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    Talked with this girl on snapchat that was hugely into me before through attraction. We talked a couple of days on snapchat. Light-hearted, flirty, challenging conversations. However after three days i started to be talking a bit too hard to get. She got cold the next day. She said she wont use social media for a couple of days, only whatsapp. sended her a message that we can continue to talk on whatsapp.
    She said after a couple of days that she wonít give her number because i gonna spam her. It was a mutual interaction on the phone, so whats she said was just bs. I thought ok i know where she works so i will go after a few days to her shop to buy some stuff and talk to her. By the way i donít care if she will want to talk to me or not. I just dont give a fuck. But i wanted to see what she had to say. I saw her in the shop and we talked for a bit. I told her to give her number. It was a wrong number that she wrote in my phone. I am really confused why she did this because she seemed like a girl that follow the rules and is like this good girl.
    Can somebody help me with this? What did i do wrong?

  2. I'm not big on social media.
    I have twitter and facebook, but really don't use them very often. I'm just now starting to get back into them. I have been studying up on them however.

    Overall, it looks like she just flaked. She didn't like that you went hard to get and flaked out. It happens.

    Someone else may have another take.

  3. She might have had issues with guys texting her non-stop which is why she didn't want to give up the number. You also have to remember she's probably talking to other guys on there as well so it's possible she just lost interest in you or wasn't really serious to begin with. I wouldn't overthink it - sometimes there's no real explanation. Just move on to the next one!

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