What is Las Vegas thinking ahead of Sunday’s game?

What is Las Vegas thinking about the Buccaneers and Saints game this weekend? I’m glad you asked. It’s hard to beat Vegas Buccaneers DeSean Jackson Jersey , really, it is. If it was easy, everyone would do it.In no way am I a professional gambler, and in no way am I telling you to put your money with what I predict. This is really just for fun and something we here at Bucs Nation thought the readers would enjoy after sports gambling was legalized. For those that don’t know sports gambling, I will quickly go over the three main bets that are often placed. Also, the lines could always change and the website you use, could be different from another one. Betting with the spread: Currently, the Buccaneers are +9 陆. This means that if you were to take the Buccaneers with the spread, they could lose by 9 points and you’d win. On the opposite side, if you took the Saints at -9 陆 , they’d have to win by 10 for you to win the best. Spread bets always have the same odds, which are -110. This means that you need to risk $110 to win $100. Money line bets: As of Friday evening, the Saints are -440, while the Buccaneers are +360. In money line bets, all the team you bet on has to do is win. In terms of what the -440 means for the Saints Buccaneers Jason Pierre-Paul Jersey , you’d have to risk $440 dollars just to win $100. The Buccaneers at +360, means that a $100 dollar bet would win you $360 dollars. Over/Under bets: Again, no matter what way you pick, the odds in this case are -110. Vegas sports books currently have the over under at 49 陆 total points scored . Take the over and the two teams must combined to score 50 points in order for you to win. Obviously, the under is the opposite. So now we get to the part where I try and beat Vegas. I will keep a tracker all season of how I am doing. It probably won’t be good, but we’ll give it a go. There are many factors to take into consideration every week. Injuries, location of game, weather, etc鈥he public, is on the Saints. According to Oddshark.com 64% of the public is taking the Saints at -9 陆 and 56% of the public is on the over of total points scored. My picks: Buccaneers at +9.5 and the under 49 陆. Whenever a team with as much talent as Tampa has is given nearly 10 points, I think you’d be silly not to take that. Fitzpatrick will keep the game close and the Buccaneers will have a chance to win it at the end. The defense will also play much better than anticipated, which will result in a lower scoring game. We won’t see a shootout in the Superdome.Yarcho’s Pick Six: Flying High With Fitzmagic Are you kidding me? For the first time since 2010 the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have started a season 2-0 - and we’re not talking about beating cupcakes. Oh no. We’re talking about beating a preseason Super Bowl favorite and the defending Super Bowl champions. Not only did the Bucs win both games, but the offense was nothing short of magnificent in both games.Has the tide finally turned?Things are certainly looking that way, but this is still very early in a long season so let’s not get too crazy yet. That said, let’s celebrate a little bit with another victory Monday edition of Pick Six!Six Topics Suitable For Conversation1.) Will Tampa Ride With Fitz Til The Wheels Fall Off? - Ian Rapoport said Sunday morning that Jameis Winston may not get his job back once his suspension is over. Rapoport pointed out that Fitz may get the nod in week four due to the short week following a Monday night game Cheap Lavonte David Jersey , giving Winston the short week plus the bye week to get prepared. Despite how well Fitz is playing, I still believe Winston will get the job back following the bye. It’s still not entirely clear if Fitz is just playing the best football he’s ever played in his life or if Monken’s offensive approach is what has led to the offensive outpouring we’ve seen thus far. Either way, Winston is still the quarterback of the present and future, but Fitz has set this team up beautifully to start the season.2.) Great Defensive Performance - The defense did everything they needed to do. They forced two turnovers, allowed fewer than 100 yards rushing, and sacked Nick Foles three times. They came up big when it mattered most and ultimately played really good football. This team isn’t going to pitch a shutout week in and week out. They’re going to give up points. They’re going to frustrate people at times. However, in the first two games they have managed to get tough at the right time and get stops when needed. And they’re doing it with two starting rookie corners, a rookie safety (pending the injury to Chris Conte), and a second year safety. Not too shabby.3.) DeSean Jackson Is So Freaking Good - DeSean Jackson has