Sterling 10-Day Bootcamp - Las Vegas, July 2018

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    Sterling 10-Day Bootcamp - Las Vegas, July 2018

    A very special 10-day Bootcamp that took place during the first ten days of Project Rockstar. I'll let the reviews speak for themselves.

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    If you’ve taken a program with Love Systems, or any dating company, this will be a much different experience. Over the last 5 years I’ve taken a bootcamp, and been to superconference twice.

    After watching some of the Project Rockstar live streams and hearing this could be the last year it happened I got in touch with Andrew. With the chance that this 10-day could be the last one offered, I knew I had to be there. It was a big sacrifice for me to make it happen.

    Driving into Vegas I was extremely nervous for what was to come, but also really excited. Staying in a house with the other 10 day guys helped me to settle in and get comfortable, and after getting through the first day of seminar and in field I was feeling good about the week to come.

    You could divide the program up into “outer game” and “inner game”.

    The outer game wasn’t really anything revolutionary that I hadn’t seen before. The main difference was the mindsets and approach that were behind it. Rather than try to conquer our way to success, we were taught a new mindset that was super beneficial to being able to just relax and have fun. One big realization I had on one of the nights out was finally seeing what it looked like to actually have fun at a bar by watching some of the instructors. I asked one of them to do a demo and he and 3 other alumni were goofing around, dancing, and teasing each other and also getting blown out left and right, and that actually even made it more hilarious. That was my first time seeing that outcome really doesn’t need to have any impact on my state.

    The simplified natural curriculum fits much better for me mentally than the Love Systems emotional progression model, which I had already seen at superconference previously, but it was helpful to have a more in depth discussion about it.

    One thing that I thought was really telling about how natural this approach is versus the old method of game is I left the 10 days of seminar with less than 1 notebook of notes. It wasn’t about scribbling down line after line, it was about diving deep and internalizing a better perspective on women, relationships, and humanity in general.

    The overall picture of how the system works was just much more natural where you’re not worrying about using a certain line, then going into attraction, then throwing in a comfort story and all that. And if you’re new to game, you don’t need to worry about any of that at all, it’s not going to change who you are. The seminar will just teach you how to communicate who you naturally are in a more attractive way.

    The presentation also seemed to make a big difference when it came down to the seminar material.

    The topics that Andrew taught were extremely well thought out and presented, but I was left disappointed with other portions of the seminars that were taught by other instructors. Some were simply sloppy, and the content wasn’t anything new.

    We spent the first 4 days going over the outer game concepts and going out at night, and then switched over to a deep dive on inner game and our inner psychology.

    On the earlier outer game nights, each particular night had a single goal in mind with specific lessons that went with those. I liked this approach because it made the night simpler and we could internalize each lesson one at a time.

    Some of the main focuses on inner game were that all of us spent way too much time in our heads rather than in our bodies. And we dove deep in our individual psychological hang-ups that govern all our interactions subconsciously. The main focus here was that what you say won’t have any impact if it’s not coming from the right place.

    We did various exercises over the few first days to help us all open up, get out of our heads a little, and really be open to looking into what was going on beneath the surface. And this is where the real work was done.

    As a group we went in a circle and shared things about our lives that a lot of guys have never told anyone before. Over the next 3 days after that we worked one on one with Andrew in front of the group, to really get to the core of what is holding us back mentally. This particular part was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done, without giving too much away, we essentially stared our inner demons in the face and worked through them. Then followed an exercise on bringing out our inner masculinity where again we had to completely let go mentally, but at the end it was one of the most intense and amazing experiences I’ve had.

    Watching everyone go through this process led to my biggest realization from the week. The fact we all have struggles going on, and that we might think we’re different and have unique problems, it became obvious that everyone is struggling with roughly the same problems. The fact that we had guys from over 10 different countries and all ages drove the point home even more. Seeing that we are all the same put us at ease, and also made a difference with all our interactions day to day, not just with women. Because you realize everyone is going through their own journey and you can have a better understanding of that.

    The space to share these difficult things was made possible by what Andrew called the container. Essentially we all created a safe environment to be open and share without any fear. The first day we all dedicated time to deciding what the rules of our container would be – trust, openness, honestly, no judgment, and more. It was this container that let us feel comfortable and have experiences most of us have never had before.

    After this deep dive the instructors gave us a few more outer game tools and we went back out. Personally I was completely drained mentally and also got sick so I didn’t notice a huge difference in results, but some of the guys were totally changed. In a few of the guys there was a very noticeable shift in a few of the students in particular, with them being much less in their head, more fun, and just lighter in general.

    This Vegas 10day is also special because it is combined with the kickoff of Project Rockstar. To me this was a little intimidating because with the intimacy of sharing personal details of my life and my past, I felt pretty vulnerable. But there’s also power in that too, seeing the same basic story play out over and over just reinforces how similar we all really are. As Andrew said, we are simply a product of our past experiences and influences.

    Who I think can benefit most from this program:

    Most of the guys in the room had gone through at least one program in the past, usually with Love Systems, but it just didn’t stick. If you’ve tried different methods but didn’t see lasting results this could definitely help. But it also goes a little deeper than that.

    With such a big emphasis on inner game, from my perspective the guys that got the biggest benefit are the ones that didn’t have a strong understanding of their own psychology. This program is designed to really dig into what’s happening bottom of mind, rather than top of mind – what is going on beneath the surface. Very little of what we do is determined by conscious decision, most is governed by the stories that our brains created based on our past experiences and influences.

    What to expect and prepare for:

    This is grueling, so be ready for that. Seminar routinely went from 2-8, sometimes starting earlier and going later, with infield from 10-2 or later, and there were also some nights where we didn’t go out and stayed in the seminar room until 4am. This 10 day was a little different in that we went out more than the standard 5 nights because it was also partnered with Project Rockstar.

    But come into it well rested and ready to go, and try to have as little outside work to do as possible.

    For those of you considering it, make it work, because it sounds like it will continue but not forever. If you have questions just get in touch with Andrew, he was more than willing to take time out of his day to answer questions for me.

    As far as the program goes, it’s not really something you can get anywhere else. This new curriculum focuses mostly on “inner game” and diving deep into who you are as a person. As we learned, it doesn’t matter how good your verbal skills and delivery are, if inside you are dying for the girl to like you, it will show through.

    The price

    The price seemed very high, but when you think about it in the context of your life it’s pretty minimal for the right person. $12,000 to completely change the quality of women in your life, who you end up marrying, and what your family will be like. Also, the skills you learn can be applied to relationships with friends and family, and will also make you more successful with business.

    Of course all this will depend on your financial situation. As Andrew said, they are basically providing a shortcut, giving us in 10 days what it took them 10 years to learn. So it is still possible to learn everything that is taught on your own, it’s just a matter of how much time and effort you want to put into it. Whether the shortcut is worth the cost to you.

    Not everything was perfect. Some of the seminars I thought could have been taught better, and with the deep dive into inner game, some of the outer game seminars from the old format had to be left out. But they will also be providing a huge library of notes and videos from the previous seminars so we will still have that information that there wasn’t time to cover.

    The instructors

    Andrew has spent the last 10 years learning and developing and refining this program, and that really shows. His ability to understand what each of us were thinking along the way was pretty awesome to see. He definitely has a skill at breaking down the concepts and teaching them in a way that makes it easy to understand and internalize.

    The other instructors were also very helpful throughout the week with questions and on the infield nights, but I felt like the seminars they taught lacked the depth and focus that we got from Andrew. They were all great guys that really wanted to help us, but the seminar could use some improvement.

    A spiritual awakening?

    Andrew said at the beginning of the program that we would leave with nothing short of a spiritual awakening. I’m not sure that’s how I feel now that I’m home, but there was definitely one experience in particular that you might considering an awakening.

    Was this program worth the investment?

    Overall I would say it really depends on your situation. If you tried this material before and didn’t see lasting results, or if you think you might have mental hang-ups as far your own personal psychology, I think it’s a great option.

    One of the other benefits is the guys you will meet on the program. The students are very successful in their own ways from all different industries, and just being able to be around that is amazing. On my 10 day our group all shared an Airbnb and that made a big difference in my experience.

    If you can afford the price I would say definitely give it a shot, and if you have any doubts just contact Andrew and they will be very helpful in guiding you in the right direction.

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    I did not make the decision to attend the 10 day bootcamp in Vegas lightly. Financially, it would mean that I would have to sacrifice my entire savings in order to pay for the seminar and cover for the various living expenses. Physically, it would mean that I would be risking my immune system due to the constant nights out since the program coincided with the start of Project Rockstar. Mentally, I knew the program would force me to face my inner demons. Therefore, when I found out that this year could possibly be the last time in which this program would be offered, I quickly reached out to Andrew. He told me that there was one final spot remaining and if that wasn’t a sign, I’m not sure what is. I made the deposit and was questioning myself if this was even worth it but when it was all said and done, I was incredibly glad that I took the giant leap of faith.

