Planning on going full digital nomad

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  1. Planning on going full digital nomad

    I have been thinking this for a while now... about going full on digital nomad. Ive been working freelance for almost 5 years already. While most projects I did were just some side earning, it did help quite a lot to my living expenses. I have an 8-5 job to this day but Im honestly getting tired of it. So when I got the chance to join this dream tours for singles to Europe, I told myself that it was the biggest sign to quit. Im unsure though if I can survive the life of a full time travelling freelancer. I need advice from seasoned digital nomads and maybe some tips.

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  4. First, just sit down and think about what you’re main skills are as of today. You might be surprised when you actually think about it, and please don’t underestimate yourself! Even if you don’t have any particular skills or isn’t a pro at something, you can still learn through YouTube videos, classes or books, or simply by trial and error. I would recommend trying to learn from others though since that will save you lots of time.


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