Saw my brother's Tinder. Should I tell his girlfriend?

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    Saw my brother's Tinder. Should I tell his girlfriend?

    While browsing the web last night, I came across this online dating platform called Tinder. Iíve heard a lot of successful stories on an international dating blog about individuals who became couples, because of this dating medium. Itís actually inspiring but never in my life would I try dating online. Itís risky and filling out some personal details for everyone to see is never a good idea.

    When I was about to close the page, something caught my attention. I saw a very familiar face with a description below his picture saying ďLooking for my girl. In need of a relationshipĒ. Suddenly I realized it was my brotherís profile. Why on earth would he be on Tinder when heís actually in a relationship? Does this mean heís cheating? Now, Iím torn between asking him first or telling his girlfriend about it. Please give me some advice on what to do!

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    First, you should confirm that your brother is still using Tinder. Maybe the profile you saw was an old profile when he was single. If you think he is cheating in his relationship then you should definitly tell it to his girlfriend.

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    Yes, that's my plan: if he is still using Tinder. Yes, there's a possibility that it was an old account and he may not be using it today. However, I don't know how to ask him. He might be angry and tell me it's not my business. Anyways, thank you for that!

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    Just ask him how things are going over cold beer, tell him you're thinking of doing a dating profile on Tinder and if he has any tips. I'd just be honest about it if he asks if you saw his profile. I'm not sure if he can see if you "snooped" on his profile but if he asks, just go "yeah and I was kind of surprised because I thought things were ok with your girlfriend". Depends how often you confide in each other.

  5. Why would you rat your own brother out? Do you have any kind of moral compass whatsoever?

  6. Yeah id leave it alone for real, let his problems be his problem

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    dont rat your brother out thats super gay....and its a super weasel move to tell his girlfriend before even confronting him about it.

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