    The newly overhauled Simplified Natural or Game 3.0 curriculum was something that I had never seen before. Previously, I had taken a bootcamp with a former LoveSystems instructor but at the time, the teaching itself was very much routine based and focused primarily on outer game. Therefore, the material itself didn’t really latch on for me. The curriculum for the 10 day bootcamp specifically targets the inner game first and foremost to examine our inner beliefs in terms of masculinity and the way we look at going out. On the first day of the seminar, we were introduced to the idea of the container – a safe space between everyone so that you can share your ideas and deepest secrets without fear of judgment. Next, we delve into the idea of conquest vs surrender and that was when the light bulbs in my mind started flickering. For many guys that go out to meet women, it can seem like a daunting task as if you are trying to climb Mt. Everest and then jump from the peak in order to reach the moon as one alumni mentioned. We always have an intrinsic need in our mind: “I want her to like me, I want her to enjoy my company, I want her to give me her number, I want her to go home with me.” The conquest mindset is of conquering and taking, but what if there is a better alternative? What if you go in with the mindset of surrendering? Surrender to your fears that she might not like you, surrender to your fears that your mind is trying to keep you safe by telling you not to approach, and surrender to your fears that you’re in over your head but don’t judge yourself for any of those thoughts. Instead, the only thing you should focus on is having fun and trying to get into state so that you can be social and add value to everyone’s night when going out. When I was first introduced to this new concept, I knew we were in good hands and it set the tone for the remainder of the 10 day.

    Each night was focused on one or two specific tasks which I felt really helped to absorb the information. For example, during the first night out, our goal was to approach as many people as possible, men or women, and have dry, boring-ass conversations. The goal was very easy to do because there was no pressure to perform or to do well and it just made conversation felt normal. The only caveat was that you had to stay in the interaction until the other person leaves or if the conversation lasted at least 20 minutes before you can go. Oddly enough, when I went out that night, I had a blast. We went to XS Nightswim and within my first few approaches, I was blown out immediately. By the 5th or 6th blowout, you don’t even care anymore and it made getting blown out comical, enjoyable even. Moreover, the Rockstars, alumni, and instructors were there with you and they had to follow the same procedures so it was entertaining to see everyone getting blown out left and right regardless of skill level but yet still have an amazing time. The thing that really blew my mind was that we weren’t there to pick up women that particular night and we were out to have fun. In doing so, women can sense that we didn’t have an agenda and the drier the conversation became, the more interested the women became in the interaction. I was surprised at how topics that I would normally considered boring and mundane in a conversation turned out to be some of my best interactions that night. I remember specifically having a 30 minute conversation with a gorgeous brunette who was in the process of attaining her Ph.D in Social Work about the technicalities of child services. Another student of the 10 day had a riveting conversation with a smoking hot blonde from Canada about the Holocaust and Auschwitz.

    For the second day, we learned about the idea of getting into state by honoring the sacred hour. Essentially, what can you do as an individual to get to a place where your energy is naturally inviting to others and would make other people want to interact with you? We were provided with different ways and tips on how to get into state. The goal for that night was to practice the sacred hour in order to get into state and similar to the first night, just go out to have fun with zero expectations. That night, we went to Hakkasan to celebrate Andrew’s birthday and got bottle service. All around me people were having fun talking, dancing, and enjoying themselves. I went around the club and focused on having fun and practicing the sacred hour like we learned about and sure enough I was in state about 30 minutes into the night. I approached a group of girls and spoke to this stunning curly haired girl from Cali and it turned out she had a twin. Luckily, one the 10 day students walked by and was able to be my wingman. We moved the girls to the table and immediately it was on. Everybody at the table was hooking up with girls left and right. If you were an outsider looking in, you would want to join our table simply due to the fact that we were having the most fun. There were plenty of other groups that also had bottle service but they looked absolutely miserable. As quoted from one of the instructors, “fun is the cost of entry” and our table was the epitome of that quote. I was dancing and kissing with some of the most gorgeous women that I have ever seen in my life and it all stemmed from the fact that I wasn’t out to pick up women but was out to have fun. As a byproduct, the energy becomes contagious and girls want to join in on the action.

    The main thing that I was intrigued the most by was around the middle part of the program where we stopped learning about outer game and really focused in on inner game and sharing parts about ourselves that we don’t even share with our very close friends. There was one night in particular where we went around in a group and shared some of our deepest, darkest fears and insecurities. In hearing the stories from both the Rockstars as well as the 10 day students, we come to realize that everyone is suffering to some degree or another. Our pain may vary but we’re all flawed individuals. Coming to terms with my personal demons during this session was therapeutic and I felt lighter after sharing my story. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room when the night was done and I felt a closer bond to the group than some of the friends that I have back home. You realize that it’s not all about picking up women. Essentially, it’s all about the individual and you learning to accept yourself as being the imperfect individual and work in progress person that you are. I know it sounds incredibly clichť but it’s all true, the only person stopping you from succeeding is yourself. Following that night, the next few days were dedicated to what was called as “interventions” where one participant sits in front of the room and is facilitated through a breathing/visualization exercise where you tap into your inner masculinity. For me, this was worth the price of admission for the entire program itself. I was the second person to go through the intervention that day and it felt like an out of body experience. An awakening if you will. When I came to, I just felt this surge of raw energy coursing through my body and seeping through my veins. Like one of the instructor said at the beginning of the program, “you came looking for x but end up receiving y.”

    That night, we were told to go out with the sole purpose of having fun and see how far you can push the interactions. I was already in state from the intervention exercise that I was in that every interaction that night seemed to go extremely well and positive. The blowouts themselves became inviting and enjoyable at this point considering I didn’t show up with an agenda and many women complimented me on my boldness and confidence. I didn’t even recognize myself after that night. The energy carried over to the next night where we went to XS again and I was able to pull a girl home. We shared an amazing night and the following morning, she was thanking me for the amazing experience and kept sending me texts throughout the day about how great it was. Before when I used to hook up with girls, my views on sex were more from a selfish and self-centered mentality. I can honestly say that after the program, I look at sex at a much healthier outlook as something that is normal and an incredible experience that is shared between two person (or more if you’re into sharing.) Everything felt natural from my approach, the interaction itself, and me leading the girl home. It was the polarity that the instructors spoke about where you as a man need to tap into your inner masculinity so that she can melt into you with her femininity. It’s a strange concept to try to conceive but one that you must experience first-hand in order to fully comprehend.

    All of the instructors are real solid guys who are very candid about their struggles when they first embarked on this journey. It’s crazy to think that these were the same guys who not too long ago, were in the same shoes that we were in and were just trying to figure it out on their own as well. There were no weird pickup codenames or any sleazy pickup material. The instructors shared about their story and what really resonated with their story was just how bad of a place that they all used to come from. To see them now, you would never imagine that they would have experience bouts of depression, nights of loneliness, and endless amounts of rejections. To see them in the clubs bantering away is a sight to behold and their game is on a whole other level. The most surprising thing that stuck with me was just how humble all of the instructors were. There was not an ounce of ego detected in the room and they were all supportive in wanting to see you succeed. The instructors themselves certainly don’t do it for money since they run successful businesses outside of pickup but they do it because they care and want to give back. It’s evident as well when you have alumni of Project Rockstar who come back year after year and are actually spending money out of their own pockets in order to help support the program. It’s a true testament that these guys keep coming back and speaks volumes to all of the guys who pour their hearts into teaching this stuff. I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative of this opportunity to attend this particular 10 Day considering how close I was to missing the entire thing altogether. Thank you to all of the amazing people that I have met along the way including the other 10 Day students, Rockstars, alumni, and the instructors’ team. I have changed monumentally for the better after the program and just feel a sense of confidence that I didn’t have previously. Plus, it’s not with just pickup but it transcends further than that including how I go about things now in other parts of my life. Just a few days removed from the program but my friends, coworkers, and family have commented how I seem to be more fun to be around where that wasn’t the case before. I can honestly say that this program was worth the hefty investment. Do whatever you can to get on the program. Beg, borrow, or maybe steal if necessary. Do whatever it takes so that good karma will come your way and allow you to be on the program. To answer if this 10 day is worth it, I can say without a doubt that it is 1000/10!

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    This isn’t necessarily a review, but a telling of my experience on the 10-day. My hope is that this resonates with people that can relate to my struggles. Ultimately motivating them to take the leap of faith for their own 10-day. Before I start, I would like to briefly talk about the events that led me there. I am of Asian descent who is 5’5” that grew up in, what I would consider, the ignorant part of the Southern US. I had an absent father due to supporting my family. I was pretty much raised by my mom and older sister. I didn’t grow up with a strong role model to teach me many valuable lessons a young boy should learn. I either learned these lessons from TV, shitty role models or my mind just filled in the blanks as I grew up. Compounded with excessive bullying, my childhood led me to some crippling limiting beliefs that have followed me into my 30’s.

    Last year I stumbled on a promotion of Super Conference from a podcast I listen to. It was my first exposure to the PUA community. At that point, I had given 100% of my life to my career, got out of a toxic long-term relationship, lacked any real connections with people and felt I hit rock bottom in almost every other aspect of my life. I was aware that change needed to happen and figured what the hell and went to Super Conference. That weekend was a mind-blowing experience where I learned that my life has been dictated by limiting beliefs and it’s actually possible to change. Super Conference kick-started a journey in changing my mindsets and really developing my social skills (what I used to think I could never change). Another take away from the weekend is that I utterly detested (most of) the PUA culture. From some of the jaded views of women, to the circle jerks of “lay reports”, to the vernacular like “opening sets” and “Compliance testing” all made my freaking skin crawl. My journey has a much broader scope than just “getting laid”. I want to live life true to myself without the shackles of my limiting beliefs, I want to build deep connections with people, I want to live a truly fulfilled life, and a most certainly don’t want to look back on my life as waste when I get older.

    The next year up to the 10-day I would consider my journey to be quite clumsy. I Initially decided to go a DIY approach but found myself spending a lot of time finding information on a variety of self-development topics that didn’t work well for me. Then I used a confidence coach for a few months that also didn’t quite hit the mark. I felt like I was still trying to shoot a bullseye in the dark. My strategy for growth wasn’t necessarily a waste of time, but in my opinion, horribly inefficient and frustrating.

