Caught in the middle of past and present lovers

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  1. Caught in the middle of past and present lovers

    My then fiance and I broke up because we realised we wanted different things. She didnít want kids while I wanted to start a family already. About six months later a close friend and I developed feelings for each other. It all started when she asked me to babysit her child for a few days when she had to chaperone in some multiple city singles tours. It wasnít like how it was on movies. It wasnít very romantic or anything but rather it was like something that slowly fell into place. Sadly, just when I was about to ask her to make it official between us, she had to move away. She had a job offer in Seattle and didnít want to commit in a long distance relationship.

    By some sick twist, my ex fiance came back to the city after backpacking in Europe when we broke up. At first we were just catching up then we realised we still strongly feel something for each other. We agreed to try it out again but wonít rush it. Now, Iím kind of confused of what I feel. I think I still feel something for my close friend at the same time I know I still love my ex fiance. I need some serious advice for this.

  2. you need to clear your mind...or if bigamy is allowed in your country...

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