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    Project Rockstar 2018

    Another very special summer in the books. It seems each year on Project Rockstar we get to dive deeper and deeper. Feeling very blessed to be able to do this year after year with such an incredible team. I don't think I would trade this for anything.

    The success stories this year were nothing short of incredible. From a 32-year-old Indian finance guy having been through the washing machine of 7+ years of dating bootcamps finally breaking through and discovering his masculinity, to the 48-year-old doctor reconnecting with fulfillment and genuine happiness.

    So many parties, crazy experiences, deep friendships and bonds created. This year was something else.

    But I'll let them speak for themselves. They will be posting their reviews of the summer here in the coming weeks.

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  2. My decision to apply to Rockstar

    I took my first bootcamp in 2013. Between 2013 and 2018, I made almost no progress with women. The initial excitement that came with finding out about ‘game’ and the revelation that one could get better at attracting women was replaced by a sense of anguish. I couldn’t un-see what I had seen. There were definitely guys out there who had made substantial progress with game after their bootcamps. I assumed that my lack of progress represented some deep, fundamental and irredeemable character flaw, and that it was likely that nothing would ever work for me. As I continued to tell myself this story of inadequacy and the harsh voice in my head grew progressively louder, I reached a point of learned helplessness. My decision to apply to Rockstar came from this place of desperation.

    The Application Process

    As much as I needed Rockstar I was scared by the thought of getting accepted. Asking for time off from work for 2 to 3 months was a daunting prospect. When I later got to the program, I realised my apprehension ran deeper because so much of my self esteem was based on being good at work, and I was leaving all that behind for the entire summer. In hindsight, one of the biggest benefits of the summer was learning to feel good about myself without relying on the crutch of achievement.

    I was as honest as possible in my application, and as each interview took place I found myself pulled in two opposite directions - feeling a sense of relief as I made it through each round while also feeling a profound anxiety about what lay ahead if I did get in.

    The Fitness Program

    The fitness program was incredibly intense from the first day. It took a lot of mental and emotional energy to keep up with it. I fell sick early on during the program, and forcing myself to go to the gym in that state was very difficult. Some of the training principles in the Gethin program also felt outdated to me based on what I’d read about fitness. But I had told myself that my approach to the entire summer was going to be to suspend disbelief and just do what the instructors told me to do. So I just executed on the program as best I could without dwelling on the inevitable questions that came up in my mind. By the end of twelve weeks I wound up losing close to 20 pounds. Hard to argue with results like that! So it reinforced my decision to follow the instructions as closely as I could.

    How is Rockstar different from every other bootcamp out there?

    I’d taken two 3-day bootcamps prior to Rockstar. In both cases the messages we were left with at the end of the weekend were

    1. the process of getting better at game is unavoidably painful. You just have to keep forcing yourself to go out to nightclubs and talk to women through the pain of hundreds of rejections.
    2. the best strategy to get through this is ‘fake it till you make it’. Act boldly on your approaches even though you aren’t feeling bold. Recite some (possibly memorised) lines to flirt or sexualise or create comfort.
    3. Rinse and repeat the above till you get good.

    The biggest difference with Rockstar that was brought home to us within the first couple of days of the program was that this philosophy of learning game was flawed at best and actively counterproductive at worst.

    In what was a very eye-opening introduction to the program, Sterling explained what was one of the guiding principles for the rest of the summer - when your primary reason for being in the nightclub is to “get good at the skillset of game”, you are very unlikely to succeed. Approaching game with the same conquest/achievement mentality that we apply to other areas of life like fitness or business is precisely what had kept us all from making progress in this area. It was the first of many insights and inner game revelations that we had over the summer.

    Some of the other key elements of the Rockstar philosophy:

    • The crucial importance of learning to have fun in the environment. As Sterling likes to say, fun is the cost of entry to begin getting good at this. With the benefit of hindsight it’s hard to overstate the importance of this lesson.
    • Outer game skills are essential and need to be learned. But what really makes a big difference is resolving the internal baggage that each of us has built up based on culture, upbringing, religious background etc.
    • Masculinity isn’t what the media portrays it to be, and it isn’t a collection of behaviours to be faked in a nightclub to impress women. Instead, masculinity is what emerged organically from within each of us as we resolve our own internal blocks.

    Most of our time in Vegas was spent understanding and implementing this philosophy while also trying to resolve our own internal baggage through a myriad of approaches. Having spent many years consuming ‘pick up’ related material online, I can categorically say that there’s nothing out there that comes close to this.

    So how effective was it?…It would be tempting to suggest that we were all magically ‘fixed’ and that game instantly became effortless thereafter. But that isn’t the case. All of us struggled a lot as we confronted our own internal demons. I was reduced to tears more times over the summer than I care to count. So if you’re hoping that Rockstar is a magic bullet that makes all your problems go away, you’ll be disappointed. But in many ways Rockstar does something far more valuable and something no standard bootcamp even attempts to do. It will address the problems that are genuinely worth addressing, the ones that you pretend aren’t there, the one’s that get swept under the carpet, the ones that have held you back in all areas of your life and not just game. So as an example, rather than trying to address the problem of “running out of things to say” by learning lines or routines, you’ll work on overcoming your fear of being authentic so you can express yourself freely. By getting to a place where you’re saying things only for self-amusement rather than to seek a reaction from the girl, “running out of things to say” will cease to be a problem.

    Finally, there’s a massive benefit in the learning environment of Rockstar that no short term bootcamp would be able to replicate. Living with 16 other guys for 9 weeks in the pressure cooker of Rockstar brings out elements of your character in ways that no bootcamp can. As an example, it’s commonly said as part of learning game that it’s important to learn to enforce your own boundaries with women. In my case, my tendency to avoid enforcing boundaries was noticed because I wasn’t doing a good job of it with my fellow rockstars, and they all told me as much in my Circle of Truth with plenty of examples that made an impact on me. So ‘enforcing boundaries’ stopped being an abstract concept to practice as part of game and instead became something fundamental that I was able to notice and work on as part of day-to-day life.

    The various Circles are arguably the most impactful component of the program. You’ll reveal things about your life that you’ve never told anybody, and perhaps never admitted to yourself. You’ll get more brutally honest feedback about your flaws and weaknesses than in almost any other environment (I say this as someone who has been at the receiving end of some rather brutal performance reviews in corporate America). You’ll also learn that you have more redeeming qualities than you give yourself credit for, that you’re capable of more than you imagine, and what genuine appreciation for you as a person sounds like. (I say this as someone who has been at the receiving end of plenty of fake flattery and ass-kissing behaviour in corporate America).

    What was it like to go through Rockstar?

    A couple of things made a big impression on me in the early days of the program.

    For one thing, the instructors were all quite different from each other. Some were extroverted while others were introverted. Their style of speaking, their sense of humour, the way they carried themselves in the club was all unique to their own personalities. In my mind, it helped to dispel the idea that you had to be a particular type of person in order to be good at game.

    I was also taken aback by the number of alumni from previous years who were visiting. For large chunks of the Vegas leg there were more alumni in the room than Rockstars. Their personalities were also very different from each other, and I remember thinking that the program must’ve made a massive impact on them if so many of them from across so many years were motivated to come back. It increased my faith in the program in the early days when everything seemed uncertain.

    Despite their varying personalities and traits, there was a common thread that we all noticed in both instructors and alumni. They were all very real, grounded and authentic.

    The daily experience of going through Rockstar is hard to put into words.


    In Vegas the days were completely packed. Keeping up with the seminars and the schedule while going out most nights along with all the inner game work we were doing was physically and emotionally draining. I’d volunteered to be the treasurer for the group too and that added to my daily responsibilities and pressure. In hindsight I’m glad I took on the role because it helped me feel good about contributing to the group even when I felt like I was making no progress on my nights out or was wrestling with some difficult internal change. On many nights out we wound up coming back to the Rockstar mansion after the sun was up. We all got used to the feeling of operating on very few hours of sleep.

    The Vegas leg in particular was an emotional rollercoaster. It wasn’t unusual to feel excitement, fear, anxiety, sadness and laughter all within a few hours of each other. There were nights out where I felt great that were followed immediately by nights out where I felt like I hadn’t learnt anything at all. One of the more eventful periods of the Vegas leg started with me coming back at 4 am after a rough night at XS Night Swim to find that the Rockstar mansion was burglarised and a lot of my stuff had been taken. In the week that followed I went skydiving with the other Rockstars, did yin yoga, had profound internal breakthroughs as part of the inner work we were doing, went to a strip club and ended the week by getting my first couple of make outs at the club and almost pulling a girl home. All were firsts for me. That week is likely to go down as one of the most memorable of my life!

    Throughout Rockstar it was universally true that each of us could see the progress in the other Rockstars but not in ourselves. So the urge to compare and beat yourself up is irresistible. Coming to terms with that, learning to not let any individual night bother you, and accepting that each person is on his own journey is a big part of the summer.

    The Road trip

    The group chose to go to Mykonos and Krakow for our road trip. It was great having some space to ourselves after the intensity of Vegas. It was also my first ever trip to Europe, so I was really looking forward to it.

    Mykonos was an amazing party island with terrible infrastructure. We’d rented a huge mansion at the top of a hill and the views of the Mediterranean were stunning. Also stunning in Mykonos were the beach parties and the women. It felt like this tiny island was a magnet for the hottest women from all over Southern Europe.

    I enjoyed my time there a lot but also struggled a lot with game and my general mindset. The feeling that I was regressing was intense and a lot of meditation, speaking with the instructors and my fellow rockstars is what got me through that period. I couldn’t shake the feeling that my progress in Vegas had been a fluke. At this period more than any other, I had to learn the lesson to be gentle on myself, focus on the fundamentals and set a low bar for how I was defining success.

    One of the more tragic things that happened as we left Mykonos for Krakow was one of the Rockstars pulling out of the program for personal medical reasons. It came as a shock to us, and we had to regroup once we got to Krakow.

    Krakow wound up being a ton of fun too. Beautiful city, cheap and delicious food, and a great night life. One of the rockstars was from there, so he was able to show us around the city. We also took one of the mornings to visit Auschwitz. It was a chilling, solemn place and as a history buff I took in everything I could from that experience.


    Sweden was the most difficult place for game among all the places we’d gone to. Any attempt at normal conversation fell flat and it was all about having fun, becoming part of the environment and being incredibly bold. Still, given how hot Swedish women are, we were all really motivated to figure out the unique challenges of gaming here. It helped that the hotel we were staying at was at the heart of town and all the big clubs were at walking distance.

    A few alumni came back, and some said they couldn’t believe the changes in the few short weeks since they’d seen me last. That was really gratifying to hear because regardless of how much progress I made I was always second guessing myself, a habit I haven’t kicked yet.

    The Circle of Truth happened in the first few days of our time there. It went on for 17 hours, and some of them were brutal! I’m sure that for some, that day will be a real turning point for the rest of their lives.

    Over the next couple of weeks, the instructor-student relationship from our time in Vegas became a lot more informal and friendly. It was great getting to know them on more friendly terms. As rockstars we also took the opportunity to spend as much time with each other as possible because we realised our journey together was almost over. We spent a day at a lake house on the outskirts of Stockholm, went to the local amusement park, and ate at Max Burger way more than we should have.

