Need help with confusing women

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  1. Need help with confusing women

    Ok so there is a 25 year old women I've been talking to for a couple of weeks now last weekend we went to the bar and she took me home the whole night at the bar she kept saying I'm not going to date you I'm not going to date you we ended up sleeping together that night unfortunately I really like her and would like to date her but she keeps sending me mixed signals like having phone sex with me and then ignoring me a little bit the next day I'm not for sure if it's because she's busy with work or if she is just uninterested I tried doing hot and cold with her but nothing works she just got out of a 1 year open relationship a week before we started talking and she said that in the future we could end up dating but to not hold out hope and she also said when we were on the phone the other day "well we've already established we're going to keep sleeping with each other" but when I ask her to come over and stay the night she usually just doesn't respond but we will text everyday all day I am starting to have feelings for her and I would like to date her even if it's an open relationship I'm very secure with myself and don't think manogomy is 100% necessary so if you have any more questions please ask I really need the help.

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    Need help with confusing women

    He probably thinks that if he starts a new relationship with you then his friends wont like him. Just igore what your friends or his friends think. If you two want to give it a second shot then I say do it

  3. I'd play her same game. If she run away from dating, do the same. For example, if she tells you again that she won't date you, then respond her: "You know, you're right, we won't date each other". Of course, keep sleeping with her.
    So, if she pushes, you push; if she pulls, you pull. This works great if you have the discipline to do it for long enough.

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    It seems like she is just doing time pass. She is not interested in dating. She doesn't have feelings for you. I think she talk to you in her free time only. So it would be better to clear that she want a relationship or not otherwise, you should move on find someone else.

  5. Her hot&cold behavior confuses you and leaves you, as I can see from your post, devastated. This is not a good base for a healthy relationship. If you want to date her, tell her so, clear and peaceful. If she says no, leave her alone and move on. If she says yes, well, take your lucky chance and go for it! You will feel relief in both results. Honesty can give you more than unregular phone sex.

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    In fact, the situation is complicated, the girl herself seems confused and does not know whether she is ready for a serious relationship or not. Maybe he thinks you're not serious.

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