Changing My Approach

I've kind of floundered many years chasing this skill set with no proper direction or anything to measure my results.

That being said, since I went out a while ago, I noticed I heavily rely on alcohol in bars and clubs, terrified of Daygame and constantly enter text message hell whenever following up or even pinging into a girl's social life.

I decided that some of the stuff I do works while most of what I do is simply bad habits that I took as gospel when in fact is detrimental to my success.

Knowing I need more useful reference experiences I'm going to be 'changing my approach' to attraction in order to fix some loose ends and defer useless behaviours.

One of the things I grasped too tightly to was screening game in the sense that "If she doesn't like it she's the wrong girl" which by chance had me disqualifying myself from countless women.

I'm changing my appraoch by rebuilding game habits from the beginning of interactions. So for example, I need to learn Approaching Game, Transitioning, Attraction and so on. All of this was inspired by reading the Triad Model pdf.

I'm considering the fact that the game is learned in-field and not behind books, audios or videos. This means I need to put what I learn into practice.

For the sake of my learning to experience ratio what kind of hours am I looking at? Does the Pareto Principle work in this regard? Like let's say I go out 3 hours a day, how many hours should I study?