    As the three weeks in Sweden drew to a close we had the Circle of Appreciation. As someone who’d struggled with self doubt throughout the program, this made a huge impact on me. I already thought of everyone in the group as brothers, and I knew they had no reason to lie to me. To hear them talk about the progress I’d made, the innate strength they saw in me as a person and how much they appreciated me and my contributions to the meant the world to me! The memory of that evening is one that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

    The final party at The Wall was bittersweet. We were having so much fun that we became the centre of attention for the entire club. Girls were attracted to our table like moths to a flame. It was a fitting final lesson for the summer - that when you’re just having a ton of fun with genuinely no agenda it automatically attracts everyone to you.

    As the night wore on I had some of the deepest conversations I’d had over the entire summer with the instructors, alumni and my fellow rockstars. By the end of the evening it wound up being too much for me and I was reduced to tears at the thought of the journey being over.

    Final thoughts

    It was a common refrain throughout the summer that ‘you don’t get the Rockstar you want, you get the Rockstar you need’. I applied to Rockstar to get good at game. At the end of the summer, I still have some road to travel to get as good as I want to. But given where I started its undeniable that I made way more progress than I ever would’ve been able to on my own. I was headed down a dark path, and Rockstar has at the very least righted the ship and pointed it in the right direction.

    I’ve travelled to 8 countries during Rockstar and the month since it ended. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that seeing so much of the world, as incredible as it was, doesn’t make the list of top ten most memorable things from the summer. Instead what stands out is the brotherhood of the entire Rockstar community, the deep friendships and meaningful experiences we shared, the internal confidence that came from facing my own demons, and a living demonstration that it’s possible to compress years worth of living out in the ‘real world’ into just weeks. It’s impossible to un-see how full life can be when you’re filling your days with the right influences and constantly living at the edge of your comfort zone with a group of like minded supportive people.

    My goal has always been to live life creatively, so that when the end comes I can look back and say that I lived life on my own terms. I can’t imagine a more authentic expression of creative living than going through Rockstar.

  3. Project Rockstar 2018 review

    The cliff notes are that Project Rockstar is undoubtedly one of the most important things I have done in my life and I have no doubt that my life, and the lives of my friends and family, are going to be much better off for having participated in it.


    I remember being an optimistic 18 year old heading to university with adulthood ahead of me. The world seemed to be an exciting place, full of opportunity and abundance. Over the course of the following ten years, I lost that lust for life. I made good money and was able to travel a bunch, but I found it very difficult to connect with other people. People perceived me as aloof or arrogant but inside I was actually just incredibly emotionally repressed and terrified of other peopleís judgement. One consequence of this was that I found it close to impossible to form deep connections with women. I didnít really have a problem with superficial socialising but I was very insecure and had difficulty just being real with people. This, combined with the lack of any real purpose or meaning in my life lead to me concluding that living itself was utterly pointless. I remember thinking last year that the only reason not to commit suicide was because it would cause my family a huge amount of suffering.

    It was from this place of pain that I applied to Project Rockstar. I had deep reservations and shame around it. Even applying forced me to admit to myself how unhappy I was. It was not comfortable writing in the application that I felt like a failure who had been rejected by every women I had ever liked. That alone forced me to step out of my Walter Mitty fantasy life and set cogs in motion to change myself.


    Pre Rockstar, there is a mandatory fitness component which is based on a modified Kris Gethin workout program from We kept a strict diet and were all in great shape upon reaching Vegas, so in that sense it did itís job. With that said, many of the rockstars who are more knowledgeable about this area consider Gethinís program to be outdated at this point and one even thinks a lot of the recommendations are very bad for you. I think this aspect of the program will be modified in the future as there seems to be a lot of feedback on it.

    The Journey

    The program begins with a ten day bootcamp in Vegas which lays the foundations for the nine weeks ahead. It is an incredible amalgamation of ten years of personal development work which the lead instructors have undertaken, drawing on influences such as Tony Robbins, Wim Hoff, Landmark and many more. Of course they add their own slant, creating a unique standalone program which has the potential to transform your life if you let it. A group of 15 students came in just for the ten day so it was pretty crowded during this period. Everyone got along well though and such was the impact of the program that it felt like a totally different group of guys on day ten from the group that showed up on day one.

    Following the ten day, we embarked upon some of the deepest inner work in the whole program. The ten day only students left and some external coaches came in to help the Rockstars dive into our deep set issues. Most of this related back to our childhood and formative teenage years where our behaviour patterns and relationships with the world were formed. Breaking these deep set patterns required some pretty intense effort so the therapies were often quite dramatic and spectacular. Iíll refrain from going into more detail in order to avoid spoilers!

    Of course throughout all of this we continued to go out almost every night in Vegas. Nightlife in that city is unique - there is something big every night of the week and the place has insane energy. Quite early in the program I began to really enjoy nightclubs and EDM, something I would have considered close to impossible beforehand.

    Following Vegas, we embarked upon our road trip. Our destinations of choice were Mykonos and Krakow. These two contrasting environments facilitated further opportunities for growth. With the guidance of the instructors removed we were left to fend for ourselves in all aspects. The group had various issues during this period and it gave us a chance to develop leadership, organisational and conflict resolution skills.

    The final leg of the trip was in Stockholm, Sweden. The city is really nice as are the people but the nightlife here presents a unique challenge compared to the previous parts of the program. People are very reserved during the day and let loose by getting very drunk when they go out at night. They are purely out to dance and party so any deep conversations at night are usually met with a weird look. This gave us the chance to practise being more fun and light hearted in our interactions.

    We also had two circles in Sweden - the circle of truth and the circle of appreciation. Both of these were extremely impactful for me and for the group as a whole. In the circle of truth everyone in the group takes a turn in the middle and people pass a voice recorder round and give their criticisms of you with no sugar coating. There is basically no other scenario where people are so brutally honest with you and while the criticism can sting, itís another amazing opportunity for growth. The circle of appreciation is a lot less tense, but similarly opens up a space for everyone in the group to compliment you on your virtues, something most men are very uncomfortable with.

    The final party in Sweden was a bittersweet end to Rockstar. It was amazing fun, drinking champagne and having a blast at the most exclusive club in Sweden with the guys I went through this amazing journey with. The fact that it was coming to an end definitely tinged the occasion with sadness though, as Iím sure I will never have another 9 weeks as impactful as Project Rockstar.


    I think the impact that Project Rockstar has had on my life can be well understood by reflecting on a few key changes in my life since the program ended.

    1. I have had the deepest, most real conversations with my family that I have ever had. I told my parents that I love them for the first time in my life. I let my sisters know that I care about them and changed the direction of our relationships going forward. I have opened up about feeling suicidal and depressed in the past, something I was so ashamed of that I repressed it and hid from view. I have gone from someone who was totally emotionally closed off to someone who is extremely honest and authentic, even when that feels uncomfortable.

    2. I now go out to a bar, drink no alcohol (and have no desire to do so), and have as much fun as anyone there. I am great at meeting new people and have minimal social anxiety compared to a few months ago. I feel like I add something to the environment when I go out now, and people have a better night because I am there. Contrast this with pre Rockstar, when I would go out with the main objective of getting drunk so that I could numb my pain and reduce my inhibitions.

    3. Iíve gone back to the same job as I had and hated pre Rockstar but now I love it. I now have a sense of gratitude for how lucky I am to be in the position I am in and I have a sense of excitement for what I am going to achieve in the future. Pre Rockstar, I lived an ostensibly enviable lifestyle, travelling the world and making more money than almost all my peers, but inside I was totally miserable. I never felt like my achievements were good enough and my only self worth came from whether other people liked me or how much money I had made. Now I care very little about that stuff but am very excited about what the future is going to bring

    These changes in outlook and behaviour are manifestations of the deep internal shifts which I made throughout the course of the summer.. I went into Project Rockstar as an incredibly emotionally closed person. I had told exactly zero people before Project Rockstar that I had suicidal thoughts and I had many events from my past that I never discussed but which I had immense guilt, shame or embarrassment about. Project Rockstar helped me work through these issues and grow into someone much more open and confident. At the end of the 9 weeks I felt that I had way less baggage than I had entered the program with.

    On top of this, I have always been someone who was averse to conflict and confrontation. Throughout the 9 weeks I had conflicts with both other Rockstars and the instructors over various different issues. The roadmap we were given to deal with such things gave me the confidence to deal with the issues head on and as a result I am far more confident and assertive in these situations now.

    Relationships with women

    This is the obvious pain point which drives most people (including myself) to apply for Project Rockstar. Upon arriving, the lead instructor jokes that this is the biggest bait and switch youíll ever have witnessed. He says this because the content of the program is about improving yourself inside, not learning some tricks about how to talk with women. As you become a better, more solid individual you naturally become a more attractive person. I would say this has clearly been the case for me.

    A big part of what attracted me to Project Rockstar over other programs was that the core content comes from a really good place. The program emphasises treating women well, coming from a place of giving rather than taking and isnít given to the kind of misogyny that can be quite common in the dating/relationship advice space. This is not to say that there are not times when people overstep the mark but as a group I think we self-policed very well. Overall I am certain that the women in my life will be far better off because I took part in Project Rockstar.


    I came into the program as someone who already had quite a lot of friends. However, the bonds I created with the other Rockstars over the 9 weeks are unique. Nobody else has seen me as vulnerable and emotional as these guys, not to mention experience the rollercoaster that is the program itself. This all means that I am sure I will be in contact with this group of guys for the rest of my life. Itís really incredible to meet a bunch of guys who are as motivated to improve as you are. Making new close friends as an adult is something that is not particularly easy, so I will always be grateful that Project Rockstar introduced me to such a great group of guys.


    Project Rockstar is undoubtedly very expensive. However, it has clearly been worth it for me even in purely dollar terms. Before Rockstar, I had little motivation to keep working. I felt that more money would have very little impact on my happiness day to day and so struggled to see the point. Now I am super motivated. There are so many things I want to see and do that I finally have a reason to strive to make money again. In this way alone, Rockstar pays for itself. Add in the amount of personal growth and all of the other things I have gained from Rockstar and itís undoubtedly the best investment Iíve made in my life.


    It scares me to think where I would be had I not participated in Project Rockstar. I was incredibly depressed, but too emotionally closed to talk to anyone about it. I lived a superficially enviable life but felt very little connection to other people, even my friends and family. Project Rockstar has enabled me to overcome this and set me on track to lead a happy and fulfilling life. I am now very optimistic and excited about the future. I will forever be grateful for having found Project Rockstar and I have no doubt that I will continue to be part of the network and community for years to come.

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    Australian, 31yrs old Digital Nomad.