    Why I chose the 10-day?

    The PR instructors who helped out at Super Conference last year left a positive and lasting impression on me. Andrew gave a talk on inner game that really resonated with me where he emphasized women are a byproduct of living a masculine lifestyle. Alex also ran a breakout session on the art of a conversation and was arguably the most impactful session I had in the whole weekend. In general, I noticed the PR instructors had a unique presence about them that the other LS instructors didn’t have. I instantly knew that’s what I wanted to bring out of myself. At this point, the 10-day was certainly in my sights and possibly PR if I can make the cut.

    Leading up to the program, I was a mixed bag of emotions as there wasn’t much clarity on what to expect other than the promise of, “incredible change”. On day 1 of the seminars, it was made abundantly clear that all my issues with women had nothing to do with women at all. The teachings of that day resonated with me and I knew there was a lot I could learn, but I still had my reservations.

    The first couple of days Andrew set the stage for what we could expect for the rest of the program. He quite eloquently broke down his philosophies on how our instincts worked (and how they worked against us), why our strategies on self-development haven’t been working, living life in the body and not the mind, what it means to actually “have fun”, and much much more. He and the instructors also sprinkled in some “outer game” tips that I thought were great communication tips. Many of the other students stated that the “outer game” stuff presented wasn’t anything groundbreaking and new. But since I pretty much stayed away from the PUA scene after super conference 2017, I found myself eating all this information like a fat kid binging on chocolate cake.

    As expected, the nights were the most stressful for me. My general assumption in all social interactions is that people don’t like me (what I later learned is a cognitive racket I create for myself), so my approach anxiety was through the roof every night. The challenge of the first night was to have “dull conversations” aiming for a rejection. I thought it was for sure going to be a shoe-in for me because who likes talking about finance? Like many others in the program, I found it was much more difficult to blowout with a dull conversation. It was amazing to see where the conversation went if you just let go of the expectation of hitting on her. I actually found myself getting bored of the conversation before she did. This night was probably the most eye-opening for me. Like the rest of the program, all the theory that’s taught is quite simple and very easy to understand, but to really experience them first hand is truly profound.

    The next night was the most painful for me of the whole program. To the point where I would have rather been kicked in the nuts. The theory during the seminar was the breakdown of “fun”, what it means to actually “have fun” in social settings, and tactics to get into a “fun” state. For a shy individual like myself, it was a much easier said than done. I spent most of the night making laps around the club trying to get out of my head but hit one rejection after another (By both males and females). I remember distinctly beating the shit out of myself during the night with, “what the hell am I doing here?” or “what the fuck is wrong with me?”. I then gave up and headed to our table to find everyone partying their ass off. I stood at the edge of our booth with another student having a similar experience as I. We pretty much watched everyone party while we wallowed in our self-pity. This more-or-less reflected a typical night when I would go to a nightclub. It was a very defeating night which made me seriously consider leaving the program and go home.

    During our debrief the following day, many of the students had very similar experiences that night. It was comforting to know I wasn’t the only one. On many of the topics we discussed, Andrew had the philosophy of “As long as it takes”. This means that some topics and discussions were so important that it didn’t matter how long it would take. He put a lot of effort in making sure everyone was on the same page. This debrief was one of them and it was one of many powerful actions he took that gave me faith in the program. My take-away from the debrief is that:

    1. I set un-realistic expectations on me
    2. I use my failures as confirmations to my judgements
    3. I judge the living shit out of myself
    4. I’m not alone in this journey

    By day 5, we had begun to delve quite deep into our psyche and defining masculinity. These were certainly the longest seminars and 1 night took us all the way to 4AM. In my opinion, this part of the program is the most powerful. Not only did I learn a lot about how the human mind works, I received a lot of clarity on how MY mind works. We also began to explore an intense meditation practice to get us out of our heads and into our body. Side note: I have meditated for over a year now and this was on a whole other level. I began seeing glimpse of the idea of, “its ok for me to love myself and that I am actually enough”. Not judging myself and self-compassion began to really sink in for me.

    This leads into night 5. This night was supposed to be a night off, but me and some other students decided to go out anyway to put our ever-growing social tool belt to practice. The approach anxiety was still there, the blowouts were a-plenty, and I was even called out a few times to trying hit on girls, but there were absolutely no fucks given out by me that night (maybe a few were given, but I didn’t beat myself up about it). There were definitely ups and downs in the night, but overall, I was having a blast and people felt it. I even caught a number of women checking me out. To top off the night, I’m going to share an experience. I was winging with another student and we approach a couple of girls. There was a super cute girl in a white skirt that I introduced myself to. I was so in my body at the time, I don’t even remember talking to her friend. I pulled the girl in the white skirt over to me and she said in my ear, “you’re so hot”, and I shit you not within 5 words, we started making out. Never did I think this was possible. Especially from a short Asian with low self-esteem like myself. Jesus take the wheel, I was sold on the program.

    It was also powerful and motivating to see the dynamic change many of the students went through in a handful of days. I have never in my life been in a setting where there was such a high concentration of people who wanted to better themselves. As well as incredible role models that were packed with wisdom that were more than willing to help us. I felt I was literally learning something new every second I was there at the program. It was truly a unique experience that I will never forget and quite sorry that it’s over. The days were filled with plenty of uncomfortable situations that led to valuable lessons and a number of breakthroughs that really blew my mind on what I thought was possible for me. The amount of growth and clarity I gained during the week alone was well worth the money.

    As you may have already surmised by now, the program is far from easy and jam packed with things to learn. I’m glad that “game” was a small fraction of the program which is exactly what I was looking for. There were a few very powerful lessons that I was able to experience that I’ll hold on to for the rest of my life. These included:

    1. Live with feeling and not with logic
    2. Every failure isn’t really a failure because there’s always something to learn from
    3. Act without judgement to others and to myself, 4. Surrender to my emotions
    5. Give the gift of fun.

    Among all of these, I also left the program with a good deal of clarity on where I need to go now and what I need to get there. I am very optimistic on the growth I’m going experience this coming year.

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    I've done a couple of bootcamps before so I came in thinking that the 10 day would be a modified version of a bootcamp, perhaps with a different emphasis on the same material or taught in a slightly different way. Boy was I wrong!

    The first day was somewhat nerve wracking simply because we were beginning on this long journey - in my case many weeks long because of Rockstar - and there were many new and unfamiliar faces in the room. With up to 30 of us we had a lot of people to get to know.

    The material was unlike anything I've ever seen before. It started with the premise that the reason we'd all had so much trouble in this area of our lives was because we were coming at it from the wrong perspective, with a 'conquest' philosophy that was bound to run out of steam and lead to frustration. The process we went through had a deep emphasis on internal work rather than external mechanics, and for the most part taught us principles rather than any particular lines or routines. Even things like flirting were taught with an emphasis on us finding what made us laugh rather than try to 'perform' for girls and get them to laugh. The entire approach had the benefit of putting control or agency in our hands because we weren't looking for a good reaction to get into state, or for them to laugh at our jokes.

    I confessed some of my deepest fears and anxieties during this period. While it was uncomfortable, it made me realise that I shouldn't beat myself up for the challenges I've had in this area of my life. I'd always assumed that it was just a lack of willpower and courage on my part that was responsible i.e. that I just had a massive and likely irredeemable character flaw. That belief sent me down a negative spiral and I was never able to recover and get myself to do approaches. The internal work we did on the 10 day had the benefit of breaking the negative spiral in my head and allowed me to get my head above water for the first time in a long time.

    Now there's a big difference between getting your head above water and flying, and I expect it's going to take me the rest of rockstar to get to that point. But that's okay. I've learned not to judge myself too harshly.

    I'm very appreciative of the strong sense of empathy that the instructors had. I think I wouldn't be alone in saying that just applying for a bootcamp or rockstar makes one feel pretty vulnerable, because it's an admission that this area of our lives that's so tied in to our own sense of masculinity is failing. Many of us did this simply because the pain we were carrying got to the point that it overwhelmed that vulnerability and got us to apply. Having instructors who made us feel like we were not broken or irreparably flawed, and that we just needed a different perspective and to work ourselves, was in itself a huge benefit of the program. Having taken bootcamps before I can say with confidence that you're unlikely to get this feeling elsewhere. Traditional bootcamps implicitly or explicitly left me with the message that I needed to adopt an approach of "Fake it till you make it", that if you fake being bold and masculine for long enough, at some point your mind will catch up. That had never worked for me and I'd always felt incongruent even trying that approach. This program flips that premise on it's head. It says that faking it will never get you there. Instead, by working on ourselves and clearing the internal blockages we face, it'll give our natural boldness and masculinity an opportunity to shine through. In that sense it truly tries to make you a 'natural' with women without any of the lines or gimmicks.

    At some point during the 10 day I started to feel a deep camaraderie with the 10 day students. A few of them had applied to Rockstar and were asked to consider the 10 day instead because it might be a better option for them given where they were in their lives. I don't know what made the instructors pick me for rockstar rather than the 10 day, but I could easily see myself switching places with one of these guys, many of whom had better game than I did and would have been easier students for the instructors on Rockstar. So I felt fortunate to have been picked for Rockstar to continue this journey after the 10 day is over.

    In terms of progress, I found myself getting into state with increasing regularity as the program proceeded, I saw the common humanity in my fellow rockstar and 10 day students as we were all struggling with different versions of the same problems, I saw myself open and be more vulnerable than I've ever been in my life and I felt a space opening up where progress was possible in this area...for the first time in a long time.

