Beginner- how do I start?

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  1. Beginner- how do I start?

    Hello! I'm a 25 year old american guy (Ohio) fresh out of college. Basically spent college as a loser and I'm trying to change that now. I have taken several steps to change how I am and get me closer to women.
    So far I have:
    -Been trying to become a more social person in general in order to have better tools for my game.
    -Moved to an expensive apartment complex that sits on top of many stores and bars that have lots of attractive women my age and will be easy to bring women for the 2 minute walk from a bar to my apartment

    I have decent looks and plenty of free cash to blow. My main flaw is that I am a quiet guy who has only had relations with 2 women... Ever. You can't pull women if you have nothing to say. I am looking for some good "must read" starter resources and maybe find a "lair" in my area so I can learn how picking up women is actually done from a real person.

    Thanks in advance I am a complete beginner but willing to do anything to learn.

  2. If you are a quiet guy, you should work, as i have started to do, in a callcenter. You start becoming more social in this way. You need to read the Mystery Method. The book where everything is build upon. Skip the negs. Start going out.

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  4. its easy be confident focus just relax if her/him refuse you simple move on to other one

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