    ďLetís finally fix this girl thing...Ē

    Before attending Project Rockstar I considered myself moderately successful in business, and was happy with my fitness progress, but had maybe not an outwardly obvious, but certainly inwards anxiety in social situations, especially with women.
    Previously I had told myself I simply enjoyed relationships, which of course I did, but I had gone from major relationship to major relationship, partly becuase I didnít enjoy the uncomfortableness I felt when being single, and having to reflect on and be frustrated with my inability to attract a female I found attractive.
    It was obviously enough of a pain point for me to discuss this with a business friend, who luckily for me, was a previous attendee of Project Rockstar, and without telling me too much really recommended I check it out.
    Iím now happy to say that chance conversation over a burger was lifechanging for me in ways I would never have guessed, but most importantly for the interest of the guy reading this who is currently in the position I was in, my life has now changed towards women dramatically too.

    ďBut first - to get in the best shape of your life...Ē

    Once you are accepted into the program (tip - there were ALL types of guys on the program, so simply putting in an honest, respectable and concerted effort into the application process will go further than trying to impress) the first aspect you will be confronted with is the 12-week fitness transformation.
    This part of the program I wish I had have taken more seriously, as at the time I undervalued just how impactful being Ďforcedí into an environment of taking your dieting & working out so seriously for 12 weeks, with very expensive repercussions, as well as a peer group you donít want to let down was. This kind of environment created incredible changes in all of the Rockstars, and now with hindsight it is an incredible opportunity, similar to being forced to Ďget in shape for a movieí in that without such a large reason to put in such extreme efforts, you simply will not in normal life, even with the knowledge of what to do. It is an amazing feeling turning up on Day 1 of the program being in the best shape of your life, and thereís no doubting the Ďregimení if you will get those results or not... if you follow the instructions for 12 weeks, you too will be in the best shape of your life.

    ď what is it like turning up on Day 1?Ē

    I came into Project Rockstar not having attended any Ďpickupí events in the past, and for this reason was fairly intimidated to actually turn up. If you have been to one of the 3-days or 10-days with the Project Rockstar team though, you will know the very first day or two is actually *way* less confronting than I was expecting!
    Of course I had this immense fear of being pushed into doing exactly the thing I was scared of doing the most, but I really appreciated the manner in which they teach and ease you into overcoming that fear, and it very quickly becomes fun which was seriously impressive and awesome.

    ďSo- how are you now with girls?Ē

    Each Rockstar came into the program at different levels of experience, and therefore once they stacked the 9 weeks of progression ontop of that also left at different levels of mastery.
    Going into the program I knew that I was an awesome guy once girls got to know me, I just had no idea how to Ďget them to like meí and was shit scared of letting a girl know that I liked her.
    The program the team have built and developed over all the last iterations of Project Rockstar is extremely in-depth and comprehensive, and they have truly sought out every life-changing lesson they have been able to find themselves to package up something that I canít imagine to be much better!
    I honestly thought I just had to Ďlearn a few things here and there and a few tricks, and just put in the practiseí...but what I didnít realise I was massively getting in my own way with simply the core beliefs and experiences I had grown up in and around, and now my entire attitude towards women is a much more awesome, healthy, masculine and importantly successful foundation I truly wish every man in life has the opportunity to develop.
    ...and of course that has resulted in successes both on and after the program that I never would have dreamed of *actually* happenning (even though I Ďsecretly knew I had it in meí... just how the hell to get it out?!)
    Iíll give you fair warning though... the Ďfearí never Ďgoes awayí... however a combination of your new beliefs, the actionable lessons you learn to put into practise, and 9 weeks straight of breaking down and practising every element of an interaction you have ever thought of, and pushing the limits of what you thought possible, simply gives your brain enough reference points to completely ignore the fear, which is what Ďcourageí actually is. I canít think of a better way to develop so much Ďcourageí than 9 weeks of this process and feedback loop including the reviews and breaking down what happened the night before every morning.
    Simply awesome.

    ďWhat else did you learn?Ē

    This is probably less interesting and appealing to you before attending, as it would have certainly been to me, but now that Iíve been through the whole program, there are a few freaking enormous things I learnt from Project Rockstar that I didnít expect, but I would do the program again just for:

    • Learning how to Ďget out of your head, and into your body, and truly have and spread fun whenever you like, including in a nightclub soberí. I had easily some of the most fun nights Iíve ever had in a nightclub in my life, completely sober. (If I had learnt how to do this 10 years ago, I would have saved the cost of the program on what Iíve spent on drinks over that period, let alone counting lost productivity from hangovers too!)
    • Learning how to truly feel and express my emotions, to myself and to others, and by default to love myself completely every day. This ties in with eliminating that nagging feeling of Ďam I enough?í Eg. Smart enough/ rich enough/ buff enough/ good looking enough/ cool enough? Which used to couple with the social anxiety I would feel in a room of people I didnít know or a girl I found intimidatingly attractive.
    • How to lead in life through my masculine core and how to be the man my future girl/s over my life time craves and deserves. This is so awesome. My exgirlfriend actually pushed me into turning up to the program, as I applied while we were apart, and we were dating again when I found out I got in. I donít know if we will try things again in the future, but whoever my future girlfriends or wife etc will be, they deserved for me to attend Project Rockstar, so I am very glad that I did, for me, but also for them too.

    ďHow about Business/ Money/ Lifestyle etc?Ē

    Before attending Project Rockstar I was already living the digital nomad lifestyle in Bali, having focussed on optimising my life for freedom over the previous 3-5 years already, so I didnít think I would learn much from the business & lifestyle area of the course, even though I was excited for it still too.
    I actually was asked to do a presentation on my expertise which mad me step up and take myself more seriously as an expert in that area which was great.
    However I still learnt a tonne of awesome things from the other business mentors, presentations, and network that is Project Rockstar. Only towards the end of the program did I start realising just how extensive and powerful the network of both other attendees and previous attendees and instructors is, with there being someone who is world level elite in nearly any field you can think of being a member of the community that you also join once you finish the program.
    This is super valuable! I feel like Iím a member of a secret club now that Ďhas the code to enjoying lifeí and travels the world doing that with other club members while partying with women, it truly is ĎThe Rockstar Life!í
    Having said that, itís not a cheap life! But seeing, and more importantly feeling a part of the level that everyone plays life on, both women, business, happiness, passion pursuits, and all areas of life, I feel a strong desire and motivation now to step up and join that level of my peers, which I will be directing my focus now post-Rockstar to putting into my Ďreal lifeí levelling up everything. Itís super powerful as before I was quite happy to chill out on $2k/month in Bali playing at that level, but now I know I, and the people that I want to be around me, deserve to play life at the top of our game, when and how we like, and I have the peer support to feel like that will be my normal from now on.

    I didnít feel like I particularly Ďneeded more friendsí going into the program, but the caliber of people, and the closeness, trust, and friendship you will develop with the other Rockstars on the program - it would usually take years to develop such friendships, so itís hard to value friends you donít have yet, but know this is pretty incredible having a worldwide network of guys that will bend over backwards to help you, or simply meet and bond over girls with!

    ďDo I think it was worth it?Ē

    Both time, and monetary investment?
    (even though it was biggest commitment I have ever made by a long shot)

    PS. If youíre still on the fence, and want to Ďsee what itís likeí in visual format, I recorded a private story of my Rockstar journey on my Instagram for close friends only that includes very personal details, feelings & fun over my 9-week journey. If you would like to view it, send me a DM and mention youíve come from Project Rockstar and Iíll be happy to share it with you privately too @gunhudson

  5. #5

    Itís been a few of months since Rockstar ended and Iím still trying to make sense of everything that happened, but my general feeling is it was all worth it. The $40K, the lack of sleep, the spiritual journey, the emotional rollercoaster, the mental confusion. As painful as it was, it was all worth it because in retrospective, I needed to go through all of it. A few months ago I wasnít even ready to accept I needed this program - Because I thought I was ďfineĒ.

    Think Again

    Last week I was telling one of my good friends from school about the program and after a few minutes, she interrupted me to tell me how cool it was that I took the time to do a program like this, but that she didnít understand why I needed it. She told me I was already an awesome guy - ďI guess youíve got 9 out of 10 in life [cool job, friends, social circle...] and now youíre pursuing that one missing part [The right girl]Ē. Fuck, thatís exactly what I thought! But I was wrong. I started Rockstar being (ignorantly) arrogant thinking I only needed to fix one thing. I started Rockstar thinking it was gonna be just another personal development program that was gonna help me fix my one problem. But I was wrong. As I slowly got my ego shattered, as I started discovering and dealing with my toxic mental patterns, as I started trusting my peers and the instructors, and as I started discovering my authenticity, I realized I needed the context and intense experiences embedded in the program to keep healing and transforming myself. It was the only way for me to truly realize how troubled I was and how long the road will be. Even though in terms of game, Iím still far from achieving my pre-program expectations - which I now know were rather unrealistic -, I know all of my efforts were worth it because Iím not blind anymore. Iím now ďaware of realityĒ and I acquired the tools to keep developing a solid game thatís congruent with who I am. Iím now grateful that the program wasnít only about game and that it allowed me to focus on the foundations of my relationship with myself, with women and with the larger environment.

    If you think youíre fine and that to have a fulfilling life you only need to fix your game, think again. That might actually be the first clue that you need this program. Thereís a saying in the Rockstar community that you get the program you need, not the one you want. Thatís what happened to me and thatís what happened to the other guys. Donít get me wrong, game is still the main theme of the program, but it ends up being an application of changing/developing/improving inner foundations - which can be also applied to other areas of life.

    The Strategy

    In retrospective, the game strategy taught in the program, as profound as it is, is not really too hard conceptually. Oversimplifying:

    1. Go out to have fun: This will allow you to loosen up, plug into the environment and have an inviting attitude to meet cool people and chicks who are also out to have fun.
    2. Be bold: In interactions with girls, bring the masculine presence. There should be a punch of masculine intent/energy behind what you say and do.
    3. Once youíre warmed up with fun and boldness, youíll be in a state when you can effortlessly approach and flirt with a girl you really like. Connecting, flirting and escalating sexually will feel natural. Youíll be in flow. You can be Authentic. Thatís when shit happens.

    Simple. And it works. I saw it worked for most of the guys and I got a glimpse of it throughout the program. It was awesome. Hereís the catch thoughÖ and this is why I think going through this program is as painful as it is rewarding:

    - Did We Stop Having Fun?
    The philosophy of having fun was one the most contradictory things for me. This was supposed to be the easy part. Iíve been going to clubs since I was 16 and Iím considered to be an extrovert by most people. Iím seen as ďthe guy who has funĒ. Yet, during the Vegas leg, night after night I was coming back to the mansion frustrated because I hadnít gotten laid. No matter how amazing the night was, I ended up beating myself up because my objective was to get laid and everything else was judged as a failure in my mind. During the debriefs with the instructors, I became aware that sadly I had stopped going out just to have fun as I used to do when I was in high school and college. I realized I was always going out with the ulterior motive of getting laid. Reflecting back, I think I developed that pattern sometime in my mid 20s (so around 10 years ago) as a result of seeing myself doing and achieving everything I thought was ďrightĒ in life, but still not getting ďresultsĒ with women. So not only going out had become a shore, but also an energy draining game I could hardly win. Thatís how my whole Rockstar journey started. Realizing that I had a hard time doing what was supposed to be easy for me. Shit!. Changing this behavioral patterns has been painful and slow, but I believe Rockstar provides the most effective environment to make that happen. This kind of ingrained patterns can take months of years to correct with our regular life routines, and in Rockstar weíre forced to make it happen in a matter of weeks - as itís a component of solid game and it opens up the possibilities of meeting and attracting women. Itís intense and itís painful, and it feels like forever, but even though I still sometimes struggle with this aspect, my attitude towards going out and enjoying the game started to improve as I started learning and applying the principles and tools taught in the program: Not judging myself, getting into sate, surrendering, letting go of the agenda, etc.