    So who is this program for ? I'd say this program is most suitable for someone who wants to work on themselves first and have more options with women be an outgrowth of that work. Andrew describes the mission of the program as helping men to heal. For that healing to be effective it's best for someone coming in to suspend disbelief, come in with a completely open mind and without any preconceptions. With that attitude and a willingness to learn, this program will be extremely valuable.

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    I did the 10-day bootcamp in New York in April and as it was the first bootcamp that really helped with my issues, that propelled me to continue my transformation journey in Project Rockstar, so I got to experience the 10-day for a second time in here in Vegas, both with my fellow rockstars and the guys who came only for the bootcamp. What an amazing experience. For 10 days, we formed a really tight container to support each other, bonded over past traumatic experiences, spiritual meditations, struggles in the nights out and banter during the seminars. Even though I knew most of the material from the previous bootcamp, the teachings are so deep that this time I interpreted the same information differently. I was ready to see things from a different perspective and understand the deeper layers of the teachings. This time I went out to the clubs to truly execute the teachings in this way and for better or for worse, I realized that I was in a much worse emotional and mental place than I thought I was. Iíve learned to accept that now without judging myself, and Iím currently working on overcoming my issues and challenges.

    In a nutshell, I'd say this is really an "inner game" bootcamp. It improves our "game" by identifying current personal traits and behaviors that are getting in our way to succeed with women - and which usually extend to other areas of our life. Itís a healing process geared towards inner fulfillment, which opens the door to finally start working on our limiting beliefs and allows us to get a different outlook on the way we relate to people in general, and especially to women. After having gone through it, we can finally get a glimpse of inner peace and the motivation to start taking risks and adopting new behaviors with women.

    The bootcamp is done in a way in which we learned as much from the instructors as we learned from each other. This is done by forming a container - i.e. A tight support group - between the participants, where we can communicate freely, be vulnerable as men and trust our peers. Itís really powerful both emotionally and energetically, and it makes us realize weíre all human and that we all share an emotional pain thatís more similar than we think. This realization of "humanity", which was experienced more strongly after certain meditation exercises, was one of the main lessons of the bootcamp for me as it extends beyond connections with peers and friends, to women and people in general. Everyone, even a successful doctor, the CEO of a corporation, or a victoria secret model, has problems and feels distress just as we do. We're all going through the same stuff as humans, so we might as well help each other out and collaborate in building connections and relationships that will help us thrive. That mindshift alone, is helping me overcome social anxiety and think about new patterns of communication with people. This new experience of "humanity", when finally felt and understood, gave me the confidence to talk to people (and specially to hot girls) because why wouldn't I?... At the end of the day we're all human with problems and we're here to connect. Looking at it that way, it's almost silly not to approach people/women. During this 10-day, I did approaches that I never thought Iíd be able to do. I approached a few groups of 8-10 girls, some girls who were incredibly beautiful and even a couple of 6-foot blonde girls and told them they were gorgeous. All without being terrified. This is so great.

    I did a couple of 3-day bootcamps before, and even though I learned a lot, I could never get over my approach anxiety mainly because every time we went out to practice, each approach always felt like I was being sent into a suicide mission and even if the lesson was to realize that I wasn't gonna literally die from being rejected, the emotional distress was so strong that thinking I had to go through it hundreds of times until I could get desensitized, made me lose motivation and fall back into the same old behavioral patterns shortly after the bootcamp and never really try the "material" again. And it's even harder to practice when you don't have a wingman or people in the community to go practice with. I'm aware there are countless stories of people who have gotten over their fear of approaching this way, so this might work for you if you have enough willpower and time to push through it, but just be aware that willpower can only take you so far and after a while you might get to a point of burn out and just give up, which is what's happened to me and lots of people I've talked to as well. In my case, I felt like I was playing a painful game of distress and sacrifice so the good interactions I had weren't enough to keep me motivated.

    What changed in the 10-day is that most of the "right-attitude" concepts that are prerequisites to make the game fun and keep motivation, went from being just intellectual concepts to being internally understood, felt and assimilated. For instance, things like: "Get into state", "Be confident", "Be more masculine", "Get out of your head", "Don't make it personal", "Believe you can get the girl", etc. I had "learned" these kind of things before, but as with many classroom teachings, they always remained theoretical concepts that I knew made sense and I had to apply, but could never actually do it when I was in the heat of approaching and all my current emotional circuitry got activated and most times I just froze or acted weirdly. The 10-day approach is to go from an intellectual teaching to a more experiential one. So by mixing a bit of "outer game" teachings with diverse breathing and meditation techniques during the seminar, I could start to feel and experience how it is like, for example, to "get out of my head". I could never get out of my head by forcing my way out of it (yet, that's what I kept doing), but I finally did it by experiencing how it felt to be in my body and then I could practice how to do it when we went clubbing. This is what changed everything for me... I went out with my new feelings and energy felt in the "classroom" and talked to random people, got into state, had fun, tried being more sexual, etc. So for the first time I woke up the day after with a feeling of hope and motivation because I learned/realized that this new approach to the game is not about winning or losing, it's about going for the ride and having fun with myself, it's about building a fun vibe and connecting with people. Suddenly, Iíve had nights when I wasn't afraid to talk to girls and take some risks anymore. It just felt right to approach and to "be more masculine" so I found myself doing it. Reproducing this kind of feelings/state/vibe is not easy, as some of us found out during one or more nights when things just didn't "click" the same way, and I'm aware that lots of practice is required to get good at it, but the difference is that now "the game" is something that can be enjoyable instead of painful, so now I'm actually eager to go out and practice. And I can even do it while going out with my friends, because I won't be practicing openers and routines, I'll be practicing new feelings and a new mindset that will allow me to intentionally try new behaviors. Now I wanna play the game and I know that with practice I can be good at it.

    This is the kind of mindshift that sounds simple, but it's really not. it's the kind of thing that you can only (or at least more easily) experience with the right coaches and the right methodology. That's why the exercises done in the program are a mix of coaching, psychology, therapy, meditation and other techniques that go into the more energetic, spiritual and sometimes mystical realms. That's what bypasses our minds and intellects and gets us to feel and experience the teachings. If you're thinking about going through this program, you gotta be comfortable with this kind of stuff, or at least be open to try them and trust the coaches and your group of peers. My take is that some of this things can't be explained by modern science, but they exist, and they work, and right now I'm into trying what works. You unfortunately won't know what I'm talking about until you get to actually experience them, for example if you're into meditation or have tried certain drugs - which btw, are topics that are normal to talk about in the environment of the 10-day.

    I think the program is not for everyone as it's not cheap and the techniques used are a bit out there, but I really recommend you guys seriously consider doing it if:
    - You have a hard case of low self-esteem or limiting beliefs that stop you from meeting and connecting with people/women.
    - You have been carrying an emotional wound for a while that's blocking your progress as a person.
    - You're over thirty years old and unsatisfied with your situation when it comes to women.
    - You've already tried different "pick up" methods/programs for a while, but nothing has changed in a tangible way.
    - You're too much of a rational/intellectual "thinker" and have a hard time being a "doer" and taking action.
    - Pick-up/love/intimacy is an area of your life in which the problems are so pervasive, that it overshadows your whole life.

    To be honest, I never thought I'd need a program like this one, mainly because deep down I always fooled myself into thinking I was OK (Great job and social life) and into thinking I could get good with women by myself, so why would I spend so much money on a bootcamp?... The truth is that I had always been doing the same thing and therefore getting the same results, so I've been constantly dissatisfied in this area of my life. I had to admit to myself that I needed help and I'm glad I signed up for this program. The instructors are super experienced coaches and they have gathered and combined interdisciplinary knowledge and techniques that make the program very unique. I really don't think there's anything like it out there today.

    As any bootcamp, itís not a quick fix and there needs to be a lot of integration work to be done. But whatís certain is that by working on your inner self during the bootcamp and by applying the outer game techniques - which are different from other material out there - youíll be well equipped to pursue your journey when you go back yo your real life. The program is built over a pillar of permanence, so the instructors make sure youíll have all the tools. Iíve personally went through it once and realized that I had a lot more healing to do in other areas of my inner self and a lot of work to do in terms of outer game practice, so Iím glad we went through it a second time as part of Rockstar. The more I do this kind of stuff, the more I uncover about myself and the more I heal, so the better my approaches, my interactions and my life in general becomes. Iíve made a lot of progress, but Iím aware I still have a long way to go. The improvement journey never ends, but the 10-day is definitely a great start.