opened up the 2018 season with 275 yards and three touchdowns. He was the second leading receiver in week one and the leading receiver in week two. He is doing everything Bucs fans dreamed of when he was signed. I will continue to sing his praises until there is a reason not to. **Spoiler Alert** - That isn’t coming any time soon.4.) Chandler Can’t-kickenzaro - Yeah, I realize that it was a bad day for kickers across the league (especially that kid in Minnesota who will probably be unemployed by time you’re reading this) but I hated the signing when it happened and Sunday was another prime example why. And that missed extra point could have cost the Buccaneers the game if it weren’t for Evans securing that first down shortly before the two minute warning in the fourth quarter. Time to cut your losses, Bucs. Go get Dan Bailey.5.) Running Game Is Still Struggling - I love Peyton Barber and the way he runs. That said, the numbers aren’t there. He finished with only 22 yards on 16 carries - a 1.4 yards per carry average. Now, a lot of those carries were towards the end of the game to try and run clock, so the Eagles were prepared for it. Still, the Bucs aren’t getting much of a push Buccaneers Ali Marpet Jersey , creating lanes for Barber to run through. He has the talent, but the Bucs’ O-Line appeared outmatched and overpowered in the run game against Philly. Things won’t get much easier with the Steelers and Bears on the horizon.6.) Don’t Worry About Cam Brate - Cam Brate has gone two games without a single target this season. Yes, the guy who led the NFL in touchdowns by a tight end two seasons ago and was top three last season has ZERO targets on the season. That won’t continue. Remember, Brate put up all those numbers and earned that big extension with Winston at quarterback. Brate is Winston’s security blanket. Fitz has a raaport with Howard dating back to their work together with the second team offense last season. There’s a trust there. Don’t read too much into it. Brate will become more of a focal point once Winston makes his return.Six Numbers To Consider1 - Quarterbacks in NFL history to have 400+ yards passing and 4+ touchdowns in the first two weeks of an NFL season. That quarterback is Ryan Fitzpatrick2 - Number of 75+ yard touchdowns scored by the Buccaneers on Sunday (DeSean Jackson and O.J. Howard). They had nineteen of those plays in franchise history headed into Sunday75 - Total points scored by the Buccaneers through two weeks34 - Mike Evans’ career touchdown receptions, now tied for most in team history with Jimmie Giles8 - Years since the Bucs started 2-0. This also marks Dirk Koetter’s first win in week two since becoming the Bucs’ head coach (3-0 in week one)23 - Number of career 60+ yard touchdown receptions in DeSean Jackson’s career, tying him with Jerry Rice for the most in NFL historySix Best Tweets(These appear in no particular order)(Psst...All of Carmen’s predictions in the following tweet turned out to be right)Six Ways To Celebrate The Victory1.) Go on a Philly Cheesesteak eating binge - just to taste the victory over and over again2.) Relentlessly tweet to the Eagles nothing but GIFs of DeSean Jackson’s touchdown catch3.) Troll the message boards on BleedingGreenNation.com after they ripped our manager Gil Arcia a new one for predicting a Buccaneers victory4.) Troll the message boards on this post for what an idiot I am for picking the Bucs to lose to the Saints and Eagles (and I will gladly pick them to lose every single week if this is the way they play after I do so. I will fall on that sword for you, Bucs fans)5.) Check out the complete meltdown in the comment section over at the Eagles’ Facebook page6.) Remind all those NFL “experts” who picked the Buccaneers to be a one or two win team exactly how moronic they areSix Super Bowl Bets(As always, this list is made before the Sunday Night Football game was completed - not that the Giants or Cowboys had a chance to be on the list anyway)1.) Jacksonville Jaguars - I’m as shocked as you are that I typed that, but they beat New England without Leonard Fournette. That’s a statement if I’ve ever seen one.2.) Kansas City Chiefs - Their defense is useless, but that offense can win a shootout against anyone. Patrick Mahomes is LEGIT.3.) New England Patriots - Still the Pats. Still going to find a way to get to the dance.4.) Minnesota Vikings - If they had a kicker, they’re 2-0. Elite defense, top tier offense. They’re gonna make a run at this...5.) Los Angeles Rams - Same story as the Vikings. That defense, Todd Gurley. It’s almost like cheating at Madden with that roster.10.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Took down the Saints. Took down the Eagles. Time to take down the critics.Six Final WordsTime For A Monday Night Showdown