    - Inner Game is a Prerequisite:
    The relationship with our minds and with ourselves needs to be in a healthy place. Inner believes about ourselves and about woman need to help us, not hurt us and hold us back. This sounds so obvious, yet we donít take care of it as we should. And if this is not there, nothing else will work. Most of my Vegas leg was about realizing my relationship with my mind was extremely unhealthy. I was criticizing myself very harshly, I didnít consider myself worthy of the women I like, I didnít believe in myself. Most nights out in Vegas were about experiencing this patterns, learning to accept them and using the tools learned in the seminars to improve my relationship with myself. After each rejection or each rough night, the topic for me became more and more about not judging myself, not shaming myself, trusting myself, loving myself, believing in myself. Itís fucking hard and Iím still working on it. But this is where the gold is. These are skills for the self and for life that go beyond just pick up. I had to suffer a lot of nights to accept that I was shaming myself, to see that I was judging myself and to start braking those patterns. I saw how the nights when I was free from toxic mental patterns and believes were the ones when I had the most fun and made the most progress in game. I saw how those patterns would sneak back and how girls would react when I wasnít OK with myself. My energy was weird, my comments were weird. Girls would feel it and reject me or excuse themselves. Now I can understand why girls acted how they acted. If (deep inside) I didnít feel worthy of being with myself, how could I expect them to be with me?

    This is one of the main points in which Rockstar was different from any other bootcamp I did (and I did a few). I was always too afraid of approaching or getting rejected in general, so I would either not do it at all or just take the approach as a painful mission. This is a non-starter and I couldnít even practice the teachings properly. Iíd say the main focus of Rockstar is on Inner Game, so once thatís in a good place, we get to do the fun stuff. I was personally in a very bad place regarding Inner Game, so I had to spend a lot of time working on it. Now Iím finally in a place where I can start enjoying the game, instead of seeing it as a painful experience. After Vegas, as the program continued, while frustrated with my progress and results, I came to accept with the help of the instructors that this is a life-long process and that I still have a lot of improvement to do in this area. And thatís OK. The relationship with our minds is in a way life itself, so I now understand that thereís no quick fix and Iím willing to continue the journey. I can already see the difference in my everyday life.

    Ö Healing
    If Inner game is your nemesis, I really think you should consider applying to Project Rockstar as helping us heal is a keystone of the program. The mission of Project Rockstar is to help men heal and the instructors are really good at it. Through a variety of exercises ranging from psychological to spiritual, we uncovered some really hardcore past experiences that were the cause of our suffering and which had ignited mental and emotional patterns that can be unhealthy or just donít serve us anymore. Itís hard to go through that process, so the program provides the right context (instructors, information, peer support, etc) and a safe environment to start healing. Again, this goes well beyond game. Poor inner game might be the reason for not getting girls, but most importantly, it extends to being a reflection of our inner suffering and it therefore affects our whole lives. For some of the guys, we saw how that was affecting them and the people around them. in my case, I realized I had been burying that suffering for a long time and that I had been developing toxic mental and behavioral patterns to keep it inside and not show it to the world. I guess I unconsciously thought being vulnerable would made me look weak, but it turns out it was the burden of all the crap I was keeping inside me that was making me weaker and weaker throughout the years. I feel both lighter and stronger now. This stuff are not healed by a conventional shrink. It requires intense experiences facilitated by unconventional techniques, safety, trust and support. Thatís what Rockstar offers.

    - Outer Game is a Language:
    The way Outer Game is taught in Rockstar is quite different from the other bootcamps Iíve been to. I personally donít think one method is better than the other, but theyíre different. Classic outer game, which comes from the Mystery Method, is taught as a linear process (Open, Attract, QualifyÖ) with routines to use in each phase of the process. Whereas Rockstarís Outer Game is regarded and therefore taught as a language. Even though thereís an emphasis on conversational skills to properly push the interaction forward, the underlying concept of Outer Game is that communication happens energetically and through body language. So behind what we say, thereís a layer of subcommunication happening simultaneously. Intent, eye contact, touching, etc is what matters. Girls speak this language really well and guys with no game donít. So we must learn it, and as any language, it can only be learned by practicing and calibrating until things start to click.
    I personally donít advocate one method over another. I think both ways, with time, will get us to become good at ďfeelingĒ the girl and the interaction and just act in a way that feels right - without needing routines or lines. And now that Iím feeling better with my inner game, I wonder how the MM/Linear way would go for me if I tried it again as I still think routines that you can safely memorize and practice in front of the mirror before going out can give you a sense of confidence when weíre new at this. But I already spent a few months with the subcommunications method during Rockstar, and I learned to like it, so Iím sticking with it. From my perspective, the Rockstar method is truly hard at the beginning because thereís a lot of things to juggle with at the same time with little structure, but we can also hit proficiency faster since the very first day of practice, weíre already learning to calibrate and feel the interaction - which is one of the main skills to develop in game. And truth be told, my experience is that when weíre coming from the right place (solid inner game, authenticity), what we say doesnít really matter much. We usually just opened with ďhi, my name is...Ē.


    Thereís so many things to juggle with at same time during Rockstar. Besides the above, thereís concepts like Boldness and Masculinity, Exercising Agency, Letting Go, Giving, Authenticity, Being free, etc. Itís really a lot as each one requires a whole personal journey, so as we go through the program is hard to see how weíre actually progressing, but now that Iím out in real life and starting to patiently work on the ensemble of principles, Iím starting to see the connections between them and how they can truly lead to a more fulfilled and integrated life. Itís hard to see it in the heat of the program, but I now understand how one of the pillars of Rockstar is Fulfillment and why it was so important for the instructors to make us drink from the firehose the whole summer. Something got ignited inside us and now we got to take home these principles and tools to feel more alive and get closer to personal fulfillment. Thatís why it was all worth it.

  6. #6

    Pre Rockstar:

    Before applying for Project Rockstar, I was a guy who would get anxiety in social settings, especially when it came to meeting women. I was about to hit my 30s and I've had a total of two relationships that both ended badly. At the end of my second relationship, I was not happy with myself and who I felt as a person internally. I felt unworthy talking to the gorgeous women that I saw in clubs or walking in the streets. Honestly, I was scared out of my mind at the thought of cold approaching any girl. I would dread going to clubs or parties because I knew exactly how the script would play out. I would get to the club, stand around with my buddies in the corner, and look at everyone else having fun. I was in my head so often afraid to speak my mind. I dreamed of becoming this confident guy who could approach girls and have a fun time socializing through the night.

    Project Rockstar spoke to me when they talked about inner game. It was about working through our negative beliefs, breaking out of our shell, and getting to a point that will naturally bring out the masculine man that people want to be around. It was self-improvement course that would help each Rockstar become the best person they could become. The fact that I could work on this for nine weeks with other guys who are just as dedicated really sold me. I knew this is what I really needed and I just had to apply.
    I will admit that I had an internal struggle when I was working on my application for Project Rockstar. My mind was telling me, ďAre you seriously going to take 9 weeks off from work?Ē The fact I was still working on my application while going through this struggle really showed that this was an area of pain that I needed fixed.

    The Application Process:

    I had only taken one bootcamp six years ago where I did not make the progress that I wanted to see. I did not know any of the students, alumni, or instructors prior to Project Rockstar. I worked extra hard and put in tons of time in my application because I desperately wanted to get in. I rewrote my application three times before I was satisfied with it. I made sure I was honest and genuine at where I stood in terms of game and how I felt as a person in the application. I actually learned quite a bit about myself as a person working on this application. I felt relief receiving an email that I made it to the interview rounds. After the final group interview, I found out that I was accepted into Project Rockstar. I felt so much excitement at what this program has to offer along with tons of anxiety thinking about all the fears I was about to face.

    The Fitness Program

    Youíre thrown right into the fitness program and expected to be on top of your workouts, tracking, diet, supplements, and blogs. The gym sessions would last around 2-3 hours a day. Fitness was my life during the three months. I ate the same healthy foods every single day for three months just to make it easier for me to stay on track with the diet. The fitness program was not easy, but the discipline required getting through this program made a profound impact on my Rockstar experience. It shifted my mind from focusing on the end result to enjoying the process and journey. This mental shift played a huge role in my growth as a person and I still look back at this fitness program as the turning point. On the last week of the program, I felt a little bit of sadness that the fitness program was ending because of how much I was enjoying the structure. The results really showed at the end of the program where I lost 30lbs of fat while gaining muscle.

    Las Vegas

    The Las Vegas leg of Project Rockstar was filled with seminars, activities, and going out to night clubs. It was pretty cool to see so many of the Rockstar alumni come back and be a part of the program. Right from the beginning, we created a container to share our struggles with not just women, but life in general. We had our own demons that we were dealing with and we were all going to work together through the journey.

    Our journey kicked off fast with the 10 day program. The 10 day program seminars were long, intense, and quite deep. The instructors went into the core of our inner self and brought up the internal struggles each of us were holding on to. Facing these layers, I saw some raw masculinity start to shine in every Rockstar. I have never seen this type of work done and it was impressive how different the Rockstars carried themselves after the 10 day. I could just sense there was a shift in our demeanor. At first, I was skeptical on whether it was possible for me to actually change fundamentally on Project Rockstar; however, the 10 day program convinced me that we were going to become better men by the end of the nine weeks.

    I kept thinking to myself what I was doing on this program the first night we went out to the nightclub. There were tons of hot women and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I was terrified of approaching any women. I felt like I was going through so much internal pain to take that first step and talk to her. Luckily, the instructors made each night simple by giving us a single goal to focus on. Eventually, through the skills we learned, approaching became much more manageable. Night after night, the approaching became easier and the pain of rejection did not affect me anymore. The fear of approaching never went away, but it was a great improvement from when I first started. As we learned more and more about outer game, the interactions became longer. Through these experiences, I achieved so much growth that I know it would have taken me years of pain to learn outside of Project Rockstar.

    I had never brought a woman back from a club or bar in my life until two weeks into the program. The girl was instantly into me right off the bat. Everything was coming out naturally and the attraction just kept growing. This is exactly what I wanted out of the program. In the past, I used routines that never worked for me. I always felt fake when I tried to use them and the women could see right through me. After a few songs, we went back to her hotel with our hands locked together. I felt like the king of the world that night.

    At the end of Vegas, I was reflected back on the first four weeks of Project Rockstar. This program created an environment that made it easy for me to face my fears and push my boundaries to get as much reference experience as possible. It is one thing to say that you will push your boundaries every day and another to be surrounded by guys actually doing it. It was only through this that I was able to gain valuable knowledge. I had a notebook full of inner game notes, outer game notes, personal thoughts, and really helpful advice from Rockstar alumni who went through their journey in the past.

