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    Went out, occasion was a birthday night out. Long time hardcase student of game, never kept FRs in the past, kind of shuffled around different coaches, Systems, advice. I go out on my own most of the time because Iím kind of on good terms with a lot of popular people my age in my area.

    So it was England Vs Colombia World Cup, began drinking at home, was drunk by end of match.

    Get to venue, warm up sets. Start warming up the room high energy, friendly, bit goofy, social and fast interactions. One of the first sets hooks and we isolate to a corner table out of the way.

    I start making small talk and we talk on topic of age. She was shocked at my gain in years because Iím a ďbaby faceĒ. She is sensitive over my apparent experience of having the same fucking reaction every time someone finds out my age. We talk about piercings because I have a pierced eyebrow. I rate her as a HB8 because she shows me her pierced tongue. I have a soft spot for girls with pierced tongues. So I stick my tongue out. Pierced of course.. she reacts as expected and is totally into it amazed and awed by it.

    I tell her we need a drink so we went to the bar and she specifically asks for a vodka and coke. Sheís trying to converse with me about getting her drink right so Iím teasing her about Jagermeister and other top shelf tackle. Then she starts looking like she wanna leave so I tease the bar staff and do the exact same thing to the lady behind the bar asking for Singapore Slings when weíre in a local pub. I pass her the drink strong eye contact and we smile to each other.

    Sit back down at our table drinking and small talk, we kiss. We start dancing. At this point itís been like five years since I got laid last time. Iím drunk as hell, start getting a bit too frisky and I need a piss. So make a fool of myself dancing and grinding with her. Then I hit up the toilets and get sprayed by lucky lucky man aftershaves of all kinds.

    I head back to the table and this sweet girl who was twenty years younger than me (Iím in my late thirties really), has vanished into thin air and Iím drunk as hell making a fool of myself.

    Thinking retrospectively I went too sexual too fast and this is what got that kind of reaction. Iíve learned, need to keep my cool even with good responses. Damn man. I couldíve fallen in love with a girl like that.

    Positives: she kissed me first, hooked quickly, one of my first nights out in over a year.

  2. "I could've fallen in love with a girl like that"

    I'd avoid this type of thinking - it puts women on a pedastle in your mind. Do you REALLY know that you could have fallen in love with her? All you did was talk with her in a loud club and danced a bit.

    Also seems you were pretty drunk - that's a turn-off for girls who are more sober. It's fine if you like to drink and have fun but if you are using it as a cruch to work up the courage to talk to women it will likely just hurt you in the long-run.

  3. Yeah, I knew someone would pick up on that. It was a joke.

  4. Hey man. Sometimes you have to push the limits and see how far you can go. Not bad for a first night out. But I do agree with the previous post about putting women on pedestals.

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    Heck of a lot of positives though. She seemed into you, and many guys I know can't even accomplish that. Guys who have been doing this for over ten years, and still have a hard time getting anywhere close to a kiss. You seem like a potential rock star at this, if you're not already.


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