Terribly homesick, what can I do?

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  1. Terribly homesick, what can I do?

    Itís my first time out of the country, but Iím not alone. Iíve been staying in Peru for the past couple of months with my girlfriend and her wonderful family. I met and fell in love with her from an event I attended years ago, which was organized by a foreign affair matchmaker company. Since sheís met my family already, I thought Iíd travel with her to Cajamarca and spend the rest of 2018 here.

    Donít get me wrong, her family is great, they accept our relationship and are very accommodating of my stay here, but Iím really missing home. Iím from Chicago and Iíve never been away from home before, which is probably why I got homesick easily. Any tips for treating my terrible homesickness is truly valued.

  2. I used to get really homesick when I was younger, even if staying with grandparents or family friends/members. It's completely normal - everyone experiences it at some point during travelling or time spent away from home for whatever reason.

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