    The Roadtrip

    After the final party in Vegas, we packed our bags and headed out to Mykonos. The mansion in Mykonos is probably a place where I would love to retire. We were facing a full moon over the calm sea every night. We rode ATVs from our mansion to the city and everywhere in between. The island knows how to party every single hour to the day. Mykonos is just hot women central for all of Europe. Some of the Rockstars were hanging out with models that were absolutely gorgeous. I had quite a struggle in the first few days of being away from the instructors and on my own in Greece. I felt like some things were finally clicking towards the end of Vegas, but I was getting nowhere with the women here. It took a few days before I started to make some breakthroughs and progress was made. The experience of trying to figure it on my own was another source of growth on this program.

    My most memorable interaction from the entire trip was with this cute girl from the UK that I met at a day club. I looked her in the eyes and told her how cute she was. She giggled and I took her to our table. We went from partying at the table with the Rockstars to the beach where it was dark and we were alone. The interaction was special because the instant connection I felt was something that I know that I want in a relationship moving forward. As I'm writing this review, I'm still shocked at how different I was in Mykonos compared to when I first landed in Las Vegas for Project Rockstar. This would have never happened in a million years on my own.

    Krakow was a different pace compared to Las Vegas and Mykonos. I ended up bonding with so many of the Rockstars in this city and really got to know them better. We had a Rockstar who lived here and he helped make the week as smooth and fun as possible. I am huge on history and Krakow has so much to offer. The tours were fascinating and I learned so much about history there. I would definitely come back to this city.


    It was very tough for me when I landed in Sweden. It was the final chapter to an already epic journey and the thought of Project Rockstar coming to an end was difficult. The two most important days of Sweden were Circle of Truth and Circle of Appreciation. I believe these two circles were the most valuable days of the entire program. I still listen to the audio since the conclusion of Project Rockstar.

    Our Circle of Truth lasted 17 hours where fellow Rockstars and instructors gave some direct feedback that no one would ever give us outside of Project Rockstar. We had to lay it out straight and be as honest with each other. As much as I felt uneasy about giving and receiving feedback, I knew it was for my own growth. The feedback played a vital role on what I needed to work on to push myself to improve in areas that I'm struggling in. I was still too far in my shell and I was not opening up about myself as I needed to be. I took as much free time that I had in Sweden to spend time with the Rockstars, alumni, and instructors so I could get to know them and they could get to know me better. It was something that I focused very hard on during the finals weeks of the program.

    Circle of Appreciation lasted equally as long as the Circle of Truth. The love shown to me is something that I will never forget. It was something that I really needed to hear before the program came to a conclusion because everyone made such a profound impact on me during the nine weeks and all I hoped for was that I contributed to their growth as well. I am so happy to call everyone on Project Rockstar my brothers.

    Sweden was packed with so many hot blondes in the nightclubs. Any attempt at conversation lead to nothing and I was left wondering if I made any progress at all on the program. It turned out that we had to crank up our boldness to the max along with bringing tons of fun to the club. I was actually having fun in the clubs towards the end of Sweden to the point where I did not approach as many women as I should have.

    The final party was an absolutely epic night. The night just felt different the moment I met everyone outside of the club. There was so much hugging and love going around. All of the Rockstars brought so much energy and fun at our tables that the girls were just drawn to us. Everyone wanted to know what was going on and how they could be a part of this fun. I have never had as much fun in the club as I did that night. I will always remember the final party.

    Post Rockstar

    Project Rockstar is more than just about getting better with women. It's about working on your inner self and improving all aspects of your life to become the best person you can possibly become. Here are some of my thoughts on the program:

    • The program is not easy as turning on a switch. There are many underlying lessons that can only be taught by going outside of your comfort zone and pushing your boundaries. There will be struggles, but you will see massive growth if you stick with the process.
    • Iím way more confident when it comes to not only talking to women, but also people in general. I don't feel unworthy as a human. I am comfortable with who I am as a person and that has really started to show towards the end of Rockstar. I love who I am.
    • My game went from wishing to just say hi to a single girl in the nightclub to flirting with a girl and telling her how cute she is. My interactions with women have improved dramatically in these nine weeks. This program is setup to fast track the learning so you don't have to spend years upon years to get better at interacting with women.
    • My dating life after Rockstar is still early, but I have went on quite a few dates back from Rockstar. I keep hearing, ďYou just know what to say.Ē It's all coming out naturally without being in my head thinking what I should say next. This has made dating more fun for me.
    • I was a little scared that Project Rockstar was just a nine week vacation of partying with women without learning skills that I can apply and use after Rockstar. I can safely say that this is not the case. I came out with so many life skills that I'm very happy with what I got out of this program.
    • The Project Rockstar network is vastly underrated. The real treasure of the program are the instructors, alumni, and Rockstars that you get to know over the journey. Everyone involved in the program cared so much for Rockstar class. They were so invested in our success and I cannot thank them enough.

  7. #7

    As I write this I'm in an AirBnB in Toronto, still traveling since rockstar ended almost six weeks ago and I honestly don't know where to start. How am I supposed to summarize something so eventful, something so impactful and life-changing, when I'm not even sure if I've fully decompressed what I have gone through over this summer myself yet?

    One year ago I struggled with even leaving my own bed out of depression. Even the smallest, most mundane chores was a fight for me. I spent most of my days smoking weed, eating junk food and watching Netflix. I used to think I was living the perfect life, living on a tropical island in south-east Asia, working with my greatest passion in life, so how the hell did I end up where I ended up? Truth is, something was always missing but I couldn't figure out what. Slowly did I down spiral into my own personal hell... Until one day I reached a point where something within me said no more. Tony Robbins talks about how true changes comes from overwhelming pain rather than motivation, well I reached my point of overwhelming pain. My turning point where I said something has to change. Fast forward to Project Rockstar...

    Fitness program:
    I don't think it took more than two weeks from my acceptance into the program until the fitness transformation program started. Two weeks to get ready, to shop all the supplements, the required equipment and overview of the spreadsheets and routines. This is by no means an easy program and from the very start, you get thrown into the deep end of the pool with a strict diet and a hardcore training regime. There is something going on every single day of the week for twelve weeks straight. Either you're at the gym for hours or you're stretching and taking care of your body and everything is documented. Every calorie is counted and every gram of food is accounted for, but very soon the hard work pays off big time. After just a few weeks It didn't even feel like hard work anymore. You just do what you have to do and I have to say I even enjoyed it. Honestly, I miss it. I never thought I would say that but I really do.

    After living a lifestyle that cant be described as anything else than unhealthy at best I had more than a few kilos of extra weight and a body fat percentage of 29% at day one of the program. I was put in the loser group and got assigned my personal coach who would track my progress and make necessary adjustments on a weekly basis to get the most bang for the buck. For the last couple of weeks, I was eating no more than 1500 calories a day and spent up to three hours a day at the gym but the results were no less than amazing. All in all, I lost 17kg of fat, gained 5,5kg of muscles and went from 29% body fat to 12,6% over a period of 12 weeks. But most importantly, I got a solid understanding of how my body works and how I can do this again, and again if I ever need or desire. Or how I can adjust my diet and training to gain a massive amount of muscle mass instead. Basically, I got the tools to form my body at my own desire.

    Besides the 12-week fitness transformation, Vegas is the biggest leg of the program and its where the entire foundation of the new you is built. the 4 weeks in Vegas are - as every part of this program, as you might have realized - extremely intense with seminars every single day and nights out pretty much every single night as well and the amount of sleep you get in between is very limited. You do your best to just stay on track and the metaphor that's been used time and time again that its like drinking water from a firehose is very much true. The amount of information that's thrown at you is nothing short of insane, some of it you won't even realize you picked up until days or weeks later. But all in all the focus of the Vegas leg falls into either outer game or inner game with a much greater focus on the later.

    Outer Game:
    The first two weeks of the program consist of the 10-Day Bootcamp where you learn all the fundamentals of the Flawless Natural Curriculum, what will come to be your entire game foundation. The rest of Project Rockstar is built upon this foundation, and it's very clear from the get-go that this is not like anything else out there. Personally, I don't really have any previous game experience from any other boot camps or similar, but since the game industry has a reputation of being very gimmicky and artificially I naturally had my own fears of this being like that. However, not only is the Flawless Natural Curriculum nothing like that what so ever, its the best way I've ever heard anyone dissect and explain how a naturally attractive interaction between and a man and a woman progress. The fundamentals are also surprisingly simple, the bulk of it - id say probably 80-90% - is covered within the first 3-4 days.

    So why are the Bootcamp 10 days and rockstar 9 weeks if you learn 90% of it in just a few days you might ask? First of, even though the majority of the outer game is covered within the first few days, this is still a skill, and just like any other skill, you need to practice to get good. Project Rockstar is a full immersion program of Game which can only be compared to moving to Japan for learning Japanese, you won't have a choice but to get good. The second thing is that outer game only plays a small role in the overall attraction. Improving your social skills will only take you that far if your inner beliefs, your self-image, and self-worth are rotten to the core. That why a majority of the both the 10-Day Bootcamp and Project Rockstar is focused on just that, Inner Game.

    Inner Game:
    Compared to probably the majority of the people that sign up to these kinds of program, this part of the Rockstar Curriculum was actually one of my main reason I applied to start with. I spent hours and hours before applying to Project Rockstar reading the previous years journals and the one thing that fascinated me the most was that everyone that had attended rockstar from earlier years all seemed to get away with a much stronger inner foundation, a greater sense of self-worth and self-esteem and with a much better connection with their own emotions. As someone who for years had been bottling up my own emotions and trying to drown them with every kind of stimulants like alcohol, drugs, and adrenaline, this seemed like the holy grail to me. I've had already had my fair share of hours with therapists before rockstar and done a lot of work myself to get myself out of depression and still its nothing compared to the inner journey I get to go through this summer.

    Project Rockstar is a constantly evolving program and every year is different from the previous as the toolbox of techniques, exercises, seminars, and speakers grow and this year I believe we had the honor to attend the year of Rockstar with the absolutely strongest toolbox for inner game ever. Besides that a big portion of the 10-day curriculum itself is inner game based, we had another 10 days specifically dedicated to inner game with one of the top experts in the field who worked with us both as a group and individually. I believe a lot of us got to experience emotions we haven't felt or hide from for years if not decades as we worked through traumas and emotional barricades that kept us from not only progress in game and life in general, but also kept us from experience life and what it has to offer.

    But most importantly we got to learn the tools to keep conditioning and keep working on this. Inner game is a fresh resource that has to be nurtured and worked on for as long as you live, just like any muscle. As long as you keep working on it, it will keep growing stronger and healthier but if you stop, with time it will break down. However, have you once seen what's on the other side, there is no way you ever let yourself fall back. At least that's how I feel and I keep working on my conditioning every day thanks to what I learned during Rockstar.

