How to tame a shopaholic wife?

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  1. How to tame a shopaholic wife?

    My Filipina wife whom I have met during my visit in the Philippines is very shopaholic. This is one thing I hate about her. Sheís caring and very affectionate. She takes care of me and loves to feed me. Only her shopping behavior Iíve been really hating the most since. I donít even know how to deal with her sometimes. She loves to go abroad just to buy bags, shoes, clothes and more. She loves a foreign stuff; so that explains why. How do I tame her?

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    Yeah, wasting money is a common habit of all Filipina women. Have you ever thought that she is caring, affectionate, takes care of you, and feeds you just because you have money for her shopping?! Firstly, you should understand Why Do People Become Shopping Addicts . There is some good info. Secondly, be wiser, man. Sometimes, they act like they love you. However, in reality, money is the only thing they were looking for. Make sure she is honest with you!

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