Bookstore pickup attempt

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  1. Bookstore pickup attempt

    This was my first two set. Here is what happened:

    Saw these two girls looking at Exercise/Fitness books. Went over there, picked up a Yoga book and found the most challenging, pretzel looking position I could find. Went over to them and told them that I was shopping when I noticed them looking at the Fitness books and told that that I think I see the most......challenging fitness test for them(showing them the Yoga picture) and I would like for them to hold this position for at least 10 minutes.
    They laughed. We chatted a bit about Yoga, when they informed me that they were lookin for Fashion books. They started to walk away when I told them that I needed to leave but wanted to talk for a minute before I go. They continued walking away slowly. So I told my target girl she that I though she was cute, and complimented her friend too, but I really had a thing for women with rosy cheeks.
    They continued walking away slowly. So I told them to have a nice day.
    I'm learning that humorous, fun openers work best. Less pressure.
    Day game is freaking hard. But, once you've opened 10 times, you start losing your approach anxiety.
    Questions: What could I have done differently? It seemed I had a small window of time to hook the set, stacking off the subject of fashion.

  2. I would comment on the walking away: "Wow, are you literally walking away from me. You guys are so impolite."

  3. Approach anxiety will never completely go away. Just recognize that part of it.
    Best thing I can say is that instead of the anxiety keeping you from approaching, think of it as pushing you into the approach. Fight or flight type thing. Instead of flight, go for fight.

    I personally would have tried to stack off the two subjects, fitness and fashion. The two go hand in hand. Top models work out to keep their figures so they can fit into the fashion wardrobe.

    Humor does work, most of the time. But, don't spend too much time on openers. Assume the open has already happened, and go straight into the conversation. I did a pull the other day, I post it up in a few minutes.

  4. Forgot to add this,

    Day is a little harder than night because of the energy level difference. It also works slower because you more than likely will not get a full pull. It may take a two or three meet ups later to fully close. The steps are exactly the same, just spaced out with time constraints on the front end.

    If you can nail day game with cold opening, you will be light years ahead of 95% of PUA's. A lot of good PUA's who have been in the game for years cannot successfully do cold opening day game. They can do just about everything else, but not cold open day.

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