    The Rockstar Roadtrip is the first time we're by ourselves as a group without any instructors or coaches around and what I in retrospect felt like a crash course in conflict management and group dynamics. For two weeks and pretty much structure or preparation we get to travel as a quite big group to two different destinations in Europe and practice our brand new social skills. Now this might not sound like a very complicated thing, right? Traveling isn't that hard, and on top of that with your best mates!

    We all felt the exact same way, however, you never know how good you have it when everything around you is organized and there are many different wills in a group of 16 dudes. It takes some time of trial and error to find a dynamic that works for everyone. After a few days, however, everything seemed to fall into place pretty well and both our destinations - Mykonos and Krakow - was spectacular experiences! In the end, even the bad experiences ended up being great lessons for everyone I believe and adapting to a new and different culture is a powerful thing by itself and a very interesting experience.

    We decided to start out with the beautiful island Mykonos where we rented a huge villa and drove scooters and APVs all day and partied all night, followed by a week in the city of Krakow where our days seemed a bit more relaxed. Krakow is a city full of culture with a lot to see and experience and since one of our brothers is originally from there, we had the most amazing of experiences. The nightlife in Krakow wasn't bad either and I believe a lot of us ended up having some of the best nights of our lives.

    After two weeks of venturing out into the unknown, we finally meet up with all the instructors and coaches in Stockholm, Sweden - my home city - known for housing the most beautiful women in the world and the final stretch of the program. However, during this part of the program, the focus switches a bit from pure game (it's still there tho) to more of a lifestyle focus. This is where the mentor presentations are held on topics on everything from business and entrepreneurship to living a digital nomadic lifestyle and crypto investing. These are mixed with workshops in fashion, dating, sex and much more. There is also a huge focus on brotherhood some of the most traditional exercises such as The Circle of Truth and The Circle of Appreciation is held here where you really get to know some the flaws that you might have turned a blind eye to, but also your biggest strengths as a person according to your brothers.

    Obviously, this doesn't mean you still won't party like you were in Vegas and almost every night is a night out even here. However, the focus is also here different from what you'll experience in Vegas. Clubs are smaller so generally, the group split up between two or so different clubs and usually find each other at the Max Burger joint around the corner from the hotel. Everything comes to a big close with the final party at one of the best clubs in the country. This is like watching a bomb explode as everyone goes absolutely insane, and the pure joy and love that radiates from the group just draws people in and you get to go on the rollercoaster ride of your life covering the entire emotional spectrum as you drown in champagne surrounded by your closest friends, now known as family.

    Rockstar for me has been a turning point in my life. It's probably the most important thing I have ever gone through and the impact it will have on me will echo throughout my life. I met some friends that I will consider family for the rest of my life no matter what. I've experienced more, learned more, worked through more traumas, solved more roadblocks and felt more emotions - good as well as bad - that I have ever done in my entire life before. I've felt lost and confused, loved and appreciated, scared shitless and angry as well as happier than ever before. I've changed who I am fundamentally and what I value in life and I've grown more in two months than I could ever imagine. But most importantly I found myself a family of like-minded people who share my drive and passion and all is working every day to get better as men and human beings and I'm so proud to now be a part of this program and this network of people.

    If you're on the fence if you should apply or not I have only one question for you: Do you have that burning need for change? Maybe you don't even know what needs to change but something is telling you that there is more to life, and you want it? If that you, then look no further. Apply for this program.

    Axel E

  8. PR 2018 review
    How do you write a review about a program that opened you up to another side of life that you never really knew existed, helped you sleep with a shit tonne of awesome girls from all over the world and introduced you to a network of awesome guys I now consider some of my best friends?

    That was some of the thoughts that were running through my mind when I was trying to figure out how to write a review about Project Rockstar 2018. I do not think words can describe how grateful I am that this program exists, and the effort the instructors put into this year after year blows my mind. Andrew was talking about the opportunity costs he has missed out on teaching this thing for 8 years, and to be honest I think almost everybody else would have moved on from Rockstar years ago.

    Now, on to the actual review of the program.

    Fitness portion:

    I have been working out most of my life either through sports like soccer or hitting the gym relentlessly for years. I remember the instructors told me that the fitness program would be intense as fuck, but I did not really think it would be that hard until I experienced first-hand exactly what they meant.

    The Kris Gethin program was brutal, and it really builds character and perseverance which is something that is crucial on such an intense program like Project Rockstar. In my case it was rather extreme since I had a lot of other things going on while doing the fitness program; I had 7 exams that took a lot of time, a lot of work to get the money, had my cousin being diagnosed with brain cancer and had to eat 4500 calories a day. All of these things led this to be one of the toughest things I have ever done. I slept on average 4 hours for 3 months, but the squeeze was well worth the juice. If you stick with it and go all out on the workouts you will get results.

    I thought my diet in the previous years had been rather clean, but this program took it to another level and is something I will continue to incorporate in my everyday life after Rockstar. We also had fitness mentors that would help us out if we had questions and kept us accountable which was very beneficial in terms of progress.

    Every rockstar got great results, so it is obvious that this stuff works. However, I think it could be more optimal with a higher frequency and less of the broscience that research has shown to not really matter. We also followed a program that a bodybuilder on steroids used which is not optimal when it comes to a natural. Also, people differ, a guy that works out a lot would need another program than a beginner that is lifting weights for the first time to get the most out of it.

    That being said, I got great results on the program and grew a lot. I had friends and family commenting on me becoming bigger and the girls loved it too.


    So Vegas was the place where the majority of the game aspect was being taught and with good reason. Vegas is perfect for it. Huge amounts of people flying in every few days, massive clubs and people tend to be more open minded and crazy when being in Vegas.

    The first 10 days we learned the simplified natural curriculum together with a bunch of 10-day students. As a guy who had attended a 10 – day course back in 2014 I expected it to be mainly about the mechanics of game and some inner game sprinkled in here and there. That was not the case at all. The emphasis has largely shifted inwards and when having solid inner game everything else tends to take care of itself. I am personally happy that the program has taken that route as you quickly realize that being good with girls is fun, but it is a lot more to being a happy and fulfilled man than banging girls. That being said, the program obviously contains a lot of game aspects and will get you laid a lot if you put in the work.

    The remaining part of Vegas was mainly about getting the reps in while diving deeper into inner game. We had another 10 days completely devoted to inner game which was hugely helpful. Many of the things I learned during those days were the key reasons to why I was able to excel so fast at game in Europe. It basically challenged my entire way of thinking and how I treated game when being out. I was also able to stop judging myself so much and was able to find a good balance between being critical and giving myself well deserved props, which was massive for me.

    I also want to emphasize that you get what you put into it and looking back I did not push myself as much as I should have done in Vegas which was probably one of the reasons to why Vegas was the place I was struggling the most. The instructors can only do so much, in the end it is up to you to get the reps in and do what they tell you. So, for future Rockstars, make sure you push yourself as hard as possible in Vegas. It most likely stunted some of my growth from not staying enough out of my comfort zone. Also, the program shifts more towards the business side of things in Sweden and there are less officially nights out, so make the most out of all the official nights in Vegas with the instructors.

    Road trip week 1 – Mykonos:

    So we decided to head to Mykonos for our first leg of the Road trip. This is where there are no instructors or alumnis – just us Rockstars organizing everything and hanging out. The road trip was probably my favorite part of the entire program as you got to bond more with the guys and not feeling pressure from the instructors. The girls were also hotter here compared to Vegas and the clubs were a lot smaller.

    The usual Vegas approach where you high fived a shit tonne of girls to get into state would not work very well here as you would quickly burn the place down. This led to new challenges which helped everyone grow and prepared us for Sweden where the clubs are similar in size. My solution was to just dance myself into state and channel that energy to every girl no matter what she looked like. I did the exact same thing with the girls I truly wanted to sleep with but added more subcoms, which worked wonders.

    This is also where my game really started to pick up. The very first day I banged a stunning 6-feet tall ballerina on a roof. She kept telling me how awesome I was, how she has never experienced anything like it and how she will remember this forever. That really worked as a catalyst for me as it helped solidify the belief that I truly am a gift for women. (Just goes to show how important inner game is and why they devote a large amount of time to it during PR)

    Road trip week 2 - Krakow:

    I am really happy that we picked Poland, Krakow as our next stop on the road trip. Opposed to Mykonos and Vegas, Krakow is a lot more laid back with beautiful architecture and awesome history. It was less about partying and more about hanging out with the guys doing activities together which really made the group grow a lot closer. We were also fortunate enough to have a polish Rockstar who went out of his way to make sure our stay was as good as possible.

    The girls were also more conservative, and their English was not as great which meant more body language and less verbal game. The girls to guys ratio in the clubs was also ridiculous. For every girl there were at least 5 guys. Polish guys were also approaching a lot more than what I have seen elsewhere and quite boldly which made the clubs harder than Mykonos and Vegas, but also a great learning experience and helped me grow a lot. The city is also super cheap with good food.


    So this was the final leg of the program and back to more instructions.

    As a Scandinavian I was very excited to finally be back in my own territory. Mykonos had a lot of hot women, but nothing beats Scandinavia and especially Sweden when it comes to stunning blondes. I was also quite anxious since being a Scandinavian I should be doing well here (being familiar with the culture, clubbing scene etc). The thoughts about what to do after Rockstar also came creeping up on me as I started to realize that this amazing summer was soon coming to an end. Also, thinking about going back to my normal life after this scared the shit out of me and really stressed me out.

    This was also the place where the famous circle of truth and the circle of appreciation took place. The thought of the circle of truth gave me mixed emotions. On one hand it is probably one of the most valuable things of the entire program where you have guys that have lived with you for almost 9 weeks telling you without any bullshit the things that no one else in your regularly life have the balls to tell you. On the other hand, it can be very tough listening to all the guys you now consider best friends telling you about all the things they do not like about you. All of that being said, the circle of truth is invaluable and one of those things that you never will experience elsewhere and a great addition to the program.

    The circle of appreciation was a very humbling experience for me. Having all these amazing guys pointing out so many things and qualities that they like about me made realize that I am a lot more awesome than I thought I was.

    Sweden was also a lot more laidback opposed to Vegas. We actually had time to do things during the day and hangout with everyone and bond. This was also where some of the Rockstars had their presentation in their area of expertise. This was something I was really looking forward to as some of them live incredible lives and getting to know how they got there and learn all the things they experienced and learned during their journey is like a cheat code for an awesome life.

    In Sweden it was all about bringing the fun and boldness when clubbing which was perfect for me as that was something I had been doing for a long time now. To no surprise, Sweden was where I personally did the best and all the pieces came together nicely, and I really exploded game-wise.


    I also want to touch a bit upon the game part of the Program. The game part is a big reason to why people apply for project Rockstar and certainly a big reason to why I wanted to be a part of the program.

    Will it be times when you feel like shit, just want to go home, feel like you are not making any progress and question if this worth all the money you put into it? Absolutely, but the key is to just trust the process and keep grinding. One of the instructors gave a great analogy for this when he said you are filling up a pond one bucket at a time. In the beginning you feel like nothing happens as you keep filling the pond up, but at one point the pond is so full that the dam burst, and you explode. That is exactly what happened with me in Vegas. I was floundering around feeling like I was not making as much progress as I should and then we went to Mykonos and it took off. It felt like I had “super powers” compared to Vegas which was something I did not expect at all.

