My friendís severely depressed. I donít know what to do.

My friend moved back abroad with her family to try and earn enough money to pay off all their debt. She and her boyfriend, who are now long distance, are constantly fighting over how my friend is. Her boyfriend doesn't seem to help her when sheís having depression episodes and my friend seems to disregard anyoneís opinion or feelings when she asks for help. Iím torn in between the two of them because they both have their own faults. One, my friend is so depressed that I donít even know how to help or comfort her. Two, I understand what her boyfriend is going through because sheís literally almost impossible to handle when sheís going through her episodes.

I tried giving her advice, a number to a foreign therapist that my family knows whoís residing in her state, and convincing her boyfriend to not give up on my friend. Iíve tried everything. I honestly donít know what to do anymore. Iím afraid my friend might do something rash. Advice please?