We're going on a date.. I think. Need som help here.

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  1. We're going on a date.. I think. Need som help here.

    Hello my friends.

    Im in the mid 20's and I have really not had a steady girlfriend all my life

    I've had short relationships and fairly "stupid" in the game. I've had alot more bad experiences than good.

    Well I'll get to the point. I met a girl through a friend at a kinda bar maybe about 3-4 months ago. She had a boyfriend at the time, but we hit it off good and she added me on facebook/snapchat etc.

    My friends said this boyfriend is really a bad guy.. almost to the point of breaking her down mentally. So she left him about a month ago I think

    We've been talking a little bit these months. Not alot. But I got to know her a little better. Never met up with her. Then I invited her to a party with mutual friends. And late at night we ended up kissing, eventually led to a IMO great night of sex.
    We lay talking (a bit of happy drunk talk) and cuddled to sleep.

    Next morning we also had nice sex and stayed in bed relaxed for a bit and got up. Also feel to press the point that during sex she seemed a bit if not nervous then maybe unsure of herself.

    There was also a friend there this morning (who overslept) We watched some tv, she kept putting her legs on top of mine etc. But after a while she kinda got quiet, little stressed and wanted to go home. Maybe hungover and lack of sleep. Idunno.

    The same day I did not contact her, but she iniated a lot and started texting me late at night and said she was feeling hungover and slept all day and how my day was etc.

    The day after we had minimal contact. some small text here and there. We did not talk about the party nor the night of sex..

    And now it's tuesday. I did not hear from her, so I felt it was "my time" to iniate contact since I been kind of silent. Afraid she was gonna feel bad. But I don't want to come off as needy as well.

    We talked little bit on text and I popped the question and asked if she wanted to see a movie and relax with me this upcoming weekend.

    She only responded with "sure, why not?" and took a bit of time to answer.. I almost felt this answer was like a (Ok, we can watch movie, but remember I aint interested)

    I'm maybe reading sooo much into this but she has been very invested in the way she writes, and this response was just a little odd to be her.
    So maybe she just want to be friends? Maybe she was out for a fling/one night stand. I dont know. I'm maybe just being insecure here because of past bullshit.

    I do really like her, and I felt she do the same and we have a lot of same interest, but my head is messing with me tonight.

    Idunno. hope for some tips. Anyways nice to write a little bit.

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