Zeta's Progress Journal (this is a real thread, not spam!!!)

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  1. Zeta's Progress Journal (this is a real thread, not spam!!!)

    On Reddit, I have been posting my weekly progress journal as SRU_91. (Confirmation I am SRU_91: archive.is/Af4i5). This isn't spam by the way guys. I am posting archive links because my journal is on another website and the size of each progress report is kind of large. If you don't believe me, you can scan the links first with onlinelinkscan or virustotal.

    Here are my journals, weeks 1 - 4.

    Week 1: archive.is/gtOXB

    Week 2: archive.is/wIDR7

    Week 3: archive.is/gfafV

    Week 4: archive.is/kOhZm

    By the way, you will have to type the URLs in manually because the forum's spam function won't allow you to just click on the links. If you only have time to check out one of the links, I would recommend week 4 as over the course of time I have updated the format of the progress journal a bit, so week 4 is the most up to date.

  2. Alright, here's week 5:


    I notice that nobody is responding to these threads probably because the size of these journals is quite large and activity tends to be kind of dead around here anyway. Well, if you want something short to read, you could just check out the social interaction / approach bullet points and respond to those. I suggest those since this is a PUA forum so I'm guessing people are going to be most interested in those things.

  3. I had to adjust a few details about week 6, so here is the new archive link: archive.is/ATtYY

    As for week 7, archive.is/LFmgy

  4. Week 8: http://archive.is/YJgMU

    Ok, so people seem reluctant to read these (again most likely they don't want to visit the links or read the large texts) so what I'm going to start doing is copying and pasting the "social interaction" text from each week:

    Social Event
    • I did two events this week: a jazz gig and a chocolate tasting event.
    • I only had very brief interactions with acquaintances so it’s hardly worth talking about these things in much depth and did not talk to women (except very small exchange of social pleasantries hardly worth mentioning).
    • The jazz gig had some great performers though so I really enjoyed that. I got kind of bored at the chocolate tasting thing (I know it’s chocolate right – how could you get bored) and the women that went (they were all very middle class, inhibited, etc.) seemed very kind of ‘formal’ but it was free to attend and I got to eat some chocolate so I’m not complaining. Just being a tad judgemental for no real reason.

    One Approach or Normal Conversation
    • I was at Costa this week and after I bought a coffee found a seat on a table next to a student type and she looked up as I came over.
    • I could see the seat was available but wanted to say something to her anyway so I asked if the seat was free and she said yes and she moved her coat and bags for me to get past, I noticed she had an accent.
    • I could see she was a student as she was researching and taking notes on a sociology essay so after a while when she seemed less preoccupied with her work I asked if she was an international student and she smiled and said “yes, why?” So I just replied that I was curious and asked if she was French and she exclaimed that she had been working on her English accent but she was not French but Belgium (close enough?!).
    • I asked her about her project and she was willing to talk a lot about it and we discussed some commonalities that we have and I also introduced myself to her.
    • After a while I could sense she wanted to get back to work so I decided to move things along and ask if she would like to go for something to eat some time. Unfortunately she does not live in the same city but had only come down for a daytrip, however she said that she would be willing to talk on social media just to chat. So I added her (and she accepted) with no special expectation but interested to see where things go.
    • She did message me back at one point but a fairly brief thing and stopped contact afterwards which gave me the impression she was just being polite.
    • Women do that quite often – they take your number or whatever to make you feel good and then either they don’t respond or they say very little. Which is fine, I get that about the women that do that now rather than assuming the worst thing: it simply is what it is.
    • It just makes me laugh when I see on subreddits like r/NiceGuys they show the screenshot of the message where the woman stops messaging the guy and then he’s like “hello? Hi? Hey? Hi!!!!!?! … FUCKING BITCH – WHY CAN’T YOU SEE WHAT A NICE GUY I AM!!!?!!” It’s like they can’t conceive of a situation where the guy would just be cool with it like I was. Or like they can’t conceive of a situation where the guy could show an equally low threshold of investment as the woman and still be unsuccessful in dating. This is why I say that the Nice Guy / Incel conceptions people have about men that fall behind in dating are totally out of whack.

  5. Week 9: http://archive.is/HtZRP

    Social Event
    • This week I went to two things some swing dancing and a rock gig.
    • Since with the swing dancing thing I didn’t really talk much to the women I was dancing with through the night (apart from like social pleasantries through the night but I didn’t really consider that substantial interactions) so I went to something else because to be honest I don’t really want to do cold approach anymore if I can avoid it.
    • The rock gig had a lot of great music from different performers and it was the kind of event where singles are welcome so that’s great.

    One Approach or Normal Conversation
    • I talked to three women at the gig although at the start of the night I was worried I wouldn’t be able to. I admit I relied on dutch courage a bit but thankfully not to the point I was slurring my words (I don’t think!)
    • I talked to somebody organising the events that I was familiar with since I know her from somewhere else. She was happy to see me although the “connection” I was trying to draw from here was a little thin and I could see she was busy so I just asked her about events and stuff, even though she said she was not that busy.
    • The second woman I talked to for quite a bit – long enough to consider it substantial enough for here but to be honest I can’t really remember what stuff just that we established some commonalities and then later in the night found out she had a boyfriend anyway
    • The third woman was a photographer but she seemed to be spending more time on her phone than anything else so I teased her about something (can’t remember!) and maybe made some brief small talk but then let her get on with stuff.