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    review of the 10 day bootcamp through the eyes of a current rockstar.

    why so?

    it just so happens that this time around, rockstar coincided with one of this year's 10 day bootcamps.

    it felt a little odd at first, because all the rockstars arrived a few days before the 10-day'ers.

    so, in a sense. we had built up a little comaraderie already during that time.

    and it felt, at least to me, that these 10 day'ers were intruding into our party!

    but, after a few nights out in the field with the new fellas, things felt a little "normal", but not sufficiently normal to were we/i fully embraced them as part of our entire group!

    having said that, after 10 days with them, we developed a semblance of a relationship. something beyond just mere acquaintances, and right below "good friends".

    at any rate, the program took off like a bolt of lightning once the 10day'ers joined the fray.

    the amount of information was immense!

    if you've ever taken a 3 day bootcamp and had, during any portion of it, felt like you were in way above your head, this 10 day course put that one to shame.

    the instructors are fond of saying that a day in rockstar is equivalent to days/weeks/months maybe even years out in the real world.

    and they ain't lying.

    anything and everything you could ever need to cold approach a new girl and take her home are fully covered in this course.

    and, if you're not paying attention, or miss out on even one day then you're f*cked.

    the days are broken up strategically.

    day 1, out in the field with no instruction just to see what you've got.

    this can, or can't, be demoralizing. depending on your point of view.

    not demoralizing because you go in there with ZERO expectation and can pretty much run your night however you see fit.

    this method really high lights your level of "game" or lack thereof. it can make for a long night since you'll most likely end up using a skillset that's extremely limited, not refined and most likely runs counter to anything resembling a fully functioning model.

    and, as i mentioned, this could lead to a LONG night of not doing many approaches (since your average number of approaches will be low due to how short and unproductive they really are.

    this then gets into your head and then you really start to shy away from doing anything else.

    in other words, you're not comfortable, nor do you have any semblance of any skill set, with which to rely on for the rest of the night.

    this, in essence is the THE reason why you decided t sign up for the 10 day. to change ALL of your bad habits.

    on the flip side, if you see this "no structure" night as beneficial then you will really come to terms of why you paid ALL that money and sacrificed ALL that time to make it out here!

    because you will continuously run into the same walls and barriers that you've been running into your entire life.

    this can be a "make or break" moment for most of you.

    actually, EVERY day here can be a "make or break" moment. every second can as well.

    depending not only on your skill set, but on your internal issues (how many you have and how deep they run) this environment of always baring your soul out there each and every single night can be traumatizing.

    the experience can be so brutal because if you let it (and you will, at least to a degree) that the hits to your psyche may just overwhelm you to the point that you will just find yourself, after a hard night out, or just after an intense daily seminar, going on your computer and looking for the next available flight out of there.

    this ain't no joke. we actually lost a 10 day at about day 7 or somewhere thereabouts.

    can't say i truly blame him, as that thought was continuously in my mind all during that time as well.

    i still have it from time to time, but it's much less, as i've begun to develop not only a semblance of a skill set, but am also beginning to internalize the notion that i will have FUN no matter what happens.

    that i will congratulate myself after every step forward, no matter how small and regardless of its outcome.

    that i am the "party" no matter where i go, and that everyone there is my guest.

    and, above all, that i love myself, with no judgment and unconditionally.

    these last few lines are the primary tenet of our program.

    the idea here is that if you can learn to enjoy yourself, if you can trust the process of getting warmed up and ready to socially interact with a sh*t ton of new people, then the rest of the night will seemingly take care of itself.

    the course outline on actual game structure is not in line or comparable to what you might thing about a program of this length when compared to other programs.

    the reasoning is that they want to tear you down to your bare essence, have you deal with any and all demons that are going on inside of you, build you back up with positive reinforcement, add an a touch of mechanics, and then send you out into the jungle!

    if you anticipate learning "lines", "routines" and a clearly defined set of rules on what to say to a girl/woman at each point in the interaction, then this course is NOT for you!

    you will have to soak up what you can on the fly. mainly from examples from the coaches and alumni. or, you'll have to go online to pick up proven dialogue and try to memorize that content in whatever you can squeeze in during your limited amount of breaks.

    and by little free time, i mean maybe an hour or 2 a day of spare time.

    the days in seminar are LONG and the nights out are/can be equally as long. depending on whether you fully commit to staying past 4 and up until 6am/7am.

    and then of course, you're running pretty ragged after a few days of little sleep that you most likely end up choosing sleep over "extra work" anytime.

    day 1 of actual instruction.

    this is probably a fun way (depending on your masochistic definition of fun) to get the ball truly rolling.

    the objective here is to go around and chat up girls (mainly) in the driest, most boring way imaginable.

    the final goal, as it is in everything we've done and will continue to do, is to "blow our minds" out of what we think is possible.

    the idea then is to redefine the line/boundary from where we currently think it is, and bring it to a level that ridiculously stretches our lines of conception.

    one of the underlying tenets is that we've defined our very existence and relationship with others, mainly females, to such a narrow domain that we've essentially been cock blocking ourselves our entire lives.

    the "nice guy" pattern of behavior, although noble and attractive in its own right, is just such a narrow band of the spectrum, that we never, ever, EVER show a girl more that than one side.

    and as you can imagine, only showing someone one slice of your personality (however genuine or manufactured it is) can run pretty tiresome pretty freaken quick!

    just imagine talking to a girl, no matter how hot, and all she keeps talking about is her annoyingly cute chihuaha? it might seems novel and cute at first, but that sh*t gets tiring really fast!

    and you'd have to be pretty desperate, lonely, resilient or just so laser focused on your ambition to bang girls, to stay in that conversation for more than just a few minutes before you excuse yourself to the bathroom.

    getting back to the exercise of dry talk for tonight.

    the idea here is that we think that a lot of what we have to say is SO important that can't say anything else to find out if a girl, much less a person, is even remotely interested in you.

    we tend to think that if we're boring then no girl will talk to us. we then avoid even talking to girls. kind of a self fulfilling prophecy.

    this, among other issues, is one reason why never even dare talk to a girl.

    so, as you'd expect our minds were set to be blown away. i, along with everyone else, were super surprised at the outcome.

    almost EVERY girl i talked to did not want to stop talking to me/us.

    it wasn't necessarily the dry talk itself. but, the intent behind it. we all approached this exercise with a "i don't give a fuck because this won't matter" attitude that exceeded even our wildest expectations.

    i would even offer that one of my BEST interactions of the entire program thus far was with these two super cute korean girls that did NOT want to stop talking to me and my fellow rockstar.

    in fact, they just kept getting MORE and MORE interested and invested in my and my buddy.

    i was even contemplating turning "on" my limited "game" and see if i could escalate with this girl.

    i was starting to get aroused by her and her cute friend.

    it was so bad (in a good way) that andrew came up to me a few times behind my back and whispered "dryer, DRYER! she's too hooked". but, she and her friend never left.

    eventually andrew told us just to walk away.

    dammit. the possibilites, haha.

    i actually like this dry talk. i even use it from time to time as i'm getting warmed up. heck, i even use it when i'm already in state and have reached that "i don't give a fuck" mentality.

    day two

    experiment with sexualizing a conversation.

    this, right here is a pivotal moment for me/most of us, as i/we have never, ever, ever talked this blatantly sexual to a girl. much less to a girl we just met.

    i just got out of a 5 year long relationship where i had sex with my ex-gf quite a bit, and i still did NOT talk to her that way.

    imagine that? the person i've been the most intimate with for a large portion of my life and i never once uttered to her "i want to tear your panties off with my teeth and slam you against the wall as i fuck you from behind".

    the most i'd probably ever said to her anywhere remotely in this arena was "hey, you wanna do it?"

    can't believe my ex left such a prize of a man as me

    not only are we pushing boundaries here, but we're learning how to run the part of the model that's taught here: normal conversation, sprinkled with deep topics, banter, flirting, sexual advances and sub comms.

    the true science/art/money of this approach is in hitting all of these areas just right so that the girl wants to have sex with you and feels comfortable doing so.

    it is a jarring experience, if you let it be.

    not going to lie. even after a few weeks of doing this, it still feels a little odd, but light years better than how it felt during that first time.

    if you're able to hit that sweet spot (and you will after so many approaches and so many different girls) that the results in that moment will speak for themselves.

    this tactic alone can be money with the right girl. after you've gone out enough, you'll start to notice girls who come to the club specifically just to hook up. and if they meet you with all your sexy talk? BOOM! you're god

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    10 Day Review

    Oh man the 10 day was great. wasn’t what I was expecting, but I got everything I needed out of it plus more.

    The first night, we got our mission and I thought it was dumb as fuck, but I did it anyway cause I follow instructions. Plus I think someone convinced me a little. It was the Dry Talk technique.

    When I did that it worked like nothing else in my life has worked. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never got so many good reactions before. I think it’s because I removed all neediness and any hint wanting something from the girl and/or interaction.

    So many hot chicks showed me interest. Some even gave me their Instagram etc as they were dragged away by their friends it was crazy. Why I’m banging on about this is because it was one of the biggest paradigm shifts in my whole life. It showed me something I hadn’t realised before and it was the basis of my ongoing success throughout the 10 day.

    And actually looking back now, this technique directly linked me with one of my soulmates. This Russian girl. It was on this night at the end of the night I saw her, the tall intimidating blonde. I saw her and was like fuck, I don’t want to approach her, but I’m going to do it. And I’ve got two options, the dry talk way or what I always do. I quickly knew what to do, the dry talk haha. Cause that was actually working for me. So I went over and talked to her, and within 30 mins we were kissing. So crazy. The next night she met me out at Hakkasan and I pulled her home. It was fucking incredible. It was like a mini love story.

    And I have that first night to thank for it.

    The focus of the 10 day was def a bit more on the inner game side of things. With kinda broad brush stroke instructions for gaming each night. Which I didn’t really like at the time, but in hindsight it all worked out in the end.

    We did a lot of breathing work which I didn’t really enjoy, but knew it was important to do, because for the first time I actually understood that I can get into my body vs my mind. Pretty much my whole life I only thought I was my mind haha. Until the 10 day.

    We did a lot of work with going from top of mind, to bottom of mind and then into the body and then ultimately into the spirit which we didn’t touch on that much. I loved this, it blew my mind.

    Overall in the 10 day I pulled 4 chicks. 3 were really hot and would normally intimidate me and one was kinda big, and would normally turn me off. So all 4 girls were girls that normally I’d get performance anxiety with. I’ve suffered that my whole life with girls I’ve only just met. Because I get stuck in my head and need to be comfortable. But dude, something changed. Not once did I have any problems getting it up. This program is genius, I don’t know exactly what they did, but I am really living in my body now when I fuck. I’m not in my head, I’m not over analysing it, I’m not worried about the outcome. I am just in my body experiencing and LOVING THE MOMENT.