    This stuff really works, if you go in with an open mind, do exactly what the instructors tell you to do and forget about everything else you have learned throughout the years when it comes to pick up it is impossible to not make great progress. I had girls that I previously thought were out of my league telling me that it should be more guys like you, how my eye contact made them slightly nervous and how much fun they had with me in the clubs.

    A small caveat though, you get what you put into it. The instructors can only do so much it is up to you to get the reps in and have the agency to do what is required of you to make the most out of it. I was the one who got laid the most on the program which is no coincidence. I was the one who went out the most on Rockstar and especially in Europe where I went out every single day (even alone) and therefore got more reference experiences than everyone else. I was also super strict on my conditioning and did meditation every day when I was in the shower or had time to spare.

    It was not until I got home again that I really noticed how far I had come when it comes to game. I went out and just observed what other guys were doing, and 95% had no clue what to do. I ended up doing a really quick pull that night and my friends kept asking me how I did it, but to me it was not anything special as I just did what I have been practising the entire summer.

    The instructors:

    I also want to touch a little bit upon the instructors as they are a major reason to why the program is so powerful as it is.
    At this point the instructors have coached so many people and seen it all throughout the years that it is next to impossible to for them to not coach you with whatever problem you have. They also started at a similar place as the majority of the students and were not good with women before starting on their own journey which makes them relatable.

    One of the things that impressed me the most about them was despite all their success during the years there was no ego whatsoever. Everyone is just very humble, down to earth and really want you to succeed on the program.

    Another admirable thing is their constant strive for improvement. They never rest on their laurels which is an amazing quality. The difference between my bootcamps in 2014 and 2018 is a great example of this. It would be very easy for them to just keep it the same way it was in 2014 as people got laid and it obviously worked, but instead they redefined and made it better through their own experiences and trial and error.

    Lastly, I want to touch on how the seminars are held during the program. Andrew keeps the seminars very interactive, which is great and one of the reasons to why I got so much of out of them. He is extremely good at breaking down complex things into easy understandable terms using different analogies. He also makes sure everyone understands the things he teaches before moving on to different topics.

    Overall, all the instructors are awesome guys I now consider friends.

    Was it worth it?:

    I came into Rockstar mainly to get better with girls, but that was the very least I got out of it. The program will give you so much more and as you get better with girls you quickly realize that girls does not matter at all. Before arriving in Vegas, I was this nervous, closed of guy who barely showed any emotions. After Rockstar I can safely say that is not the case anymore. I smile more, I judge myself less, I have this air of confidence around me that no matter what happens in life I can handle it and I am also a lot more in touch with my emotions which is huge for me. The day after Rockstar I cried my eyes out for 20 minutes which is something I cannot recall happening since I was a kid.

    I have also gotten a bunch of awesome guys from all over the world I now consider some of my best friends which is something you cannot put a price tag on. Friends and family have also pointed out that I have changed, although they cannot say exactly what has changed, I have heard from several people that I am a lot different than what I was before I left.

    Overall, I am happy that I applied for Project Rockstar. It is a lot of money, but it is well worth it if you put in the work on the program. Do yourself a favor and apply

  9. Pre Rockstar

    Before I started rockstar I thought I had everything figured out. I had success with women, lived with my dream girl and had no reasons not to be happy. But I wasn't, my whole life I was searching for more because I just had this pit in my stomach that I could never fulfill. I was that guy who would just get absolutely hammered at the bar with his friends and just use alcohol as my main source of getting girls or to have fun. While dating my girlfriend I found out she cheated on me, we lived together and I became overweight, started drinking a lot, unhappy and contemplating suicide. My brain manifested into negative beliefs all the time. I finally left the situation and figured it was finally time I finally signed up for a bootcamp to fill the void of unfullfillment I had in my life. The bootcamp definitely helped me a lot and I thought I had it figured out. It only lasted short term. If I had an ugly breakup and all of a sudden my world turned upside down. I would just become miserable and kept searching for external validation in my life. Wether it was a car, a girl, etc. When I thought I finally found the answer by being with a girl who would was my ideal dream girl. The problem was she could see right through me and all of my insucurities that I pretended not to have. The relationship didn't last long and I was in a deep state of depression. Growing up I always had issues with self worth and feeling good enough to be with someone. Always questioning things I didn’t know what to do with girls so I read the game and thought I figured out the most complexed thing in my whole entire life. If anything reading up on all of that stuff actually made me go backwards with girls. It put up this fake mask and I still had a lot of insecurities. Internally I was fucked I read a bunch of self help books telling you how great of a person you are but they never workedI had a lot of internal issues to short out if I was to ever maintain relationships and get really high quality girls that I was always afraid to approach. I knew something had to change because I was ready to give up on my life.

    The Application Process
    I told about rockstar by someone who did it the year before me and I saw such a profound change in them. The big issue for my was how could I afford this, this is going to cost me a lot of money and a huge time commitment. But I told myself if there is a will theres a way. I started saving up and budgeted everyday possible for me to afford rockstar and I did it. At one point I thought it was impossible but I can single handily say especially someone from my financial standpoint that if you want to do something bad enough there is always a way to do it. If you told me this 3-4 years ago that I would be able to afford this I would of not believed you. Rockstar is not just for “wealthy” people. I realized that there is no better investment that investing in yourself. I could of invested in a house or a stable investment but I knew that would of done nothing for my happiness and bettering myself. After I knew I had the financials situated I went ahead and took my time on the application because I wanted them to know that I was serious. I was open about myself and my past in my application and that I think was the first step for prepping me for the journey I was about to take. I didn't hide anything.

    The fitness program:
I was honestly overwhelmed when I saw everything I would have to do on the fitness program and I was someone who workout a decent amount. This was the first time I had to get 100 percent focused on my diet. This was something I never fully took serious. I thought the dedication I would have to put into the program would be easy but the first 2 weeks were hard. The meals I had to do would become bland but I got used to it. The results spoke for themselves and it was the best shape I have ever been in. I got compliments all the time about how much muscle I put on. It was honestly unbelievable and my body is able to maintain that state really easy now even 6 months after the program. This fitness program even gave me someone who worked out a good amount the pieces I needed to go to the next level. There is no turning back now and I love the gym.

    Las Vegas

    Vegas was in all honestly insane and I don't know how we fit everything we did. Everyday we had intensive seminars and then at night we would go out completely sober. A day felt like a week. What really made Vegas was meeting all of the alumni on the first day. It was then that I realized how big and influential this program was to so many people. The first 10 days I had a ton of energy and was going purely on addrennaline. Its so funny looking back on those first ten days now because I remember how petrified I was just soberly approach girls. I had a decent amount of success in the first 10 days but as we dove deeper into ourselves I remember one night where I was so run down and had such an off night that I wanted to run and cry because of the rejection I was faced. Vegas was when I started to pull back all the layers and really get to the core of what I wanted to get out of this. In the first 10 days I realized how intense this program really was going to be. Slept deprived and exhausted I forced myself to give it my all.

    What Vegas really did was get to the deep root of my issues. I came for the girls but realized there was so much more to it internally. My game got really good but the real success would come when I worked on my inner self. Im not going to lie peeling back the layers were fucking hard. Some days you would do so much internal work you would be emotionally exhausted then go out at night. These were the hardest nights to face but were the nights I absolutely grew the most. Vegas was mostly like figuring out a puzzle piece and putting the pieces together in the right spots but the puzzle is you. Vegas made me realize how much that I was taught on other programs was pretty much crap. My game went to the next level in Vegas and there is honestly no other place better to do it. I can do this all sober and prefer to be sober now as well.

    The Roadtrip

    I pulled an all nighter the last night in Vegas and embraced our 2 week trip ahead of us to Mykonos. When we landed on the island I was slept deprived and still couldn't process everything that I just went through. The mansion was absolutely insane. The first night we went to dinner and everyone was just dancing on the tables having a party it was unlike anything I have ever seen. I thought the girls in Vegas were gorgeous I was so wrong. The girls in Mykonos are probably some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life. All of the hottest girls from Europe go their to party. It was weird not having instructors their but I had a great time. I met some amazing women in Mykonos and partied at tables that I probably will never be able to afford again. What Mykonos also reinforced was how good of a network the program had. We were hooked up overnight with the best tables and clubs every single day and night. Mykonos was non stop and it was off to Poland.

    I didn't really have high hopes for Poland especially coming from Mykonos. I was completely wrong, I didn't want to leave and this is where we really became bonded with one another. I didn't want to leave Poland I really enjoyed my time here. I thought I would catch up on sleep but didn't I was out overnight till 7am watching the sunset.

    The final leg is probably where I grew the most from this program. This was the part where I was putting the pieces all together. Sweden was really fucking hard in the beginning and I struggled immensely but it also forced me to really be on point. In Vegas the margin for error was greater where as in Sweden it was a lot lower. Sweden forced me to work on my weakest part of game and it wasn't till the end of Sweden where everything really started to click for me. The partys were absolutely insane.

    The greatest lesson of all in Sweden was the circle of truth which lasted 17 hours. It was where instructors alumni and current rockstars tell you the most honest feedback that you would never receive anywhere else. It was honestly a once in a lifetime opportunity and it is pretty brutally honest. You have 20 guys all telling you the same thing so its pretty much impossible for your brain to ignore it or not believe it. This night forever changed me and the path of the rest of my life to be honest.

    The girls were by far the most beautiful women I have ever encountered in my life and it totally changed my perception of not being imtiminated by any girl ever again. If you asked me at the start of the program to approach Swedish girls and have success I would of crashed and burned but the program built me into a new man. Sweden changed me completely and was probably the most influential part of the program.

    Post Rockstar

    When I came to this program I thought I would leave being really good with girls but it became so much more. The issues were so much more rooted than I thought. I worked so much on my inner self that manifested into a huge confidence and belief in my self on what I can accomplish in my life not just with girls but with everything. I don't recognize the man I have become.

    Final Thoughts
    - The program is super intense and you need to trust in yourself and the instructors. They don't care about wether you are able to get with an attractive girl. You have nothing to prove to them, just listen to what they ask from you and do it. You will grow so much from just giving it your all.
    - I honestly don't even recognize myself and the person I have become. Back home people have all said I changed and act like a completely more confident and mature person. I went from being a big drinker to refusing alcohol because I honestly don't need it anymore to approach or talk to girls. My game has gotten really good to the point where going out back home is like fishing with dynamite.
    - There is nothing in the world that comes even close to this program and what it does for people. The transformations I saw not only from me but from all of the people in my class was absolutely incredible for all ages.
    - Project rockstar honestly saved my life and I would of been so screwed without it. If I had to redo my life again and was only allowed to do one thing from my past without hesitation I would choose to do rockstar again.

  10. Andrew says that people interested in Rockstar find these reviews helpful because they are the first place people go for information. I'm going to try to avoid being duplicative with what the others have said.

    The bottom line is that I got a lot of benefit out of the program. It was time and money well spent. Iíd do lots of things differently if I had a do over; everyone would. Iíll give my advice below.

