with that response though?

Will keep this brief. I am beta Never approached, don't have much game. Looking to improve. I have potential. i know this because i can recognise IOI's and all my girl mates have been from various works and they've always shown an interest but they see me as a beta provider as I've realised. There may have been the odd one who was game for sex but I never knew how. Sometimes online ive managed sex play by being alpha but i seem to get away with stuff online that i cant do in real life.

I played out the following scenario in my head and kept a cool head and face in all of this.

So i was in a large GAP in the mall and a girl was showing alot of interest. I recognised that she kept looking and poking her head out. She worked there. This would be my first ever initiation for a discussion. I went up to her after a while & asked her for her opinion on some T Shirts. Soon she laughed and her male co-workers started to hover and I got a bit uncomfortable & i was running out of talking material started to go in my head so I said goodbye and she said feel free to ask again.

I guess i kinda kicked myself for not asking for her number. So i went back again a week later. Didn't see her. I went again the next day and i saw her and i know she saw me as she made a point to walk past me a couple of times, me being aloof. I approached her after 10 mins and we got chatting.

She seemed very open, told me about herself studying science and what she does and where she moved from etc. She told me she saw me the other day but i didnt see her and she thought not to approach me. Whilst talking her male co-worker/manager started to show that protective behaviour that he was doing before, as though she's precious and shouldn't be talking to anyone but him.

He walked away and I pulled my phone out and just went id like to get to know you better and she should leave me her number.

Anyway she said its inappropriate to ask that at her a bi of banter and again i said maybe we can get to know each other a bit better outside of work and ill be in touch, leave me your details...that is ofcourse as long as youre not a stalker (said with a smile) she said we can chat here at work and she was still chatting though but her manager came along and dragged her away.

TBH, i played this out in my head so i didn't show any reaction to the rejection and not on that 2nd attempt either, but it was difficult. After her manager went i approached and she was like my manager dragged me away from you and youre not helping by being here. I was like yea i noticed that doesn't bother me im off now and it would be good if we could talk outside of work... and she cut me off and said i work mon to weds in section blah and at this time you can see me in work. It wasnt an abrupt answer or anything and i didnt show her i was phased by her rejection or her managers behaviour. Her behaviour was also that of someone who wasnt too fussed about her manager.

I purchased what i came to purchase. Her manager and another bloke who helped me out earlier were at the end of the tills talking so on my way out i said cheers for your help buddy (to the guy stood with her manager) and just calmly walked off with a smile.

To those that would say go and approach another 100 girls etc, please note this was super difficult for me and sometimes i need to analyse things before i can move on (something im trying to stop doing) but upon all the reading ive done i would've thought she'd be up for leaving me her number and i can GTFO of there to meet up later.

Its been a week since. TBH i dont have reason to go to that shop so makes it doubly weird for me to then walk in there. i know if her manager sees me he'll be hovering again. I was thinking that this time i slip her my number instead?

Any psychoanalysis welcome.