Need some tips in wooing Lima women.

I have a class on my Tuesday & Thursday schedule that has a group of Lima women. One of the girls in the group has really captured my attention, so Ive been trying to reach her in some way. Last weekend it just so happened that we both went to the same party that my friend was holding at his apartment, so he was kind enough to introduce us to one another. I felt encouraged by the fact that she actually remembered me from our class together, so I flirted with her a bit. To my surprise, she flirted back, and we spent the rest of the party together.

Now, Im trying to rack up the courage to ask her out on a date. Im just nervous on what to do or say during the date, if she says yes. Any tips for wooing her over? She seems really genuine, plus shes beautiful too. Im really into her and Im hopeful that shell say yes.