Did I fuck up texting a girl?

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    Did I fuck up texting a girl?

    So I just wanted you guys to answer this question to me.
    I used to know this girl in school up untill 9th grade. But then I switched schools. I have always liked her, but I never had the gut to tell her. We haven't spoken for 2 years. But I plan to meet up with her soon. So my plan is to text her a couple times and then ask her to hang out. I asked my mom to help me text her (Yeah, I have bearly any expirience with girls). Now I regret asking her because I think we messed up.

    So here's how the conversation went:
    Me: Hi
    Her: Hi
    Me: How's things?
    Her: Fine 😅
    Me: How're things at school?
    Her: Fine
    Her: What about you?
    Me: Did you know that now I learn in Riga now?
    Her: Yes
    Me: Fine
    Me: Do you have to learn a lot?
    Her: Yes
    Me: Where do you plan to go after 12th grade?
    Her: Dunno yet
    Me: Are you waiting for the autumn holidays?
    Her: uhmm...
    Her: Well yes
    Her: 😅
    Me: Me too
    At this point I just couldn't take it. The conversation has went totally to a mess thanks to my mom. Neither of us wrote anynthing to each other anymore.
    The reason I didn't like this conversation was because I simply asked such generic and boring questions. Yet I saw tonns of oppurtunities to make the conversation flow better. But my mom was like: "No. Do as I say! You'll mess up."
    Of course I can still fix things, but I simply need your opinions, so I would know how badly I messed up.

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    The conversation sounded a little more like you interviewing her, that is, asking questions and taking answers. But I don't think you messed up even a little bit. Judging from your age, some other boys have probably had much worse conversations with her. So there's nothing to worry about, just be relaxed when talking to her, maybe she already likes you too, you never know.

    "We should hang out sometime during the holidays, I miss seeing your pretty face." Write her that and let's see her reply. All the best young man!

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