Any creative ideas for a first date?

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  1. Any creative ideas for a first date?

    I met this woman through my top foreign dating coach. He matched us up after explaining that based on my interests and hobbies, she is the most perfect match for me. Anyway, we’ve been talking to each other on Instagram and Messenger, and have scheduled a date for this weekend. I’m feeling nervous, yet excited at the same time. Any creative ideas for our first date together? I don’t wanna bore her with the usual “movie-dinner-drinks” routine that most dating couples do. I wanna show her a good time and have an unforgettable date with this woman. I’m open to any ideas or tips

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    Here are some tips that can help you to make your first date successful:
    1. Select the Right Place
    2. Be comfortable
    3. Don't talk about your ex.
    4. Avoid Over Questioning
    5. Dress to Impress

    Good Luck!

  3. Dress well, take her to a place where you think she'll be interested in and just be you. Just keep us posted on what happened to your date

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  4. I remember my best first date actually! I am a single father of biy twins and I was looking for a partner interested in me and also wise and resourceful (emotionally) to build a relatonship considering my kids. It took several frogs to be kissed and several years to pass before I met the love of my life. She knew I was a father with responsibilities and she reacted really positively inviting me on a first date with my kids. We went on one the best kid show in Vegas we found on and it still warms my heart when I see the picture we took on that night. We've been together ever since.

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    As they say, women love with their ears, so behave openly and not shyly. And then she might think that you do not like her and the evening will be spoiled

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