its cheeky here

i'm 27 can be a immensely energetic personality to be around sometimes, in reasonably good shape being a sports fan and in a physical line of work(definitely not a juice up looking dude), sense of humour, not poor but also not wealthy, has no problem approaching groups (anywhere from 2+), struggle with approaching single though and lets just say i'm not the best looking dude around.

Approaching and starting a conversation i'm fine with but i find i get bored easily while conversing, developing attraction and closing is the reason why i am here.

i have just started reading magic bullets, also picked up the game, after reading a few chapters i have found that some of it is a giving and will be easily figured out by most. Although, some of the more in depths points are very intriguing and i find myself replaying old dates or meets with women over and over noticing the moments these points could of helped me.

My question is, The book magic bullets, is it still relevant? i realise this book was written quite some years ago and as all things do they evolve. So how much of this book is still relevant (if any), and what has changed?