    I seriously cant believe it. I feel like I’ve been solved forever and I believe that I have. Because I’ve pulled since and I keep winning because I’m just out of my head now when it comes to sex. I’m so fucking happy. It’s like magic. And here I thought it was going to be some other solution.

    That was a theme of this, that I thought the solution was going to be X but it was actually Y. which is totally fine for me, I trust these dudes and now that I’ve gotten all these results, I really trust them.

    So the time they put into getting into your body and out of your mind is totally right and the correct course of action.

    After the 3rd round of breathing I broke down massively, something came up for me and I cried my fkn eyes out in front of everyone. But it was cool, they have built this awesome container. I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was so comfortable to just let go.

    I knew it was cool to lean into my pain, and feel it all and I was confident they would fix it later (which they did).

    That leads into the interventions that they did on the group. That was very cool to see that and witness it. Sometimes it was scary. It was cool to hear all the different problems and trauma people had and I could totally see how that would impact your view of your self and your self worth and thus how you perform in field. So working through it with us is really important.

    With all that work done, you could so marked improvements with a lot of guys.

    One thing I noticed is that there really should be some sort of fucking standard to parenting. Cause our parents made a lot of mistakes that could’ve been mitigated.

    Man the parties were great, it was so fun to party. I truly felt like a Rockstar. Especially at Hakkasan when we had a table and tiesto was playing. I had two fucking girls that night at the table consecutively who were hot af and grinding on me. I felt like a king. And tiesto killed it, all dudes were around me – it was surreal. I’ll never forget that night.

    The night swims were awesome and a new experience for me, I love them. I love not having to yell. It was really cool and I always find success there for some reason.

    It was an experience to have so many guys, I felt like there were just a bit too many of us though, rockstars and 10 days and alumni. It made for a really big crowd. And when we went out there was a shit tonne of us gaming. Some girls actually noticed and knew we were all part of something and they were impressed. Because the guys weren’t saying the right things to explain what we were doing. But all good. Didn’t really effect me, I could play it cool.

    One thing that kind of annoyed me was the much we glossed over the outer game stuff. It was really just taught at a top level. I really really wanted more detail, but we didn’t get it. I didn’t stress too much cause my mentor from the fitness program was there and really guiding me. I also wanted more guidance from instructors, which we didn’t get. I think if I took more initiative with them they would’ve spent some actual time with me.

    Anyway, I’m not complaining too much cause I had A LOT of early success. My confidence that I’ve gained through various achievements in my life has helped me a lot. And the inner game work was great.

    I definitely had a big struggle with not being enough.

    A big theme for me was how critical of myself I was and the insane amount of self judgement I would undertake. It made the hard nights really hard cause I was just having to push through this insane amount of pain to get shit done.

    Overall I had many more nights that were good compared to bad.

    I was really impressed with the transformations some of the guys made. Like those nerdy weird dudes, some of them turned into party animals who I could see were genuinely having fun. I was so happy for them. Their lives will never be the same again, which I LOVE.

    Because I saw myself in a lot of them, but many years ago I had to lose that nerdiness to succeed in business and network etc. so I definitely empathised with them.

    Man it was cool to learn about HOD and boldness and masculinity. HOD has changed the game for me. It’s so fucking cool haha. I love it so much.

    I think 10 days is a great amount of time, you wouldn’t really want to do less. There’s too much to cover. I think Rockstar is obviously even more ideal than anything but that’s not for everyone. The 10 day is a great rocket ship into success. And can definitely set you up for life if you have the dedication to keep going even though you’ve lost all your friends. You will definitely get all the tools you need. But you wont have done enough reps for things to be a habit or to be refined.

    So conditioning will play a huge roll and I hope these 10 day guys keep up their momentum and keep going. Otherwise they will lapse. Good luck to them and fuck yeah to the 10 day. What an experience. For me the biggest takeaway was learning to get out of my head and into my body. So good.

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    10 Day review: LAS Vegas

    I am 48 years of age. About 7 years ago the Pick up artist on VH1 was my introduction to Game and I was hooked immediately. I was in a relationship at the time that was heading south. So I made a decision to immerse myself this scene and see what I could make of it.

    At the time my night game skills were non existent. I only ever had girlfriends through online dating or social circle and I would never approach on a night out. So after reading the Game, buying a load of Love Systems products, I did my first night game bootcamp. A few years later I did a Day game bootcamp and later again a did another night game bootcamp in Dublin.

    But I did not achieve any lasting change after any of these programs. And inevitably, I would regress to my pre bootcamp standard (that would be pretty useless) after a short period of time.

    I decided that the only way to achieve permanent change was to apply for Project Rockstar. As many reading these reviews will know, this programme (if you qualify), costs an arm and a leg. But I was prepared to pay this price.

    I did three interviews but I did not make it on to the programme. During the final interview I chatted to Andrew and he suggested that the 10 day might be a better fit for me. And maybe if Rockstar was continued next year I could apply for that if I felt the need.

    So after not qualifying for Rockstar and viewing this as yet another rejection, I went into a pretty dark place. I felt that I had missed the boat. That I was now too old. All these programmes that I had paid big money for did not bring about the change I needed. Not even close.

    So I wrote an e-mail that I am not proud of and gave Love systems both barrels. (I didn't realize at the time that Project Rockstar and Love Systems were separate entities). I won't go into the details but it wasn't pretty.

    So Andrew got back to me and we had 2 or 3 phone chats. It was during these chats it was explained to me how I was caught in this vicious cycle and how my mind was working against me. So I decided that I owed it to myself to give the 10 day a go.

    I know some of the other guys will have written reports and probably detailed what went on most days and nights. I have chosen not do read their reports until I finished mine. Mainly because I want to write a report based on my recollections and not be guided by the writings of others. For this reason I'm not going to detail what happened each day and night as it's probably been done already. My goal in writing this report is hopefully relate to other guys in a similar age bracket to myself and who are currently considering this programme.

    Point to note: if you partake in this programme, you must act on the instructions and tasks given to you on the various nights out. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not. I learned this the hard way and very nearly left the programme because of it.

    At about day 4 of the programme I had not been following the instructions for the nights out & ended up doing the things that I had always done when approaching women. And I achieved the same results that I had always received. (That would be.. not good!) There is a big emphasis in the programme about getting in state. And part of this process is "The sacred hour" where for the first hour, or for every long it takes, you are to have conversations with everyone, short interactions, the purpose of which is to put yourself and the people you talk to in a good mood. I had huge difficulty with this as I always had issues with striking up conversations with guys that I don't know in a social scene. As a result, I didn't do this requirement and it was becoming very apparent that I was the least progressive person in the group. I'm quite a competitive person so that didn't sit well with me at all.

    On the 5th night, which was not an official night out, a few of us went to a club. It was incredibly loud, full of guys and didn't seem so be much opportunity for interaction. My mood took a particular steep nosedive that night to such an extent that I left early & decided that I would fly out the following morning. The following morning I did indeed change my flights and told the guys that I was sharing with. And one of those guys let Andrew know.

    So Andrew came out to the house about an hour later and I was firmly resolved that he would not change my mind. And we talked for a hour and at the end of it I agreed to attend class that day as my flight was not scheduled until the following morning.

    That day was to be one of the more profound experiences of the 10 day programme. And guess who was up first.

    The whole group gathered in a circle. I suppose you could call it an intervention really and all of us went through it. In short, you sit down with Andrew with the group looking on and Andrew encourages you to relax and let your mind go free. You are encouraged to search your past and thing of an incident that had a negative impact on your life. You relive that moment, you realize that the thoughts and beliefs you created in that moment are the thoughts and beliefs (for me, as a10 year old) are not true and do not reflect the thoughts and beliefs of an adult. You feel the negative emotions at are encouraged to let them build up into a rage. You then vent that rage, usually by screaming at the top of your voice. After which you feel a weight being lifted. You then have a conversation with that person in your past as you are now and vent your opinions and the you ask them to leave.

    I'm sure there a few that will read the above paragraph and say "what the fuck". This is a big hardcore. This is a bit uncomfortable. This isn't what I want to sign up for. And none of us had any idea that this was part of the programme.

    Well, for me, and most others for that matter, this was a huge turning point. Yes it's a bit hardcore and you are really opening up. But it is so necessary. And for me things changed from that poing on. It was quite an emotional experience and I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

    That day I changed my flights back to the original booking and opted to stay. That night, which was an official night, I opted to go out and had an instructor to myself for the whole night. There was no agenda, the purpose of the night was to enjoy myself and get in a social mood. And for the most part the night was a success.

    The following night my interactions with women were staring to improve a lot. I was approaching women as a confident male, without neediness, and I was consistently getting in more and more enjoyable interactions. And guess what, this showed in my mood and I was getting looks and smiles from some seriously hot women. This just did not happen to me before.

    The next night, (night 8 I believe) was the best night for me. It was the first time in my life where I went to a club environment and enjoyed the whole night I had always had a view that clubs were places associated with pain and rejection.

    I was actually properly in State pretty much the whole night. I was all a blur really and I had more interactions than I can count. I don't think I got any rejections that night at all. The hand in your face, girls turning away, verbally telling you to leave, all this stuff that had happened on earlier nights just was not happening any more.

    So, after all is said and done, with the course wrapped up and now back in Stockholm and after a period of almost 2 weeks to take it all in, how do I feel & was it worth it.
    The 10 day is a full on experience, there is no doubt and you are out most nights. When your nights are not so good, you have the opportunity to chat to your fellow students and reboot as such. But back in the real world, and it's certainly the case for me, I'll be going out alone for the most part that option of touching base with friends isn't there. This has always been a struggle for me. And more so as I get older. So has the 10 day given me enough skills or changed my inner beliefs to such an extent to make going out solo much easier?