  6. Week 10: http://archive.is/THQDA

    Social Event
    • This week I went to two concerts and another event that wasn’t what I thought it was at all.
    • The way this event was advertised, I thought it would be a night of experimental sound art installation stuff with House inflections, which is totally down my alley. Basically similar to a lot of the performance art stuff I go to where nobody gives a shit if you’re a single. Instead it was basically just a regular club night. With good music and a chill atmosphere. But not really the place I would have gone to as a single. But I stuck around anyway because I paid money to go to this thing.
    • Overall it was a rough experience though and I got pretty hammered (people say “don’t drink” at these things – “just be social”, etc. but what the fuck are you supposed to do). During the night for example some girl made eye contact and started dancing near me. I could see she was just being friendly so I just high-fived her and twirled her round at which point her angry defensive boyfriend pushes past me and swoops her away.
    • Then after that two of her friends who saw what happened are dancing near me, trying to get me to “unwind” while one of them is waving her hands around my face pretending to be “friendly” and the other one is saying that I’ve got to learn how to stop being so “strung out”.
    • This is just an example of one of the misunderstandings through the night as well as the negative experiences my demograph of disillusioned outsider types can have with modern competitive individualist culture because of the aggressive and socially ostracising attitudes that other people have who are less conscientious, less analytical and typically very closed-minded. People like to say that “oh, the blame is with you.
    • It’s you that’s got to change, not the world” but I mean, how can you go around saying that guys have got to be the ones to change when we live in this culture that is so demanding, with such high expectations? If you’ve got standards yourself your accused of being superficial and therefore a total hypocrite. But the difference is that while men like me may have some kind of competitive individualist streak and yes, standards for dating and socialising (who the fuck doesn’t?) we’re not perpetuating a negative cycle of culture.
    • We’re just reacting to what’s happening and adapting ourselves the best we can. It’s not right to go round saying these things like “the blame lies with you” and “the world doesn’t owe you” and all this shit because the kind of demographic I describe are already self-aware and open to change. It’s bullshit to adopt this mentality and just a collective way of bullying anyone that doesn’t automatically subjugate themselves to conforming with the hive mentality. People need to think more about how group think affects others and if they refuse to show the self-awareness required to do this, then they are the ones that don’t deserve to have connections or intimate relations with others. These are the ones that should be isolated in society, not the demograph of analytical outsider types that I define.

    One Approach or Normal Conversation
    • Earlier in the week when I was at a coffee shop I noticed a girl that took the free seat next to me was dressed all in green so I teased her and asked if green was her favourite colour. She asked me if red was mine so touche!
    • I can’t remember how I followed this up but she explained that she was in the fashion industry and somehow we ended up talking about this project I was doing. I also found out that she was not from the city but nearby.
    • I asked her out some stage later in the conversation to a coffee I was attending but she was actually not interested in men although she was going to a concert later that evening where her friends was going to but I had to decline the invitation since I had something on myself (besides when there’s no established connection with the people she knows these things tend to be more awkward than not).

  7. Week 11: http://archive.vn/hfV8l

    Social Event
    • This week I went to a simple yoga session. Not necessarily the most sociable of things, I know. But I was a bit lax from the holidays and struggling a bit to find events this last week. Plus the fact I unintentionally ended up at a night club last time didn’t work out that great for me so it’s just as well to take things slow again.

    One Approach or Normal Conversation
    • Since I’ve started this journal now I’ve managed to strike up a conversation with at least three women all from the same spot in the same coffee shop. Coincidence right?
    • This week, I saw a girl with a brightly coloured satchel and so I asked her if she happened to get that on her travels and she said she did so we ended up talking about all kinds of things her travels to India, a work placement she just finished at Australia, degrees and that kind of things. I also showed her a little project I’m working on.
    • Well anyway, I offered her to go for a coffee sometime expecting a polite decline but she said yes, somewhat enthusiastically even. Still, she didn’t get back though. Seems kind of a let down.
    • I guess the main thing is I’m going out of my way to talk to women. But sometimes I wonder what the point is of it or why people bother to listen to the so-called dating “experts” when they say “just get out there! Meet more people! Talk to more women! Be confident! Be a friendly, nice dude!” and all of that. It’s not like it even works unless you strike gold but then you could strike gold with any kind of attitude so it’s all pointless anyway.
    • Nobody ever talks about how to open a woman or what kind of things you should say / do to sustain a conversation. It’s always just about this lame, cheesy positivity platitude spiel that worked for one guy once but actually he just had the right attributes, in the right place at the right time.

  8. Week 12: http://archive.is/OQLPT

    Social Event
    • This week I went to a jazz gig and got a bit hammered as I usually do when I go to these things. Actually woke up early morning and threw up but I’m not sure if it was just a bug, the alcohol or the fact I went for a Chinese takeaway at a place where the hygiene seems like it could be a bit dodgy. The sickness (if it was that) didn’t last thankfully.

    One Approach or Normal Conversation
    • During the jazz gig I was talking about the music to a woman sat next to me who turned out to be a saxophone player. Well we got talking and arranged a date some time and she messaged me back so hopefully this one won’t flake on me.

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