I just had to say I think you're very lovely

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  1. I just had to say I think you're very lovely

    Hi! I go by the name Lucien Love.

    I picked that name because everyone else has a cool name and I wanted one too.

    As far as the science goes, I've read a bunch of material (Magic Bullets, Daytime Dating, Routines Manual) along with some other non-LS material that I'm not sure I can talk about around here.

    I've done a bunch of newbie missions (ask 5 girls the time -- I've done this a billion times), ask 5 girls for directions to a coffee shop, tell 5 girls I think they're cute.

    That last one I've only done the 5 times so far, at least directly.

    I'll be at the SC later this month and lately I've been going out during the afternoon/early evening to get a feel for the downtown landscape.

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    I just had to say I think youre very lovely

    Hello to you, and welcome. I feel the same when I joined.
    Now I have to say bye and pop out...

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