Should I take the risk of falling in love with him?

This guy just came into my life all of a sudden and out of nowhere. I just happen to pass by a certain post on my social media account and I left a comment that expressed my opinion on the topic. This guy decided to contradict me and replied a contrary opinion on my comment. We exchanged some points in the comment box and he eventually sent me a direct message to continue our discussion. He gets amused whenever I get annoyed at how I canít actually win an argument with him. He never fails to annoy me everyday but at the same time, he shows me he cares as he checks on me to know what Iím doing and if I am doing okay. He really can be annoying and sweet all the same time and for that, I started to feel a foreign feeling that I havenít actually felt for this guy before. Later, I realized I am already starting to fall for him. However, the problem is that he is not from my country. He is miles away and I donít know if he does feel the same way that I do. Should I still take the risk or should I withdraw myself from all of these as early as now?