    Not entirely. There just isn't enough time. You have to be totally immersed in a programme like Rockstar for 9 weeks to create permanent and lasting change for the better. Indeed, a few of the participants of project Rockstar have already done the 10 Day and other Bootcamps.

    And I have to admit the first weekend after I came back to Stockholm I actually didn't go out at all.

    But, and it's a bit but. There was two massive things I took away from this experience which made it all worthwhile.

    1) Let go of the outcome, get into a positive state and enjoy the experience: I always used to go out with a goal in my head of getting in to a lengthy conversation with a girl or getting a phone number as an absolute minimum and anything less than this would be a failure. Those beliefs have led to many miserable nights out for me. I now see how damaging these beliefs were.

    2) Recognize the self destructive cycle: For years my nights out would follow the same pattern. Get ready, listen to loud music to get in state, head out in good form, walk in to a pub in reasonable good form. Then realize that there was mostly men in the pub, any girls were usually in groups or mixed sets. And there would be no easy targets. And I would just look around and not talk to anybody. My mood would start going downhill. Eventually I would build up the courage to say a few words to a girl at the bar getting a drink. The interaction would be short. Ended because the girl would see the neediness and that I clearly was not enjoying myself. At about this stage the negative thought would come flooding in. I'm too old, ugly, thin, bald and so forth. How could any of these pretty girls like someone like me. What the fuck am I doing here. Why am I in this situation at 48 years of age. Then I would head home, usually after less than 1 hour in the pub with a mood nothing short of poisonous. Sometimes this would start a depressive period of a few weeks. Then I'd come out of this and the whole cycle would begin again.

    I now recognize this destruction cycle of thinking. But recognizing it is just part of the process and is no good unless one takes action to correct this way of thinking.
    I went out last night. It was my first night out since coming back from Vegas. I went out alone. First port of call was a blues rock bar to get in a good state. Tried making conversation with 2 girls and lasted 1 sentence. OK, no probs. Next pub. Mood beginning to slip. Thought I looked like I was enjoying myself but caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror & all I could see was a miserable old fuck. Downhill cycle starting now on cue. Decided there and then to get out of the city and not to come out again. And I made it as far as the underground station.

    Stop! Fuck off negative cycle. Not tonight! Reality check. From my recent experiences in Vegas and in Stockholm, am I an old fuck unworthy of the attentions of attractive girls quite a bit younger than myself? Actually, that would be no. Before the 10 day I had gone on a date with a hot girl half my age that I chatted up in the Greek restaurant where she worked. And kissed closed later. Set up a date with another hot girl that works at the Gym. I had quite a few interactions in Vegas with younger girls that showed positive attraction towards me.

    Right, negative thoughts put on hold. Get back on the horse. I then went to an Irish pub. There was a girl at the bar. I started taking to her. Jesus it was clunky. But she stayed talking to me. We chatted for an hour. Then went to another bar to listen to more music. Went to another bar after that & kiss closed & got into some deep conversation. And I'm meeting here again tonight.

    The actions of the last paragraph just would not have happened to a pre 10 day me. It would have triggered another depressive cycle. Now, as I type this I am in a coffee shop in a Mall Stockholm checking out the talent walking by as I type this report. My mood is buoyant. I have a date ahead of me tonight. And I feel good!

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    I am in my late 40s and had kind of given up on the old school game. I had had numerous years of various products, bootcamps and 1to1 coaching working at game. This included a 1 and half year period of going out 3 to 5 times a week, night time and day. It had been a lot of time, money and effort. There had been some success but nowhere near enough for me to justify what I was putting in.

    My initial enthusiasm had gone. Going out just felt like “a job”, an unenjoyable chore that I put my self through various times a week. I felt it just didn’t work. It was a vast amount of time and effort put into something you don’t enjoy, to only end up with very few successes. It also impacted detrimentally on my business and family.
    Towards the end of this period, routines felt wooden and I felt inauthentic. I just felt like an impostor at venues. A guy going out, not having fun, not really feeling like he belongs there, feeling weird, doing multiple approaches with very little belief that success would come.

    I felt burnt out and decided to completely stop for a month or two and see if I could get my motivation back. This few months turned into over 18 months. I just couldn’t go back to that life. I knew inside that this system was not right, regardless of whether I could improve on the outer techniques, internally I just felt wrong.

    I had read quite a bit on Rockstar at the end of 2017 and felt the “Simplified Natural” approach appealed. The focus on internal issues felt right for me. There was quite a bit on inner game, masculinity, authenticity, lifestyle, giving mindsets v taking mindsets and actually enjoying going out. Rockstar would probably overwhelm me, but the 10 day would be appropriate for my situation. I paid my deposit and spent the next few months flipping from being excited about it to thinking I was about to throw more good money after bad!

    DAY ONE We learnt about the 2 pillars of the programme, Fulfilment (Inner Game) and Performance (Outer Game). We learnt about the idea of building a “Container” where as a group (10-day students, Rockstar Students, Coaches, Past Alumni) we could have space to grow and heal as much as we can in 10 days. This would give us the trajectory to carry this growth and healing when we got back to our homes. The aim being, to live a fulfilled life. Good game is a by product of this growth and healing.

    We learnt about how our mind is always keeping us “safe” and how society is designed to keep us “safe”. How fulfilment and happiness are not part of this agenda.
    We learnt about “having agency” in the things that you do i.e. doing things because you want to and choose to do them rather than doing things to serve the mind/society’s goal of keeping you safe.

    We learnt about the “conquering/taking” mentality of old school game vs a “surrendering/giving mentality”. People are out to have fun. If you are not out to have fun and give, the energy of the venue will reject you. Learning how to have fun + good outer techniques = great, awesome nights. This really resonated with me.

    Our task for the night was simple. 1) Go into the club and invite the possibility of having fun and letting go. We had to have interactions using very dry conversation that had no agenda behind it whilst not caring about the outcome. 2) Talk to everyone and just get plugged into the social environment.

    It was incredible how some girls just would not blow you out regardless of the fact the conversation was so neutral. It was an eye opener how long some of these neutral conversations lasted. Girls are much friendlier when you have no agenda. I struggled with second exercise, but I did kind of have fun that night.

    DAY TWO After a debrief of the night before we continued with the concepts of learning how to have fun, not trying to impress, not comparing yourself to others, not beating yourself up.

    We learnt about how the “Sacred Hour” gets you out of your mind and into your body to a place of fun. In this hour you have lots of mini interactions with many people) at the beginning of a night. It gets you to a place where you are in state where you can have a lot of fun. This process is the battery for the whole night

    We then learnt about using humour that you find funny, not humour to impress others or what you think others will find funny. This links in to the concept of enjoying yourself with out trying to impress. There was a great presentation on how to have flirty conversations with your style of humour using techniques such as misinterpretation, role-reversal, self-depreciation, accusations, stereotypes and exaggeration.

    The task that night was to 1) Do the “Sacred Hour” and then 2) practice having as much banter/flirty conversations as possible and taking this humour to the limit
    I found the “Sacred Hour” difficult but did get to a phase in the night where I was having fun, saying stuff that was making me laugh and not really caring about the outcome.
    DAY THREE After the debrief we had a presentation on how to get maximum value and use out of a Las Vegas table

    We then got into the 4 types of conversation that you need to master 1) Normal 2) Flirty 3) Sexual and 4) Deep. The more you can use all 4 types and the greater the “oscillation” you use combining them, the higher the chance of a girl becoming attracted to you and crazy stuff happening.

    We also learnt how you use these 4 conversation threads and oscillation varies in different cultures.
    We then touched on masculine energy, feminine energy and the idea of polarity and attraction between them.

    During the Q & A session I learnt about how my mind was tricking me to keep me safe whilst never being fulfilled. I was shown a kind of loop that looks like the infinity symbol. In my case, I was going out hopeful of something good happening, if I got too many bad reactions in a row I would give up and go home. I would feel bad. The hope would then come back, I would go out, if I got to many bad reactions in a row……rinse and repeat, a never-ending infinity loop. This is what I had been doing on my nights out back home. You need to learn how to beat your mind when it is keeping you safe for unnecessary reasons.

    The antidote to this was: Go out to have fun, no agenda, no expectation, keep going out, let yourself go. Good things will happen as a by product

    That night we went out and continued with the sacred hour + fun, flirty conversations. I had a pretty good night. I had some fun interactions with attractive women and bad reactions did not sting as much as before. Learning about that infinity loop had shifted my thinking. Quite a few ex alumni talked to me, gave me encouragement and support. I spoke to Andrew and thanked him for asking them to do this, he knew nothing about it! It felt very good, knowing these guys were trying to help me just because they wanted to.

    DAY FOUR In the debrief Andrew emphasised the ideas of plugging into the social network, having fun, having no expectation, not being hard on yourself, trusting and surrendering to this process, letting go, being bold and getting into you body and out of your mind. With this strategy you get value from within therefore you have a great night regardless of the outcome. The old strategy can get you laid occasionally, but ultimately it is a bad strategy. You are getting value from an external source. You only feel good if you have a good interaction or get laid.

    He mentioned 2 signs that you are doing it right. First you glance at your phone and think wow its 2am already and second you cannot remember a word of your interactions. I was glad that both those things had happened the night before.

    We then went into the “Depth” conversational thread. Learning how to convey our life stories in a way that really connect and resonate with the listener. You must filter the story through the various core drives of humanity. The result is moving from factual story to an emotional one that makes connection much easier.

