Zeta's Progress Journal (this is a real thread, not spam!!!)

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  1. Zeta's Progress Journal (this is a real thread, not spam!!!)

    On Reddit, I have been posting my weekly progress journal as SRU_91. (Confirmation I am SRU_91: archive.is/Af4i5). This isn't spam by the way guys. I am posting archive links because my journal is on another website and the size of each progress report is kind of large. If you don't believe me, you can scan the links first with onlinelinkscan or virustotal.

    Here are my journals, weeks 1 - 4.

    Week 1: archive.is/gtOXB

    Week 2: archive.is/wIDR7

    Week 3: archive.is/gfafV

    Week 4: archive.is/kOhZm

    By the way, you will have to type the URLs in manually because the forum's spam function won't allow you to just click on the links. If you only have time to check out one of the links, I would recommend week 4 as over the course of time I have updated the format of the progress journal a bit, so week 4 is the most up to date.

  2. Alright, here's week 5:


    I notice that nobody is responding to these threads probably because the size of these journals is quite large and activity tends to be kind of dead around here anyway. Well, if you want something short to read, you could just check out the social interaction / approach bullet points and respond to those. I suggest those since this is a PUA forum so I'm guessing people are going to be most interested in those things.

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