    I met Tanner and other RS alumni at a LS bootcamp in Los Angeles. I had literally never set foot inside a club. I had never done a single approach. By the end of that bootcamp, Iíd gotten to the point where I could approach reliably and even managed to pull a girl before I got derailed by some very unfortunate events beyond my control.

    Tanner invited a few of us to do the 10-day and three of the people from that camp decided to do it. He also encouraged us to apply to Rockstar.

    The 10-day was absolutely amazing. It was hands-down the best money Iíve ever spent. At the end of it, a few guys had dropped from Rockstar and so Andrew offered 4 of us spots in the program. (It was the same 3 guys I met from last November plus another guy we had picked up and gotten close with.) We all took it.

    Rockstar helped me put in the reps to build skill quickly and it gave me a network of supportive friends who could help me continue on this journey.

    That said, reading about our experience isnít going to help you. Rockstar changes drastically every year. Our year had tons of changes from the year before, and alumni from only 4 years ago barely recognized the program.

    Whatever problems our RS had arenít going to be there for you because the program will be changed to avoid them. And whatever benefits we got are entirely a matter of our pre-RS situation and the attitudes we brought with us.

    Rockstar is a massive fork in your road of life. There is no possible way that a generic review can help you make this decision. On some level you know this. So why are you really here? Why are you avoiding doing the things that will actually solve your problem?

    If you actually want to find out about Rockstar, just ask them to arrange a private call with a few alumni. If you can, do a 10-day before deciding. Mine was hands-down the best money Iíve ever spent and it will allow you to make a truly informed decision. The 3-day events they are offering are a good way to test the waters if you donít want to jump right in.

    If you are really having issues making a decision, youíll probably get some clarity if you read Russ Harris and Bev Aisbettís book _The Illustrated Happiness Trap_. Russí following book, _The Confidence Gap_ has a lot of material thatís directly relevant to inner game.


    The core of Rockstar is about giving you a fresh perspective. Research shows that people who are successful at pickup are successful because of how they think about it.

    Everything in Rockstar boils down to this. You spend 9 weeks away from home because your current environment is rewarding you for the wrong things. The outer game material isnít complicated, but Rockstar gives you access to tons of people who know it. There are so many perspectives and points of reference that youíll be able to find one that makes it click. If you do some other program and donít resonate with the coachís perspective, you are SoL. Finally, the inner game material gives you a new perspective on the things you think are holding you back. From that new point of view, youíll see that these imposing barriers are really just cardboard. You can easily kick through.

    Once you have that new vantage point, the instructors will help you learn game as quickly as possible, and Rockstar help you address other aspects of your life that you want to change given your new outlook.

    That said, thereís no such thing as a program that works for absolutely everyone. Andrew tries to only bring on people he specifically thinks he can help. Iíve seen him and Alex tell people that Rockstar wasnít for them. And Iíve seen them say that programs offered by other people are going to be better investments. If they are telling you that RS is a good fit, then they believe it would benefit you.

    Another important aspect of Rockstar is that thereís built-in quality control. Andrew canít do the program without help from a lot of other people. If those guys decide that heís not offering a worthwhile program. Theyíll just stop and Rockstar wonít happen. In point of fact, if enough of the right people got pissed, they could ditch him and do Rockstar without him. Everyone involved in Rockstar is doing it by choice because they want to ďpass it onĒ.


    My advice to future RSs

    The application:

    My application sucked for a variety of reasons.

    The first one is my fault. I didnít know these guys, I wasnít comfortable being fully open with them. Having done RS and met the alumni, I can attest that theyíve seen everything at this point. Nothing is going to strike them as fucked up or so bad that theyíll reject you. Various alumni have been hospitalized for psychiatric issues, have been homeless, are kidnapping targets, grew up being physically or emotionally abused, living with extreme levels of chronic pain, and every other thing you can think of.

    In fact, they donít really care about the actual answers you give. They care about whether you are being fully open and trusting.

    The second reason my application sucked is that the questions donít really elicit the kind of responses they are really looking for. If you have some inner game hang-up, thereís no real place to put that answer. Iíve asked them to rework the application and the whole process. It probably wonít happen this year due to timing.

    So my advice is to find a way to get as much deep personal information about yourself in there as possible. Anything that you are afraid to write or tell someone should be front and center. Anything weighing on your soul or causing you ongoing emotional pain needs to be there too.

    This is really where talking with people will help. Once a few of us know you, we can help you know what your application should focus on.

    The fitness transform:

    I had been losing weight before starting Rockstar, and being a competitive athlete, I already exercised pretty intensively.

    Thereís nothing special about the fitness portion. If you havenít worked out before, literally any program is going to work for you. If you have, then just being more methodical and disciplined is going to help you move forward.

    Most of us arenít fans of Gethinís program. There are substantially better ones out there. Athlean-x is probably the best of that type. But you can just go on the fitness subreddit and read their wiki and end up just fine. They have more than enough free resources to get you started on both the diet and exercise component.

    The real benefit of the fitness component is that you have made a commitment to do it and are being held to that commitment by your fitness mentor. Supposedly there is some lesson involved in doing Gethin, but I fail to see how that program in particular has something to teach above and beyond more recent options.

    The diet aspect is the more important part. I had the ďbenefitĒ of growing up with a diabetic father. So I was used to counting calories, weighing food, and so forth. For people who havenít done this before, youíll learn a very valuable skill. Yes the material online will help you understand the concepts, but being totally OCD about it is going to help you internalize that material way faster.

    But again, lots of us take issue with certain aspects of the rules. A few minor tweaks would make for a significant improvement in what you learn from this part of the program.

    Also, Iíve got a long list of technical improvements to the fitness spreadsheets. Iím probably not going to be able to do them in time for your RS year. But if someone reading this has advanced spreadsheet skills, Iíll be happy to advise you on what needs improving. (None of this changes the core functionality, but it would make it easier to use both for inputting information and for understanding how you are doing.


    The various Rockstars had chatted somewhat during the fitness transform. In retrospect, we should have set up a recurring group call and otherwise been more structured about getting to know people and learning how to have discussions as a group.

    As far as the house went, there were a few minor bumps, but based on what alumni have said about past years, the major kinks from the year before have been ironed out. Again, we really should have figured out how to efficiently run a group meeting out of the gate. Not doing this caused various avoidable issues throughout the program. The guys who ended up getting the least out of the program are the ones who lost out the most because of this. Had we been more structured with meetings, weíd have been in a better position to learn from each other and bump heads in ways that would have left everyone better off. More importantly, it would have highlighted exactly who needed to be given chances to take on important support roles for the group. The guys who fell through the cracks are the ones who didnít get this chance.

    Regarding the time in Vegas, the biggest issue was that we shared the first part with students from a 10-day running in parallel. This spread resources too thin. The universal recommendation was to make the 10-day a prerequisite for Rockstar. That may or may not be feasible for the coming year, but I believe it is a goal. If that happens, then everyone will be on the same page and the outer-game portion of Rockstar can pick-up where the 10-day left off.

    As for nights out, there are a few takeaways. On a 10-day, you mostly have the instructors and a few alumni who might drop by. On RS you have way more instructors and a ton of alumni. So the coaching ratio is far better. It also allows you to see how different people have put their spin on the skills and issues and benefit from multiple perspectives.

    A side-effect of Rockstar is that youíll come away liking EDM. Another side effect is that youíll learn to love crowded venues like Hakkasan. At the beginning, I hated the place, at the end, it was my favorite venue and some of my happiest memories took place there.

    The Vegas leg of the fashion transform got derailed for our year due to factors beyond anyoneís control. I donít know what they are doing for your year. Itís still up in the air.

    My personal advice (as someone who essentially put no budget on clothing) is that you should probably focus on cheap clothing for the Vegas leg. Zara stuff falls apart, but you only need it to last for a couple of months. By the time you get to Sweden, youíll have a better feel for what looks good on you, have better knowledge of how to handle yourself in a club to avoid messing up really nice clothing, and benefit from the cheaper prices.

    I ended up screwing myself on baggage fees because despite showing up to Vegas with basically nothing, I ended up with 3 large checked bags by the end of it. If Iíd only bought nice stuff in Sweden instead of in both locations, I could have ditched the cheap stuff and had only my nice stuff going forward.

    A minor peeve of mine is that I told multiple instructors that I had issues buying things off the rack and was repeatedly dismissed. Low and behold, everywhere we went ended up with a very imperfect fit. Iíd hope theyíd take this more seriously next time and come up with a way to deal with it (i.e. by having stuff tailor made. There are places in Vegas that do this; they just needed to make the appointments ahead of time).

    They also need to do the fashion stuff right out of the gate. It took place too late in Vegas for us to benefit.

    Road trip:

    Because we werenít really organized at the beginning, a lot of places we wanted to go were not viable by the time we got to picking. This should be a topic of group discussion during the fitness transform and you should make the decision in the first couple of days. Waiting longer limits your options.

    Itís worth asking questions about where alumni are living, where people have been before, and so forth.

    I was surprised at how cool Krakow was and would highly recommend it as the second leg of the road trip. Itís beautiful and very affordable. This allows you to splurge on the first leg.

    As for the first leg, the planning needs to be better and more stringent. Ideally, youíd put the budgeted money into an account ahead of time so that people canít back out. Because what happened for us is that people committed to a certain expenditure level and then started pulling out and haggling once we got there. So we ended up having to alter our schedule. This made the guys in charge of that leg have a miserable time and it ultimately hurt us all.

    In retrospect, Iíd do things the reverse of how we did them -- Iíd get a budget for the entire trip. Then Iíd back out which places we could afford to go all out on. That probably means a very cheap locale for the second leg and then a somewhat more expensive place for the first one. Instead we were limited by what was available and had to make choices and back into a budget. This didnít work well.

    Iíd also keep a few days towards the end of the second leg open as absolute down-time. By this point we were totally beat and needed to spend a few days lounging around. Also, it makes it less intrusive if a few alumni want to drop by and visit you guys. Iím glad the alumni showed up, but not having an open schedule meant that we had to cut out some planned activities that we were looking forward to.

    This part of the trip was very different. The main attraction is the final two circles -- truth and appreciation. For many people this is the most beneficial part of the program. Again, the guys who didnít benefit as much were the ones who hadnít been engaged enough to get good feedback here.

    I had a good time on this part of the trip. There were an assortment of activities with various alunni and a bunch of optional seminars. Even though the idea is to be less structured, I think setting times for this stuff ended up being more of a headache than it needed to be and made it challenging for alumni to do things they wanted to offer.

    The other aspect of Sweden is the business mentor seminars. It just so happens that this material was already in my wheelhouse, so I didnít benefit as much as the others. But I think that just about everyone else got a ton of benefit out of it.

    Post Rockstar:

    My biggest regret is that I had prior obligations in Europe that I couldnít avoid. So I had to leave right after Rockstar ended. You should *plan* on spending about a month doing something with the guys afterward.

    My plan had been to do my obligatory stuff and hook back up with people at the tail end of Barcelona, but events got in the way. So I think you should leave you options as open as possible. Clear things as far out into the future as you can. (At least through the end of the European immersion.)

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