    The guys with the best game are the ones that have the highest oscillations in the 4 conversation threads. The more emotions and contrasts, the more chemistry is built
    That night we did not go out. We had dinner then came back to the mansion for a pretty tough night. All the 10-day students plus all the Rock Stars stayed up till around 4.30 into the night. One by one telling their life stories and the internal issues affecting them, things they may never have told anybody before. It was very emotional and would be the foundation of personal “interventions” we would have in the following days.

    DAY FIVE Following on from the previous night’s “Circle of Trust” we learnt about how suppressing emotions and locking stuff away actually limits your access to not only that emotion but it’s opposite counterpart too. This reduces the spectrum of emotions you can feel. The more emotions you cut out the smaller this spectrum becomes.

    It is good to feel emotions, it leads to authenticity, you become more open, people like being around you and it becomes easier to form good relationships.
    We talked about the masks we where and how they limit our ability to connect and give energy.
    We talked about being in the top of our minds (survival, conquest, significance) compared to being in the bottom of our minds (being in your body, trust, surrender, letting go, just being). We also touched on being able to access a spiritual realm when we do these exercises, surrender and get deeper and deeper into trust.
    We learnt further about the model of game, a pyramid with 9 sections. The upper half of the pyramid being related to outer game. The lower half being related to Inner Game. It makes a lot of sense.

    The night was not an official night out. Some of us did go out and despite being a night which I would have classed bad previously (not many good reactions, low amount of people, very loud, closing unexpectedly early) I was still glad I went. I still kind of had fun.

    DAY SIX This was the start of the “Interventions” which from my understanding were designed to address personal issues, begin a process of healing, opening up emotionally, give you agency to bypass your minds auto programme to keep you safe, let your masculine energy resurface, help you let go of the past
    We did 5 people that day, mine being the last. They were pretty intense to watch and even more so to participate in. I really let go in mine. I got rid of a lot of pent up emotion. I felt my masculinity surging back. I felt very different afterwards, very difficult to explain how but I just felt much better.

    The people who did them seemed to have completely different postures (more upright and confident) and facial expressions (much softer, relaxed) afterwards. This was more than a bit out of my comfort zone, but the interventions did seem to do something very positive.
    We then had a presentation on Body Language and Sub Coms. This was very useful, with coaches acting out various scenarios as it was easier to do it and show it than talk about it. When you add Body Language conversation to the oscillation of the 4 conversation threads, it is a very powerful combination.

    We talked about active and passive sub coms. We talked about how the limits of touch are much higher than you think they are. There was a lot of interesting and useful information in this presentation.

    The tasks for tonight were 1) Sacred Hour 2) Flirting and Normal Convo 3) Masculine Energy 4) BL-Sub Coms

    Despite destroying my voice in the intervention, I had my best night out of the 10 days. The previous 4 days plus the effects of the intervention resulted in a night where I felt freer, bolder and manlier. I had no expectation. I had a large amount of blow outs (due to using much more touch) but it didn’t bother me. I had fun most of the night. For me, I did pretty bold things physically where girls got very attracted very quickly then suddenly would bail (due to speed of what was happening) or be taken by their friends. I managed to summon a girl from a busy private table purely by eye contact and hand movement.

    It was noisy, I had difficulty using my voice, I didn’t particularly like the music but somehow, I did have fun!

    DAY SEVEN In our debriefs we talked about having faith in the process. Following it will lead to success. Right now, it feels like you have “light grip” on the new things you have learned. The more you do it the stronger the grip will become on the various mindsets and techniques. You must have a philosophy of fun for success. “I am a gift, I have a lot to give, this is my party, and everyone is my guest!” Go on with this mindset of “I know the girl is going to like me “rather than “hoping she likes you” or “what can I do to make her like me”

    We then covered the concept of “Boldness”, verbal and nonverbal. Talking about intent and focus and bringing that to every interaction.

    We then witnessed more interventions. Again, it was a tough watch but a powerful learning experience. You get to realise that are our own issues/problems are not so unique. The types of issues and blockages are much more common than you would think. Watching the interventions gives you more empathy for others.

    Before leaving we did a “Dynamic Meditation” which was crazy and intense. This was the only part of the week I did not really get. Think the idea behind it, I think, was to learn to let go, not care what others are thinking, surrender to uncomfortableness/pain and learn to appreciate success. It involved a lot of shouting, physical endurance and random breathing patterns that just left my voice and energy levels worse!

    That night we went out again, lack of sleep + voice loss was catching up with me. I think this night was my toughest. There seemed a lower amount of people and I struggled getting into state. Despite this, I did have some interactions where I could practice what I had learnt over the past week. Also, I got to see our coach that night, Blake, give lots of demonstrations where he was “bringing the fun”

    Again, despite being a “tough” night, I still had fun and did not want to leave

    DAY EIGHT On the debrief Blake outlined how every night out is a “win”. Just being out will cause growth, even if it was not the best night.

    We then witnessed more interventions. I learnt the following from watching these
    If you hold onto hate/suppress it, you cut off the ability to love (reducing your emotional spectrum)
    Love is not conditional, you don’t have to achieve anything to be loved. The reality is that love is just there, it always has been. Love, trust, connection cannot be had when you suppress or hold onto bad emotions

    There was then a presentation on sexuality. We talked about our attitudes towards sex, sexual conversations, how women see sex, making it normal to talk about sex. We also touched on leading, pulling the trigger and logistics

    We talked more about using oscillation to access the full range of emotions.
    A concept I found useful in this part was the idea that she is watching a movie, where you are the hero. She is cheering you on, hoping you don’t do anything weird. Every obstacle you pass she is cheering you on.

    We then talked a little bit more about masculinity, how it is not something you learn or a technique. It is a part of you and always has been.
    The night out for me was difficult, as still the voice was recovering. I still got a lot out of seeing my coach Rob, being in state, keeping going with a fun attitude despite numerous blow outs. I also learnt a few sub coms from him that let me do stuff without needing to speak. Again, due to the new mindsets, I never felt like going home early.
    DAY NINE The debrief with Rob emphasised the attitude he had shown the night before. Having fun, not caring about the outcome, getting into state and not leaving long time between interactions.

    We then had a general debrief for everybody. You must accept that there will be some bad nights, give in and surrender to the difficulty. You need to make the decision before you go out that you are going to have fun and that you will do the things you have to do to get you to that place.
    We talked about healthy mindsets to get into state versus unhealth mindsets e.g. “This is my party and everybody here is a guest” v “I am better than everybody else here”
    There were then short presentations on infield coaching (Asia/Europe Immersion) and phone coaching that would be available after the course.

    We then had a presentation on logistics that covered leading, making decisions, getting valuable information, being bold, handling friends, removing and overcoming obstacles like it was all part of the plan. There was a lot of useful information in this section.

    DAY TEN On the final day we did the last intervention, again I learnt from this and feel my levels of empathy for others has gone up significantly over the past few days.
    We then had a useful presentation on texting, social media, using the same philosophy of the model rather than old style “gamey” text. This bit also covered going on dates
    Next Alexandra, a past alumni, gave a presentation I was really looking forward too on “Conditioning”. It was about moving from negative self-talk to positive self-talk. The idea was that Happiness is 1) a muscle you can train and 2) a choice. It covered gratitude, applauding yourself, not being hard on yourself amongst other concepts.

    It also covered using the power of habits to minimise the amount of energy/willpower you use when on this journey. You build up good habits one by one.
    We then finished the 10 days with a presentation from Ian, a past alumni who was one of the 3 worst cases they had ever had. He is now flying in all areas of life as well as game. It was inspiring to listen to his journey towards self-acceptance and then incredible success. There was a lot of overlap with Alexandra’s talk on achieving happiness.

    BREATHING EXERCISES: Also, during the 10 days we had various days after lectures where we did a meditative breathing exercise. We would put on masks that completely blocked out the light and use a breathing technique that would result in more oxygen going into the body than normal. The speeds of this breathing would vary and there would also be parts where you held breath. These sessions would lead to a crescendo where you then suddenly just relaxed, went to normal breathing whilst still blind folded, music would be played. After a while, masks would come off and then students would be given the chance to relay to the group what experiences they had.

    On my first day of this, absolutely nothing happened for me and I was very disappointed. When I chatted Alex about this he mentioned that maybe I had put too much expectation on it. The next 3 times we did it, I went in without expectation and got a more powerful effect each time.

    It is difficult to explain what happened, but I honestly felt I had had some kind of spiritual experience. I saw rich colours changing into beautiful shapes and animals. For a brief beautiful moment, I had a feeling of complete peace and happiness.

    CONCLUSION It was a very intense and expensive 10 days. I underestimated how demanding it would be, but I think it was worth it. I feel I now have many ideas and tools to improve my inner game, become more open to my emotions, be more empathetic and have a much better attitude when out. The spiritual aspect, masculinity and conditioning are things that I will explore further. There is a lot more here in this course than just “game”

    I also know exactly what I must do when going out. To have fun, be authentic, and just be a guy that people want to be around. Simplified natural is not routine based, I feel that it is a model that works and is sustainable. In that 10 days, for the first time in my life I had fun in a night club. It did not come from the music, dancing, alcohol or from validation from others. It came from me.

    We spent the next 10 days going to lectures and activities at the Rockstar mansion, going to clubs at night, eating together, talking about the night before and sharing personal stories. I think we bonded and I have made some good friends here.

    The challenge for me now is to implement what I have learnt and replicate this back home without the safety net of the 10-day students, rocks stars and coaches. If I can achieve this then the price paid was totally worth it and more.

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